5 awesome steps to become a travel blogger and living a dream life

5 awesome steps to become a travel blogger Live Your Dreams Tips karolinapatryk

A couple of days before Christmas, I made an interview with my friends and travel bloggers Karolina and Patryk.

Who are Karolina and Patryk?
We were born in Poland but we don’t want to identify with any country – we are citizens of The World.
Our mission is to show you that you don’t have to live like everybody else. You don’t have to finish college to have money, you don’t have to work whole life to start traveling. You can do EVERYTHING, just make a plan and DO IT! We were always dreaming about traveling. And we are doing this since 2013!

You told me that you are living a dream life. In your profession description, it says ‘travel blogger’. Seems interesting, but what does exactly mean to be a travel blogger?

From the very first date, we knew that we want to travel around a world together. We knew that we need money for this. So we started blogging. We wanted to share our experiences with other people and gather a community of followers as a social proof to our advertises. Travel blogging is really a hard work. We have to spend few hours a day to create content, take good photos, add best keywords, hashtags etc.


Being a travel blogger must be very fun as well. Please give me a couple of pros and cons of being a travel blogger!

One of the best thing about being a travel blogger is ability to inspire people. It’s amazing to read messages from our followers that we helped them improving their lives.
As we said before, it’s also very time-consuming. In fact, for the first year we didn’t earn anything. We had to work, work, work and get nothing in return.




When you’ve started this adventurous lifestyle, you’ve dropped a college. Today, a number of people who have dropped the college, but still succeded at life is very big and getting bigger. Do you think that quit a college is good decision and which arguments you have for that?

We think that it’s very personal decision. It all depends on what you want to do in your life. We knew that we want to earn money online and be full-time travellersThere is no college about this. So we decided to leave everything that we won’t need in the future behind.
We wanted to focus on what’s really important to us.
College is good but only for people who want to specify in in a particular field, for example be a doctor or engineer.
We will always think about our college with a smile because it’s where we met! 🙂


If you want to be full-time traveler, you probably have to adjust your business life. How can you be successful in business and in personal life both?

Haha, everything is possible when you work hard. The clue to success is to develop everything in your life simultaneously. So when we started our business, we were working 10-12 hours a day. But we still found at least 2 hours before going to sleep to talk with each other and spend valuable time together.
We think that it’s very unhealthy to focus on only one thing. Money, relationship, travels- it’s all important and all needs time to grow up.
There is something magical about life. We noticed that when we are successful in one field, other follows it. When we have great business success, we also have great time in our relationship etc. The world is holistic and just like it was shown in ‘The Butterfly Effect’ movie.

If you improve a little thing in your life, you will have better results in others.

Us in Thailand-work everywhere

You earning some money on a trip. Which services you can offer in different places and what traveler can do on trip to earn some money?

We earn money online, so we really can work from any place on the world. There are a lot of things you can do to earn via Internet. For example: being a freelancer, selling products or photos, being youtuber, blogger, instagramer etc.
We also know a lot of people who went to some exotic places and teach English in schools. It’s also a good idea to travel and earn.


You have a lot of fans on social networks. How did you gathered such big community and how do you earn money from this community?

Our social medias are growing very slowly and we put a lot of effort to make it big. We think that the clue to success is a good content and interesting photos.
Every social network has different rules, so earning money depends on the advertiser. We are open to any kind of cooperation, so if something seems interesting for us, we agree to work on the project.

Playing with husky in Lapland

Please describe one day of your exciting life. Do you spend a lot of time in front of computer, or do you spend the most time outside?

It depends on where we are and what we are doing. Usually we spend at least 8 hours in front of the computer and than the other 8 hours to sightseeing, visiting new places and doing something exciting.
It’s a great idea to divide a day on 3 parts: 8 hours of working, 8 hours of travelling and 8 hours of sleep.
We don’t distract our life by doing useless things like, reading gossips, watching dumb TV shows or scrolling Facebook.
When you are focused on your priorities, you really have time for everything!


You are currently in your homeland Poland. What is your plan for the future? Which destinations are on your list?

In 3 weeks we are leaving to Asia for 6 months! First we will visit Singapore, then Malaysia and then we will fly to Vietnam.
After visiting Hanoi and Ha Long Bay, we will travel to China to celebrate Chinese New Year.
China is a huge country, so we think we will spend there few months to see all the amazing landmarks like: rainbow mountains, Guilin, Great Wall of China or ShaoLin temple.


You have visited a lot of country’s till now. Please enumerate top 5 destinations which you’ve visited and please tell me a reason why this destinations are on your top places.

1. Thailand.
We love just love this country! Thai cuisine is the best on the world, Thai people are the friendliest we’ve ever met. You can find everything in Thailand: beautiful beaches, great nightlife and even high mountains.

2. London.

London is our favourite big city. It has so much to offer that every time we come back there, we are enchanted by its beauty.
Travelling by London tube is fun and taking photos of red double-decker buses will always be interesting for us!

3. El Nido.

It’s a heaven on Earth. El Nido is situated in Phillipines. It’s very difficult to get there but it’s worth to travel 8 hours by bus only to swim in the crystal clear water and admire amazing islands around El Nido.

4. Krakow.

It’s a beautiful, historical city where we met. In our opinion, it’s one of the best tourist destination in Europe. Krakow has so much to offer! Awesome parties, amazing monuments and great people.

5. Lapland.
We’ve been there last week and we loved this place. It’s a homeland of Rovaniemi Santa Claus! Full of snow and colourful lights. When it’s dark you even can see the beautiful Northern Lights!


My readers want to know how to become a travel blogger. Please give me 5 main steps for how to become a travel blogger and make money from it.

This is not a rocket since!
1. Set up a blog and social media.
2. Connect social media to your blog
3. Put there as many valuable content as possible.
4. Let to know the world that your blog is awesome.
5. Verify your progress.

We don’t know any travel blogger to start earning money sooner than after one year of working. It really takes a lot of time to be recognised and attract advertisers.


At the very end, please give a couple of tips for my readers who want to live the dream life.

We will quote Nike: ‘Just do it!‘.
Everybody can do what they want but only few are determined enough to start doing it.
We are all special and unique and we all can do amazing things. Just think what you love and don’t be afraid to start doing this. It’s simple but very true.



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