How a simple project ‘list of habits’ can significantly improve your life?

We all have different daily habits which we stick to, whether we like it or not, at least on a subconscious level. Well, everyone should make their own list of habits, because by doing it, you can drastically improve your life.

There is scientific evidence that our entire life is made up of habits, which we repeat. Constantly. In general, our habits are so ingrained that we almost always take them for granted.

We’re used to drinking fluids, eating food, conducting our morning hygiene, going to work, and to sleep at a specific time, and so on. Although at first glance, it may not seem as a collection of habits, it is clear that all these are just habits.

People, tend to pay too little attention to habits, unfortunately. Therefore, they often fall into a trap of bad habits, which impair physical and mental health.

We should really devote a great deal of our attention to habits, because they are the foundation of our life. Good habits can improve our life tremendously, while bad habits are constantly degrading it.

How a simple project list of habits can significantly improve your life - live your dreams tips-what is the list of habits

There’s a term which I’ve mentioned in the introduction, and it is called the list of habits. This is nothing more than a list of good and bad habits which you practice or tare trying to practice in your life.

What’s interesting is the fact, that based on this list of habits, you can greatly contribute to the improvement of your own life, but also get closer to the life of your dreams.

What is the list of habits?

There are many books and many expert opinions about good habits, as well as the bad ones. Many scientists have devoted years of their work to the investigation of the functioning of human brain, and why it creates a need for habits.

Habits are actually routine tasks which our brain recognizes as the essential ones, and which need to be done every day. Of course, we also tend to call habits, some actions which are not performed every day, but once a week or a month, but the thing is based on the same principle.

A habit is an action undertaken by the brain alone because he feels the need for it.

If we try to disassemble our life on details, we will realize that almost everything we do belongs to the category of habits. Almost 24 hours of our daily lives are made up of habits.

The only way we can make changes in our life is by striking into the area of habits. It is necessary to throw out the bad ones and include the good ones. Step by step, our life will be made up of good habits which will dramatically improve it.

The list of habits is very simple as a concept. It is necessary to write down all the habits that you want to throw out, and all those you want to include in your life, on a piece of paper.

Currently, you are most likely not even aware of all the bad habits you have in your life, but the process of creating a list of habits should help you discover that.

Also, your wish is to start living the life of your dreams. The easiest way to accomplish your dreams is to adopt healthy habits.


The process of application of the list of habits

For me it is completely normal to reduce every process and every explanation to simplicity. It is a lot easier for people to understand the things which are clearly defined and which require minimal attention. So, my goal is to describe the concept of application of the list of habits in the easiest and the shortest possible way . Therefore, I disassembled the whole project on five points, which will take you to your destination. All very simple and fast!

#1 Write your current habits on a piece of paper (good and bad ones)

This is the step in which you must not cheat. It is vital to be honest with yourself, and to write those habits of which your day is really made up. Don’t worry if the list has a lot of bad habits, because the purpose of the list is the elimination of the mentioned. So, the more bad habits, the more of them will be eliminated from your life.

This process is not as simple as it seems. It is necessary to scratch deep under the surface, and get to know yourself and your habits.

In fact, as I already mentioned in the introduction, you’re not even aware of how your life looks like at the moment. Not enough people is dedicated to life, and to the parts the life is made of. When we would improve at least some of these parts, we would all surely live a lot better.

Think about the week behind you.

Due to the fact that we behave differently during the days, it is important to take a week rather than just one day as a measure. We usually tend to relax more during the weekend, and that’s why, we tend to succumb to various unusual habits.

So, let’s analyze the whole week, but observing it day by day.

For example, on Sunday, I went to sleep and woke up at 6:00 am – write it down as a habit of waking up. Then I’ve put on a pot of coffee (habit) and went to take a shower (habit). After showering, I’ve blow dried my hair (habit), then I went to finish and have the coffee (habit). I woke the kids up (habit) and went to pack for work (habit). I couldn’t find some papers, so I became nervous. I then raised my voice at the kids (habit?) Who were putting their clothes on so slowly. After that, I went to the garage to get the car started (habit). I took the kids to school (habit), and I went to work (habit).

What’s described above, is only one morning. As you can notice, we have reached more than 10 habits, in just 2-3 hours, and where is the rest of the day? It is necessary to write each of these habits on a piece of paper. After analyzing the whole day, the job becomes a little easier because a large part of the habits is repeating. But that doesn’t mean you should not analyze the other days.

How a simple project list of habits can significantly improve your life - live your dreams tips-list of habits

Moreover, in order to understand which habits are repeating, and also to gain a better picture, you need to go through every day in one week. It is necessary to write down each, even the smallest habit. In fact, in life we are limited only by time, each conduct of an unnecessary habit is a waste of our time. At the end of it all, we will get a list of habits for one week. If some habits you are familiar with from other weeks you haven’t analyzed yet, haven’t ended up on the list, put them on the mentioned list too.

#2 Really think about the habits you want to include

The second point is focused only on thinking about the future life. I’m sure you have some goals you want to achieve, which would make you confident and which would enter the joy in your life.

You always can and must dismantle such large goals to easier parts. You should do the process of dismantling until you get to a daily routine.

You should first disassemble a large goal into monthly goals, and then weekly ones. When you have weekly goals, it is necessary to disassemble them on the daily ones. Lastly, it is necessary to convert daily goals, into the daily habits.

Once you’ve handled the daily goals, you are a lot closer to achieving your dreams. In fact, now you know exactly what you need to do today to get a step closer to your ultimate goal. It is hard to realize those dreams when you make monthly plans, and when you have the time that gives you room for cheating. Even the weekly goals are not as good, because you can move your action to other days. Therefore, the best plan for the realization of dreams are the daily goals, and daily routines.

It would be good to write down your large disassembled goal. In fact, it is hard to believe that your daily routine will be the same while approaching the long-term goal. Therefore, put all the daily routines that you want to introduce into your life on a piece of paper.

Whether we’re talking about skipping the rope, standing in front of the mirror, practicing laughing, lifting, taking the extra time to wash your teeth, or something completely different, all this must end up on the list of the daily routines that you would like to introduce.

#3 Write down a list of habits for the future

If you have carefully followed and implemented the first and second point, then you now have two papers: the current list of good and bad habits, and a detailed plan of habits you want to introduce in the future.

Now it is the time to put together the actual list of habits that you want to have in your life. Whether we’re talking about the good habits you want to introduce,or the bad ones you want to exclude.

I can freely say that this list of habits is the most important document in your life. No diploma or certificate from the college or any other educational institution, can override the power of habits. Habits are what constitutes your life and if you have the correct list of habits you’ll be able to accomplish your plan.

I had to mention it, before I explain in detail how to assemble a perfect list of habits.

1. Divide the paper on the good and the bad side

If we are being honest, there are a lot of habits in our lives that are not good. But this does not mean that we want to get rid of them. Some of you will certainly still want to smoke a cigarette, drink an extra glass of wine, rush to get ready in the morning, and so on. If we wouldn’t have bad habits, our life would probably be monotonous.

To be honest, my most important bad habit is the fact that I’m constantly late. No matter the significance of the event, it is highly probable that I will at least a few minutes late. I can say that this goes into the category of bad habits, but it didn’t cost me much so far.

Because of the advantages this bad habit offers (ceremonial welcome, almost no time wasted on the preparation, the reason to have a good laugh at my expense) I’m not ready to get rid of it so easily. Indeed, I believe that although many people perceive it is bad, in my opinion, it deserves to stay on the list of habits.

I said many things above, but the most important thing about this point of this is to split your “habits paper” in half. On one side you should write the title good habits, and on the other side the title bad habits.

2.Go through the first paper of current habits, and write down the ones you want to keep

Now it is time to get to the real work. Take the first paper and go through all the habits you wrote down.

In the “good” section write down the good habits that you want to keep, and in the “bad” section write down the bad ones that you like, and wouldn’t want to give up.

At the end of the process you will get a list of current habits that you’ve decided to keep. I hope that the “good” part is filled with as many old habits as possible, and the “bad” part with as few as possible of the mentioned.

3. Include the habits from your plan for the future in your new habits

In this step, you’ll take the “habits for the future” paper (paper number 2. we did) and rewrite the new habits on the “list of habits” paper you’re currently writing(paper number 3 -the current one).

So, now you’re going to have the list of old habits (good and bad) that you want to keep and the list of new habits that you want to introduce, on one paper.

How a simple project list of habits can significantly improve your life - live your dreams tips-tips tricks life

It is very likely that a part of the new habits will coincide with the old ones. If this congruence occurs on the “good” side, then you don’t necessarily have to touch it. But if the conflict occurs between some old habits in the “bad” section and some new habits in the “good” section, the correction will be necessary. We’ll talk more about it in the next point.

4. The correction of the list of habits

As I already mentioned, the problem may occur due to the desire to get rid of some old habits that bothers you. At the same time, there’s a struggle going on in your head, between leaving the old and assuming the new habit in the same area.

To make a long story short, if in the “bad habits” section you have a habit that is in conflict with the new habit in the “good” section, it is time to make a decision. So, decide whether you want to start living a better life, and implement a new habit into it. If that’s the case, cross the old habit in the “bad” section.

#4 Make a schedule of the conduct of habits

We are just two small steps apart from the new success in life. The first step is the preparation of a detailed schedule of conducting habits during the day. Taking in consideration that you’ve added a few (or many) new habits into your daily ritual, it is essential that these habits are actually practiced.


I have already mentioned, that the easiest way to get something done is to make a clear plan. The perfect example is going to work – we are working from 9am to 5pm, from Monday to Friday.

In order to entirely meet the power of habits, step number four is making a schedule of habits. Although I don’t particularly like it, I’ll tell you that you can experiment a lot, and that you don’t necessarily have to define the minutes when you’ll do something during the day.

The main goal is to get something done, but the when, and the how part, well that’s up to you. I personally have a detailed daily schedule worked out, which states precisely, when I perform a certain habit. Such a quality schedule allows me to get all the habits done, and by doing that, I’m coming closer to the ultimate goal.

This time, I leave the scheduling to you, because I have no idea when you usually do a certain thing, and which are the habits you introduced or crossed out . I wish you would succeed in the making of the schedule.

The important thing is to cover all the habits from the list of habits, otherwise, you’ve defined too many of them, and you may have to get rid of some. Or, you will have to separate the additional time to perform various habit. Nothing in life comes without an extra effort, but who wants a better life must work on it.

#5 The implementation of the list of habits into the real life

How a simple project list of habits can significantly improve your life - live your dreams tips-pint

Studies have shown that the human brain can transform an exercise into a habit in just 30 days. It is essential that you think about the thing you want to achieve, or work on it several times a day.

Now is the time to introduce the mental maps which you will hang out in a certain place where you spend a lot of your time, and which will remind you of your goals. Remember, the more you think about something,the more it turns into a routine. Once you manage to repeat the same thing day after day,your brain will understand that you want to continue repeating it. In this way, your thinking and torture will become a habit.

The fifth step is crucial. Without this step, all the previously done things have been in vain. It’s time to find the strength and the will, and to start withe the implementation of the good habits. Do not forget that after 30 days the brain begins to understand that this is no longer just an occasional action, but the routine which needs to be practiced.


The power of habits is incredible. Few people are aware of the facts that give the importance to habits. For example, did you know that once you have driven a sufficient number of hours, the ride becomes a habit? This can sometimes be noticed while driving, when you lose concentration, but thanks to your habits you are still driving down the road. Of course, a lack of concentration is not good for the safety of driving, but it clearly demonstrates the function of our brain and the habits.

If the brain turn a complicated action such as driving a car into habit, then it is capable of conducting your list of habits.

It is important to encourage it during the first steps, and to give it a quality introduction to the whole situation. As I have already mentioned a lot of times, something that is constantly repeating, will turn into habit. Therefore, let’s not waste the repetitions on something stupid, but let’s devote them to what’s really worth, and to what we stand for.

Each of us is able to adopt new quality habits. It’s time to set up your own list of habits, and to go on an adventure of the realization of your dream life. See you at the top.


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