Why people hide emotions? Learn how to show emotions and express your feelings

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People hide their emotions every day. Generally, everyone thinks it is a bad thing when you show your emotions to other people. But, what is the reason for this? Why we must wear masks and hide our feelings from others? Does feelings make us look weak and without confidence?

Emotions are part of every person’s state of mind, and everyone has them. Of course, we must pay attention where and when we can show our emotions, but hiding emotions is not a good thing.
Learn how to control and express your feelings and you will feel better when you do that. At least once in a lifetime, people purposely attempt to hide their negative emotions, and these people have a tendency to carry on through life for the most part emotionless, not able to express satisfaction, joy and happiness.
Interestingly, research is likewise recognizing that the general population who are in a discussion with somebody who is smothering their feelings have a spike in their circulatory strain. This demonstrates that it is physiologically more unpleasant to converse with somebody who is smothering their feelings than somebody who is communicating their negative estimations.
World became dangerous place with so many risks, troubles and problems. In order to hide our insecurity, we hide our emotions. When we afraid of something, we are thought that we must not show fear to no one. We must be, or we must pretend that we are strong, that we can deal with anything. This is not good way to deal with problems. Every person needs a helping hand, someone to be close when things look bad.
It is totally normal to feel angry, sad or even frightened, but we must learn to control these emotions. Anger management is something that mature person has inside, and we must set boundaries when we want to express our emotions. On the other hand, hiding emotions for a long time can be bad for your general health.
Stay in touch with your emotions in order to control them. Be aware of your emotions and, before you express them, think about these emotions and learn how to put them into words. Many people are too busy or too careless about your emotions, but you must find someone who will always be there to listen and to help you express your emotions.


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