Learn how to use a compliment and what compliment can achieve!


When was the last time you gave someone a compliment? A long time ago? If it is, this is bad habit and you must share compliments more often!
The compliment is very powerful tool which reaches to the heart of a person who you are talking to, and it makes it sensitive and emotional. Other person becomes his or her own hero, and you see a leader in it.
The compliment is not only a powerful tool which will help you to win the hearts of others, but also more than that. It cheers up your fellow speaker, and you give a very positive impression. Properly timed compliment can open our hearts to our fiercest opponents, who does not want you to say a word.

Give someone a compliment costs nothing, and opens many doors!

When you choose to give a compliment, it is very important to do it honestly and properly. In no case, don’t give a compliment if you don’t agree with. For example, if you don’t like dressing style of your interlocutor, in no case you should not give a compliment related to that dressing style. Select a compliment from one area that you really like and only if other person truly deserves a compliment.
The compliment can be given with several points of view:

– it can boost confident of another person – you can give compliment about hair, makeup, teeth or nails, etc.

-also, you can give a compliment to praise someone’s property – a charming smile, romantic person, or humorous, etc.

– it is also a great compliment to add to someone’s action – when they do good job, when they are done multitasking, and they are wise and when they finish the job on time.

– feel free to share compliments if someone has a beautiful house, car or garden, and so on.


The above tactic actually put compliments into several basic categories, and your imagination and originality will be extremely honorable.

People like other people’s notes of a well-done action. So, in the past years, education warn children after doing something wrong, and praise children when they do something good. Such praise will result in a surge of pleasure and positive feelings in children and they often do such things to win a compliment.


With the rule that compliments must be honest and from the heart, another important rule is you must supplement your compliment explanation!
A good compliment is okay, but we want perfect compliment. The difference between a good and a perfect compliment is in the length of the speaker’s words, and in the heart of the person who hears.

If you say ‘Your house is beautiful‘, this is just one of many usual compliments that people give and therefore it has no such effect on the recipient of a compliment. But if you give compliment ‘Your house is beautiful, yellow color of the walls fits perfectly with yellow flowers before entering the stairs. And this interesting brownish benches that depicts a family atmosphere are perfect! ‘, it would be much much better in owner’s head. People love when we notice small details and when we want to subjectively tell something to appreciate their efforts.
You should not give a compliments if you don’t mean it, but if you already decide to give compliments, then make them special. Most fascinating of something that maybe others have not heard yet is the best option you have.

Today, people rarely share a compliment, although it was a better situation in the past. However, various analyzes have shown that these supporting sentences which are called compliments, raise the level of happiness, satisfaction and confidence in our interlocutor’s mind. Make a little test and you will realize how quickly you will cheer people around you if you share compliments. In particular, if they are perfect compliment, you will give basic compliment and an explanation.
However, one should always use reasonable measure of compliments. Just as we said, repeating empty usual significantly lowers opinions of other person, and too often compliments lose power.

If a person may give a compliment, than that person knows something special. Eventually, another compliment still can achieve this goal when other person feels unique and special. However, when this is linked to another three or four compliments, whole thing becomes overblown (it can be used possibly for lovers and spouses). We could say that each next compliment, worth less and less. The first compliment is the most important to reach out to the other person’s heart, while each subsequent compliment decreasingly lowers attention to the successes of others.

Do not dilly-dally. We have very detailed insight into what is a compliment and how to use it. In the end, do not use it at the beginning of the interview (unless you meet person for the first time), but save it for time when you really need it. But do not wait too long because the conversation might be finished before you give a compliment.
Compliment opens the heart of other person, regardless of what purpose has.


What are your favorite compliments? Do you have a well established form of compliments? Describe it in the comments area below.


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