Which are the things you should be doing every day in order to improve your life?

If you want to improve your life, I’m pretty sure you’re dissatisfied with it. But don’t worry, I’m here to help you to come to a better, and more joyful and quality life, with advice as well as with ideas.

Believe it or not, almost every person on earth wants life improvement. It’s nothing strange, because we all have our own goals, and everyone wants to achieve some of their dreams. That’s why, the pursuit of life improvement is quite normal.

The problem of the story lies in the fact that few people know how to truly improve their life. There are several different solutions, but they can be divided into good and bad ones.

If you want to improve your life, the engagement of a life coach imposes as a good solution. Such people stand behind a multitude of realized improvements in the lives of their clients, thus, it will be very easy for them to find the right solution for you. Their satisfied customers have to be the proof of their quality. Be careful when selecting and choose a coach who is very successful in improving the lives of his/her clients.

I’d like to mention books that are related to an improvement in the spheres of life, as another good solution. Very often the solution is right in front of us, but we can not understand it. Books serve as a great tool that provides a new perspective on life and thus also provides new insights, which may lead you to a better quality of life.

Tips on the Internet that are often written by the quasi-experts can be a bad solution. Books are still a much better source because they are made by the experts. After all, it is essential that you take all the information with a grain of salt, and then decide what is good and what is not by yourself. As I already said, the books, the internet or professional journals shall only be a tool that will open your eyes completely.

I somehow got stuck in a profound darkness, that’s what I don’t like. So to simplify the whole story, what follows is a list of things that you have to practice every day in order to improve your life.


Spend more time with your family and friends

Which are the things you should be doing every day in order to improve your life - liveyourdreams tips-spend time with family

I recently watched a super TED video which talks about the actual importance of social connections between people.

Experts have been conducting research for nearly a century, and after profound analysis, they have noted that lonely people are much more prone to various diseases, unhappy life and an early death. Therefore, the thesis on how being surrounded by the people you love is the most important thing in life imposes as a key conclusion.

I said, ‘surrounded’, but I will have to deny what I said. Being surrounded by people doesn’t necessarily mean not being lonely. It is important to be part of this community, to talk, socialize and ultimately feel a connection with the people who surround you.

Nowadays, our priorities are often related to job, career, success, while we should in fact focus on some other (more important) things. When you think about it, you’ll spend the best years of your life chasing a career. Are you going to be proud of the fact that you were a successful careerist, but a very bad friend at the end of your lifetime? Certainly not, because what’s really worth are the moments we remember and which have been spent with our loved ones.

It is necessary to find a balance, but at the moment I’m pretty sure that this balance doesn’t exist in your case. If that were the case, you wouldn’t be engaged in reading this paragraph.

What’s important, if you want to improve your life you need to start spending more time with people. Be a part of the community, and never a mere observer. Invest more time in building friendly relations and I am convinced that your life will become a lot better. And, be sure to see the video I’ve listed above.


Increase your physical activity

This is one of the things to do everyday, you shouldn’t skip. The old saying goes, ‘healthy body, healthy mind‘ and that’s not far from the truth.

Exercise, even though it seems hard, and a big consumer of our energy, it actually isn’t. In fact, it has quite a counter effect. By doing exercise, we don’t only strengthens the body but also our mind-set that becomes aware of its possibilities.

Exercise makes us push beyond our limits. Sometimes we aren’t even aware of how powerful we are, until we taste the adrenaline that makes us move a step forward, a second faster, a meter further.

Nowadays, it’s not a problem to start exercising properly. Thanks to many experts, coaches and quality sites, the knowledge is at a hand reach. All that separates you from improving your life is that little mega important step: Just start!

I’m not sure if you know this, but there are many ways to make exercise fun and short. The myth of several hours of sitting and weightlifting at the gym is the thing of the past, because there are many other proven ways in which you can make exercise more effective.

The Zenhabits team made an effort to write several important facts on how to make physical activity more effective. Do not forget, it is the quality of the physical activity that matters, not the quantity.


Quality and sufficient rest

If you want to improve your life, you have to embrace the fact that you need to improve the quality of your sleep. If you have ever wondered what do you do all day, then you must have come to a conclusion how you spend one-third of your day sleeping.

You can improve your life dramatically, if you improve the quality of your sleep. Let’s not fool ourselves, sleep is extremely important. Sleep gives us the energy and allows us to use our day better.

Do you know that there are several different stages of sleep?

Most people in the world practice mono sleep, in other words a single stage sleep. However, there are more and more enthusiasts who are testing new ways of sleep that are scientifically proven.

For example, there is a sleep mode, in which the optimal time spent on rest is just two hours in a day. Isn’t that amazing?

The team on Dreams.co.uk has dealt with the phenomenon of sleep, and they have prepared some great infographic for you. I still haven’t obtained the right to publish this infographic on my site, but I hope that I soon will. Until then, be sure to check out this link and find out how you can sleep more efficiently.


Laughter is the cure

Which are the things you should be doing every day in order to improve your life - liveyourdreams tips-spend time with family laught smile

I have to admit, I really resent myself for laughing so little. Although I may be above the average, I still tend to believe that it is not enough.

I passed by a kindergarten today, and a beautiful sunny day invited the kids to the playground. I heard laughter, a bunch of laughter. I Immediately got goosebumps, and I felt joy. Maybe I’m crazy, maybe I’m not, but it has been scientifically proven that laughter is healthy.

Great advantages possessed by the people who laugh a lot are:

  • Laughing reduces the stress hormone
  • It reduces blood pressure
  • It causes the activation of different muscles in our body
  • It reduces the feeling of pain
  • It improves the level of immunity to a certain disease

Not to go any further with the benefits, feel free to hurry up to Gaiam Life and read a great article about the benefits that laughter has on your body and mood.

Many agree that laughter is the best cure for everything. Now let me ask you honestly, when was the last time you really had a good laugh? Was it today, yesterday, last week? Unfortunately, the answer of many will not be very positive.

We need to laugh more often. It is healthy for us, for our friends and our whole environment. Is it so hard to invest time in something that requires a minimum of effort, and gives so much in return? Of course not.


The human touch that means so much

If I’m not mistaken, January 21, is the International Hug Day. The day in which the hugging propaganda spreads in all directions, and in all the media. But what about the other days of the year? Isn’t it true that they also deserve to be hug days for you, me, or someone else?

Psychologists agree, five to six hugs a day will make your life more beautiful and you will live longer. So, hugging has a very positive impact if you want to improve your life. In the early days of the last century Virginia Satir already came out with the theory that man needs:

  • 4 hugs to make it through the day
  • 8 hugs to maintain the joy of life
  • 12 hugs for an improvement and an advancement in life

After her, many psychologists agreed that actually these 8 hugs represent some magical limit. Masters in hugging are certainly children who continuously strive to hugs. Well, why wouldn’t we adults hug too?

I think it isn’t necessary to mention that one of the biggest advantages of hugging is a sense of belonging. As I’ve mentioned before in the text, the loneliness is one of the biggest problems in our lives. Therefore, a hug is emerging as the perfect solution that leads to life improvement.

I must have woken up your interest with the information provided. If you want to find out additional facts about the benefits of hugging, be sure to check out a quality article on the portal MindBodyGreen.


Eat healthier

Which are the things you should be doing every day in order to improve your life - liveyourdreams tips-spend time with family laught food

A few days ago, I’ve started my own project in which I’m going to show people how good nutrition is one of the steps that lead to a successful life. This may now seem absurd to you, but believe me, the food has a major influence on the mood in our everyday life.

I found an interesting experiment on the Internet, which was conducted a long time ago, and it is partly related to food.

The Marshmallow Experiment is actually a kind of test that showed how the kids turned into business people. So, the kids were put in a room, and there was the question of who will succeed to resist a Marshmallow. It turned out that people obtain certain habits later in life, depending on the decision to eat or to postpone the eating of a Marshmallow. To find out who turned out to be more, and who less successful in later life, I recommend you to check out the Jamesclear.com

I came down the rails a bit with this experiment, so we should return to the key of the story – a healthy diet.

The past year has shown how for the first time in history we have more obese than underweight people in the world . Isn’t that terrible? While most of us are engaged in overeating, children are dying of hunger on the other side of the planet. That’s awful!

It is time you stop with the unhealthy habit of overeating. It is necessary to find balance in the diet, as well as in all other things in life.

The introduction of healthy ingredients and the reduction of the number of calories, could have a significantly positive effect on your life. Here I wish to mention energy, health and less fatigue as a side effect of the improved nutrition.

It might not be one of the key factors, but our menu has a great impact on the life improvement. Therefore, hurry up to some portal and find out everything you want to know about proper and healthy diet. Don’t forget, you’ll benefit from this change, as well as the rest of the world.


Be more considerate and more polite

I often remain shocked when I hear that the people who are only a few generations older than us are saying ‘You’ when addressing their parents. In the past older people had the respect of their children, who knew how to appreciate everything they were doing.

Nowadays the things are different. Is that enough reason to not say ‘thank you’ and ‘your welcome’?

I think every person is delighted when he/she encounters a spokesman who knows how to use the words ‘thank you‘ and ‘your welcome‘. It is not to be surprised, when that is a reflection of respect for someone. It indeed forms part of the manners we were taught at school or at home.

I somehow get the feeling that less and less people use manners. Frankly, I think this is as big a failure, as it degrades a sense of respect for someone.

If these words stop being used by me, you, and then by someone else, who will use them at all? This would led to a total lack of respect and consideration for everyone.

It’s very important to show respect for others, because it encourages them and shows them you are a person worth of respect. On the other hand, respect is likely to be reciprocated. Surely you’ll feel great when someone tells you ‘thank you’ or ‘your welcome’.


Meditation of any kind

People often think meditation is some ritual in which they must stick to strict rules. You need to stop worrying about the rules, because the only important thing is to find time for yourself.

Meditation will certainly improve your life. Many successful people practice it, and therefore it can only do you good.

Which are the things you should be doing every day in order to improve your life - liveyourdreams tips-pinte

If we go around all the written and unwritten rules, meditation comes down to taking a break from life. It is necessary to stop for a while and soothe your life. So, a couple of deep breaths-exhalations, thinking about something nice and leaving all worries aside. This in few words is meditation.

You can find out more about the techniques and rules of meditation on an excellent website Goodlifezen.com. Particularly interesting is the article about important factors that make meditation successful. The article can be read here.


10 new ideas every day

After a man reads a lot of books and articles about successful businessmen on different sites, he can easily extract one key rule: “Write down 10 new ideas every day”.

Many well-known entrepreneurs were putting their new ideas on paper every night. They did it as long as it took them to find the ‘gold mine’ that led them to the achievement of their dreams. Some have continued with the habit, so they still do it.

Whatever you come up with, you can always do more and better. Therefore, writing down the ideas, makes you think about them, and by doing that, your improving them. In parallel, your imagination will contribute to the new ideas. Your paper of ideas will be richer and richer every day, so you’ll detect the ‘gold mine’ more easily.

I have to admit that this is one of the best tactics to improve your life. Try to focus on what’s bothering you and then look for the ideas on how to improve that part of life. Don’t ever give up, the first idea might seem stupid, but each subsequent should be getting better.


And so, I’ve come to an end of ‘the things to do everyday in order to improve your life’ list. In my opinion, the list contains exactly the most important factors that should make you wince from your current position.

Now, it’s all up to you. It’s time you wince, and start doing something better in your life. Every little thing that bothers you is a sign that you’re not happy. At the same time, it is a sign that you’ve got to breathe a new fresh impulse into that part of your life. Just do it!


What do you think? What should we do in order to improve our life? Write your opinion in the comments.

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