How to protect your mind and block negative energy ?

Every person has an in-born desire for empathy. When person next to us feels sad, we will be sad too. When someone is happy, we can feel a little bit happier.

But if we surrounded with people who are full of negative energy too often, it can affect very badly on us and on our minds, and in the long run, it may change our character and state of mind.

What to do in situations like this? Do you need to be close to such people and allow their negative energy pass on to us, or is it better to avoid this type of people, and thus avoid the negativity that emerges from them? This question is not easy to answer.

If these people are very close to us, if they are members of our family or a close friends, we can not just throw them away because they feel bad or depressed. In this case, it is necessary to try to help that person to overcome this problem, and try to look at things more positively.

However, there are people who are not our close friends, but for some reason we allow them to have a very negative effect on us and on our state of mind. Simply because emit negative energy, we allow that our mind is exposed to negativity, although we don’t want that at all. The question is – how to strengthen your mind and do not let it absorb negative energy and thus endanger our mental health.

How to behave in this case?

How to protect your mental independence and block negative energy? How to program your mind to learn to throw negative people away and do not let the negative energy to occupy our minds?

The answers are simple, it just takes a bit of concentration and good will. 

Do not allow others to create your awareness, be who you are in every single manner. If you decide something, stick with this decision no matter what. Perception is the power of observation of people around you and it can change our state of mind by giving us the power of observation. Be patient, rational and consistent with yourself and, in this way, you will not allow anyone to control your emotions.

Do not pay attention to every detail and every problem. You did not come to this world to solve other people’s problems and correcting other people’s mistakes. Let people around you to take responsibility for their actions and let themselves find the way to solve their problems.

And what is most important, be careful who you let into your life. With a little effort, each person can be assessed – whether he or she is negative or positive, whether he or she is sincere or not. It is good to be compassionate, but it is much better and more important to think about yourself and your mental health.


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