WTF are you doing with your life? Find the focus and live life as you deserve!

Have you ever wondered is your life any good?

Although you are complaining about so many problems day by day, and you try so hard to survive, you must realize that your life is actually much better than life of half of population on the planet.

But that is no reason not to try harder and to strive to a higher and more significant purpose. We all have a built-in mechanism for being the best, and to reach much more demanding targets. We will tell you a story which perhaps many of you have already heard, but it certainly good to remember this type of things.

Once, there was a manager who accidentally ended up in a tiny fishing village where he was intented to meet with some business partners. The lack of free time did not give him a chance to discover all the beauty and tranquility of this small place. He only took a short break at a cafe along the coast to drink a cup of coffee before the meeting, while he was preparing presentation on his laptop with numbers and budgets for partners. He noticed somewhere in the background an old man pulling the net with the fish from his small wooden boat, so he decided to invite him to his table to tell him something nice about this place that will sound cool in front of his business partners. The old man accepted this invitation gladly and he sat at the table.
After a few introductory words, the manager decided to ask an old man why does not he, after twenty years of living here, have a bigger boat to catch more fish.
– I do not need it – the old man said.
– But it would be a lot easier, and you could sell fish. – added the manager.
– It is more beautiful this way – says the old man.
– Imagine this, says the manager and continue, I am ready to offer you some money to buy a brand new boat so you will be able to catch more fish and to sell it at marketplace. In return, I’m not asking any money or anything else, I just want to be nice and I want to invest in you. With my money, buy better boat and regular net. When you reach point to be able to sell fish on the market, you will receive more money so you can buy another net. In this way, your business will grow, and soon, you will need employees and new boats. When the boat starts functioning, you will get more sales and you will be able to buy another boat and hire a few fishermen. After that, business will grow to the point that you can start to sell your fish at shopping malls, you will have a chance to open your own packaging plant. You will become millionaire and business will only grow. Is that great? Do you want my money? – manager said.
– NO THANKS – fisherman replied without thinking.
– Why? I don’t want anything in return! – manager said.
– If I took the money, I’d buy bigger boat. Bigger boat will force me to be separated from my family and to spend more time on the boat. When I got involved in the sale at a market I would have to open a business and take care of taxes, inflows, expenditures and other things. When I become the owner of a huge company that makes deal with fish, I would have to think about what should I invest in, which way to go on the market, and so on. But, that is all fine and it is all the charm of entrepreneurship.
But, can I go further? I would be owner of huge company and I would have bank account with millions of dollars with which I could buy houses, cars, new boats, lands, other companies and everything that I desire. At one point, I can spend time in one house only, at one point I can drive only one car or I can be on one boat. I already have all that and I do not have to maintain all other houses, boats and cars. After all, after I would have earned millions of dollar, I will come back here, fishing in this small boat, drinking coffee in this cafe and watched the sunset. I would have lost ten years of my life, creating that huge company, instead of enjoying the benefits I have now.
– How about that? – The old man asked.
– Now you’ve surprised me with the answer – says manager.
– Think about it and ask yourself what you are doing with your life. – says the wise old man.

We can always define business venture from several point of views. Either way, we will always find reasons for it or against it. But facts are very simple:
– People who have huge company have too much obligations,
– these people have a lot of money, but they often lack free time.

Well spending your money is very important part of every business venture. Imagine now that you have unlimited amount of money, what would you with it?

1. Most important resource in our lives is the time.
Money can not buy time, unfortunately. But, we can transfer some obligations to other people and pay them for it. But, in the end again we invest more time to make more money which we use to pay those people. What comes around, goes around and time disappears irreversibly.

2. Always invest in feelings, not in material things.
Each house, car, boat and everything else you buy will stay unused and it will only absorb your financial resources for maintenance. On the other hand, going on a vacation, or lunch with your family, meeting new cultures, languages and people are the things that are very important in every person’s life.

3.Money is only a currency, our ancestors were able to live without it.
Modern times force us to develop new technological gadgets, economic and political order, and much, much more. But when you look deep down you will realize that man’s basic needs are needs for food, water and sleep. Therefore, the way we consume things are same for centuries.

4.Money can not buy health or emotions
Most people lose essential way of life to follow while they try to earn more money. They become preoccupied and they lose their friendships, family ties and health. Regardless of the fact how much money you earn, there is no important thing like warm hug and good health.

It is important to keep the focus and find right goals which are worthy of our effort and sacrifice!

Now, it’s your turn. Take ten minutes of your time and think about your directions. If you have already lost your friends, relatives, and a sense of emotional connection, while you try to progress at work and achieve something significant at the same time, you are in danger to lose main course. Return to the right path, because it is never too late.

We want to hear your opinion. Is wise fisherman right or do you feel that the manager has better lifestyle? Have you found a focus in your life and do you follow that focus?


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  1. nicolo1963 says:

    I am really sick 🙁 so, I can tell you that money isn’t important… health is everything!

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