How a Mom Earned $1500 on Her 3 Months Old Blog Thanks to Pinterest?


You want to monetize your passion? You want to build a business from a hobby you really like? You’ve always dreamed of having your own blog? You hope that your blog will start bringing you profit soon?

I have a great story for you today. A few weeks ago I’ve stumbled upon a Pinterest post that said “Third Month Blogging Income Report: How I Made Over $1500“.

I’ve been in a blogging business for a while, and I know it is really hard to make a certain progress. It is hard to expect that you can reach the sum of 1500$ in just 3 months.

how-a-mom-earned-1500-dollars-on-her-3-months-old-blog-thanks-to-pinterest-activities-mom-blogger-live-your-dreams-tips-interview-my-dream-come-trueI’ve decided to open the post, which then led me to Momsmakecents blog. True, the blog is just 3 months old, that’s why I have missed out on it. Since the story about the profit was true, I’ve decided to meet the owner- McKinzie Brian.

This amazing 24 year old wife and mother of one, is doing a great job. Although she’s very young, she already succeeded in starting 4 successful businesses. She works from home, she makes a decent money, and she lives her life to the fullest.

I’ve decided that this is the right story for My Dreams Come True, so I did an interview with her. In continuation, there’s a fantastic interview for all those who want to start making money from blogging.



Why did you even start a blog? Was it for money, or was it just pure passion?

I started my first blog back in 2012 as a way to document my experiences and share them with family and friends. Fast-forward four years later and I launched my blog Moms Make Cents. This blog had a very different purpose than the first.

Right before I had my first child in 2015 the company my husband worked for began struggling and his pay was cut by 1/3. We had planned for me to be a stay at home mom, but suddenly our income significantly decreased and I needed to find a way to financially contribute.

In the first year of my son’s life I started three profitable businesses, which allowed me to stay at home with him.

I know many other mothers that desperately want to stay at home with their children, but financially do not have the option. I created Moms Make Cents to teach these beautiful women how to create a business they love that will allow them to work from home.


You said that Pinterest is your main source of visits. Can you give me some statistical data regarding the visits to your blog, from the beginning until today?


I post monthly reports that break down my growth in traffic and income from my blog each month, but I will give a summary here.

In my first month of my blog, I had 4,907 pageviews. 70% of my traffic was from Pinterest, 20% from Facebook and then the remaining traffic was from miscellaneous sources.

In month two I had 9,656 pageviews. That month just over 80% of my traffic was from Pinterest. The remaining traffic was from Facebook and accumulation of other sources (ex. Twitter, direct, search etc.). In my second month, I also made my first bit of money blogging. I earned $379.87, plus, $55 in store credits.

In one month my traffic more than doubled. During the third month I had a total of 22,677 pageviews. That is an increase of 135% of the previous month! Approximately, 85% of my traffic was from Pinterest and 10% from Facebook. The remaining 5% was from multiple sources. In the third month of my blog, I earned over $1,200 in affiliate income and over $300 from the first few days of the pre-sale of my course Pinterest to Profits.


how-a-mom-earned-1500-dollars-on-her-3-months-old-blog-thanks-to-pinterest-activities-nailed-pinterest-what-you-need-to-do-blogger-mom-blogger-live-your-dreams-tips-interview-my-dream-come-trueI’ve been doing my best for a while now, but that big boom on Pinterest just doesn’t seem to happen. What’s your secret? What tactic do you use to attract people to your blog through Pinterest? 

There is a significant amount of strategy behind successfully pinning on Pinterest. Here are a few tips to get you started.

#1 Optimize your bio

Make sure that you have a friendly picture that is consistent with all of your social media platforms. Also, complete your bio for your Pinterest account. Many people leave this blank or include something like “I like long walks on the beach, chocolate and puppies.”

You want the pinner to know who you are and how they will benefit from following your account. For example, this is my bio, “I teach moms to monetize their passion, build businesses and understand their finances. Get my free Pinterest Course –>

#2 Add board descriptions with keywords

Do not leave your board descriptions blank. This is a great place for you to include keywords that will help you be found in the Pinterest search.

If you blog about cookie recipes, instead of using obvious keywords like “cookies” or “baking” try long tail keywords like “the best ever chocolate chip cookies” or “baking for beginners.”

#3 Join group boards

Group boards are a fabulous way to get your pins in front of a new audience. To find group boards to join check out

#4 Pin at least 30-50 pins per day

Pinterest has an algorithm that ranks you as a pinner. Pinners with a higher ranking will have their pins show up more often in the feed. One way to improve your ranking is to pin many pins, spread out throughout the day.

#5 Pin others content in addition to your own

You maybe thinking that you are there to promote your content, which is true, but no one is going to want to follow you if you are only sharing your own posts.

Make sure to pin others content and pin what you think your ideal reader would want to see.


Do you use any tools apart from Pinterest, in order to increase your popularity there?

There are two tools that I recommend for scheduling pins on Pinterest.

The first is Tailwind.

Tailwind is a tool that allows you to schedule your pins ahead of time. It then will trickle your pins out to your boards throughout the day. This is beneficial because it appears to Pinterest’s algorithm that you are constantly on Pinterest which increases your ranking.

Tailwind also has amazing analytics features which can help you determine what is working and what you need to improve on.

The second is BoardBooster.

BoardBooster can almost completely automate your pinning with functions like looping, campaigns and the scheduler. Setting up some of BoardBoosters systems can be a bit tricky, but once you have them set up it is a lifesaver!

BoardBooster has plans starting at $5 a month and it is seriously the best investment you could make for your blog. BoardBooster offers a 100 pin free trial or if you are a student in my course you can get 3000 pins when you sign up!


how-a-mom-earned-1500-dollars-on-her-3-months-old-blog-thanks-to-pinterest-activities-mom-blogger-live-your-dreams-tips-interview-my-dream-trueWhereas you love to share knowledge, you’ve prepared a great Pinterest course for all the bloggers. Please describe what the bloggers who decide to take your course will learn? Can they expect a sudden increase of visits coming from Pinterest?

I have worked as a social media manager and Pinterest consultant for bloggers and small businesses for the last year and a half.

I finally reached a point in my business where I was so busy that I could no longer take on any new clients, but I wanted my strategies to be available to bloggers that really needed them!

That is when I decided to create Pinterest to Profits.

Pinterest to Profits is a step-by-step guide to leveraging Pinterest to increase your traffic, subscribers, and income.

I take you from a new Pinterest account all the way through setting up Rich Pins, optimizing your profile and boards, creating Pinterest graphics that drive traffic, how to find the best group boards and how to schedule your pins.

Plus, included is a module all about creating passive on your blog. This module covers the basics of affiliate marketing, sales funnels and much more!

The course includes text and video lessons that will walk you through everything you need to maximize your success on Pinterest.

Students in the course have seen fabulous results. One student’s Pinterest impressions were boosted by 1630% in the first month.

Another student saw an increase of nearly 750% in her average daily viewers on Pinterest within two weeks of starting the course.

So to answer your question, yes! When my strategies are implemented you will see an increase in visits from Pinterest.


Now let’s talk about profit for a bit. I know there are a lot of ways to earn money on a blog, please write down your favorite ways, and tell us why?

There are five main ways to make money blogging. They are ads, sponsored posts, services, affiliate marketing and selling your own product.

I do offer freelance services, however, I do not include them as blogging income.

My two favorite ways to make money blogging are affiliate marketing and selling your own products.

Affiliate marketing is great for beginners because you do not have to invest the time upfront for creating a product.

Almost any product these days has an affiliate program. All you have to do is choose a product that you love and that would benefit your readers.

Then apply for the company’s affiliate program and when you are approved begin weaving that product into your posts.

I also love selling my own product. I created Pinterest to Profits to help other bloggers reach their goals.

I was able to use my knowledge and experience to help improve their businesses. By selling a product, particularly a digital product, you can create it once and profit from it many times.


how-a-mom-earned-1500-dollars-on-her-3-months-old-blog-thanks-to-pinterest-activities-nailed-pinterest-mom-blogger-live-your-dreams-tips-interview-my-dream-come-trueHow on earth is it possible to earn 1500$ after just 3 months of blogging career? What’s the secret? How did you do it? 

To be honest a ton of work and a lot of late nights.

I am a mom and a small business owner, so I don’t have a lot of free time. After my husband and son were in bed I would begin working on my blog posts, networking, and social media.

Most nights I would work from about 10:00 PM to 12:00 or 1:00 AM.

One thing that I think hinders a lot of new bloggers success is they are afraid of investing in themselves. I know I was my first go around. I approached my blog as a hobby instead of as a business.

When you recognize that your blog can actually become a profitable business it makes it less scary to invest in it.

In the first few months of my blog, I earned over $1,500 from affiliate marketing. I recommend selecting 5-10 core products that you want to promote and finding ways to strategically talk about them in your blog posts.

The remainder of my income came from the pre-sale of my course Pinterest to Profits.

I highly recommend creating a digital product for your brand. My expertise is Pinterest so I chose to create a product centered around that, but think of what you are good at and what you have to share!


I have to say, your blog looks fantastic. I believe that the secret of your blogging success lies in the great posts you’re publishing. Where do you find the inspiration for new posts? What kind of posts turned out to be the best, and why?

Thank you so much, I really appreciate that!

I agree that high-quality content has been a large part of my success. Many of my posts are inspired by my own life.

For example, my post “12 Blogging Tasks You Can Do From Your Smartphone” was inspired by my son.

My 18 month old loves my laptop and each time I would use it he would want to come over and play on it. However, when I am on my phone many times he will not notice and will continue playing with his toys. From that experience, I began writing that post.

I also try to think of my ideal reader. What would they like to read about and when I was in their shoes what questions did I have?


Before starting a blog, you were working with an Amazon FBA program. As I can see, that is a very popular way of making money among my friends, and it can bring a great profit as well.  How well did you do in that field, and do you have any advice for all those who want to try their luck with Amazon FBA?

I did sell on Amazon FBA and it was a great experience!

I did it for a few months to make some extra money around the holidays. It was very much a part-time thing but in about one month the business was profitable.

I have a huge post on my blog called The Ultimate Guide to Amazon FBA, it answers the most common questions I have been asked about selling on FBA, and it is a great place to start!

One small piece of advice that I have is to buy products that are selling for 3x your cost. Typically, the fee Amazon collects is about 1/3 of the selling price of the item so after their fees and your cost you will still be left with 100% return on investment.


You are only 24, and that’s your 4th business already. I believe you’ve gained a lot of experience. Please write at least 5 positive habits you have in your everyday life, that make you so successful.

As a mom, blogger and business owner I have to make sure my time is used as efficiently as possible.

One habit I have is when I sit down to work I create goals for that increment of time. This helps me to stay focused on the most important tasks.

Another habit I have is setting up systems. When I develop a new process I document each task within that process so I have an organized workflow.

I like to make family time a priority. I keep my work time and my family time separate.

Every evening after dinner my husband, son and I do something fun. I can be going out to get a treat, watching a show or playing a game. My family is the most important thing to me so this time of day is crucial to my happiness.

Early to bed, early to rise…not!

I believe that some people are morning people and then there are people like me who simply are not. I know if I try to get up in the morning before my son wakes up to work I will not be effective.

I am more productive in the evenings, so I consistently work every night from 10:00 to about 12:30. It is important to know yourself and cater to your strengths.

I am a lifelong learner. I am constantly reading, taking online courses and scouring the internet for new information. Because of this lifestyle, I am able to excel quickly when beginning new tasks.

If you don’t like to read or are short on time consider listening to podcasts!


how-a-mom-earned-1500-dollars-on-her-3-months-old-blog-thanks-to-pinterest-blogger-mom-blogs-live-your-dreams-tips-interview-my-dream-come-trueYou have a great family, a great business, and great ideas. I believe you can say that you’re living the life of your dreams. Why would my readers need to live their dream lives?

Thank you! I take great pride in my family and my businesses.

I think it is important that you first identify what your personal dream is.

It may be different from mine and that is okay! You need to know what makes you happy.

Living the dream” is a great sentiment, but more importantly, you need to find joy in the journey. Celebrate the small victories and milestones.

All of us are much closer to the “dream” than we may think if we focus on the journey, not just the destination.



At the end, I need to say that this has been one of my favorite interviews so far. You have showed that it is possible to achieve success quickly, but one needs to be very committed and efficient in order to do that.

I strongly recommend my users to stop by your Moms Make Cents blog, and read the great advice you’re offering.


If you want to find out how to achieve success on Pinterest, I recommend you to read the article 22 Fantastic Pinterest Tips Which Will Increase the Number of Visits to Your Blog Significantly or join the free Pinterest course organized by McKinzie.
If there’s anything you want to know about the success of the Momsmakecents blog, leave your comment below, and you’ll get the answer to your question.

You can also join my free newsletter, so you could receive such great interviews by e-mail on a weekly basis!



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  1. CoolestMom says:

    Thanks a lot, this is a great interview. It hasn’t been long since I joined Pinterest, and I read that having a Business account is a good thing.
    Would you recommend it?

    • Pinterest experts suggest transfering to business account, because it provides some additional advantages.

      You’ll be able to see the statistics regarding pins and everything else, and you’ll also be able to activate the Rich pins option for example.

      So I would strongly recommend it.

  2. NikkiJames says:

    Thanks a lot for the info,you are great. 😀

    I don’t have much experience,and I haven’t started my blog yet. What do you think I should do first? Start a blog or activate a Pinterest account?

    • I would recommend you to start with a blog first. After you write a few posts for your blog, you can start promoting them on Pinterest.

      But, talking to McKinzie, I found out that you can earn money directly on Pinterest, through affiliate links. I’m not exactly sure how that works, so it would be better for you to check McKinzie’s blog, if you want to find out more about that.

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    Great post, exactly what I needed. Motivating, informative and interesting. Great!

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    Great content, I also posted my income in my blog. There so many ways to make money now online.

  5. The problem is it is hard to believe already what programs works if you continue reading and learning from different internet marketer gurus. you will get confuse where to start and what to work first.

    • Yes, there is a lot of information on the internet so it’s hard to recognize the quality ones. The best thing is to follow the successful entrepreneurs, who have some good numbers behind them.

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