How to be happy in life? The best advice you have received so far!

Since you are reading this article I am pretty sure you are at least few times in life wondered ‘how to be happy in life?


You don’t have to give an answer to the above question because the fact is that this issue is not just yours, but for millions of people around the world. We all strive to joyful and successful life, but few of us are truly happy.
The key reason why we are not happy, is the fact that because we don’t know how to be happy. We think that something is missing in our lives and that is why we can never be happy.
But now that we have concluded that most of us wonder ‘how to be happy in life?’ many times in our lives and that in fact main problem lies in the lack of knowledge about happiness, feel free to dedicate extra valuable tips that will teach us how to be happy.
Recognizing our quality and understanding how as a person in this society of 7 billion people we worth something and we know something is one of our greatest virtues. Don’t burden yourself with others and make some worthless comparisons. Why to spend your time which flows constantly, to some meaningless comparisons with others who live a life. It is stupid and rather stop and think about what you do good every day in this world and how you bring a smile to faces of your friends and relatives.
It happens almost always that our parents compare us to our friends, who are, based on their criteria, better than us. We graduated that comparing with others is a complete nonsense and we should rather look at our contribution to this world. You and I and every other person on earth are individuals who sew their way to happiness. Someone might enjoy in fishing, others might like to collect postage stamps, third constantly travels to cold regions – because they just love winter and snow. And what now? Is there anything wrong in that? Of course not! You live only once and you have opportunity only once to spend this minute you are spending right now. So, be yourself and do in life what it entertains you. Let other to form an opinion about you and don’t let other people’s opinions bother you. People who have time to think and gossip about others are the most unfortunate and don’t have an interesting life and they do what we have previously strictly prohibited – they are comparing themselves with others.
In life, you might not get an expensive Ferrari, clothes of famous designers, or anything else that today’s world requires as a success. But is it really important? No, because man, no matter how much has, will yearn for something bigger and better, and that is the main difference between happy and unhappy people. Happy people realize that they can’t own whole world and that this would not be interesting at all. They are aware of their limits and accept them as normal. Because they don’t crave for all sorts of stupid things, they realize that true happiness is actually this moment, this minute, which flows right now. They need to take advantage of what they know, because no expensive thing will never turn back time. Don’t burden yourself with past and dream of phenomenal future. You live for today! Now is the time to do what you want, now is the time to move on and live your dreams. Tomorrow will be another day, but why do you think that tomorrow will be a better opportunity to do something like that? It is not, now is the moment in which you stand out.
You think you are not good enough to stand out and to change the world? Well then, you are in trouble. Studies have shown that people who think openly and who understand that an individual is part of a group bring big decisions are much happier in life. Don’t be tight and don’t turn away new opportunities which are offered to you at each stage. Tightness, or the theory that you can’t make the world different and better place totally sucks! You are the one who brings the difference, you are the individual who creates his own path. If you don’t control your life, someone else will tailor your
paths. Don’t allow this and be happy.
Certainly one of most important facts that make people happy is good and fun company. Carefully select company where you want to be and not scruple to let new people in that company. In contradiction with various opinions, new people in our lives bring new opportunities and new pleasures, so enjoy them. To give a smile on other people’s face is one of the most remarkable and beautiful gesture in the world. And you know what is even better? When someone brings a smile to your face. Remember that your real friends are those who wipe your tears and bring a smile to your face!
To meet new people, you need to go out in public. Do that! You can go on a picnic with someone, accepted an invitation to jogging, get concert tickets, participate in humanitarian aid. Each of your participation in public will bring you new view on life and show you how rest of the world functions. New activities, as well as new people are nothing wrong. Indeed, everything new that happens in your life will open new horizons. If you do not like it – give it up! But do not judge before you experience something new!

And in the end remains advice that everyone is talking about, but few people comply. You worry about what you are wearing, what will your friends think about your hairstyle, what will your co-workers say about your investment, how will you please your elderly parents, with what will you hide any shortcomings that you have? Oh, come on, stop it! Few situations and things in life really requires our care. Most of the people are tight in some of its marginalized vision of the world and therefore creating problems where there are not any. Why is it important to have a perfect haircut, when your friend has tousled hair in the morning when she wakes up. Why is it important that you wear a dress, when most people think about what is under that dress and what kind of message you are sending with your speech. All of these are unimportant things about today’s average man cares. Once you understand that it is totally irrelevant to comply with latest fashion trends and to have the latest smart phone on the market, you will realize that true happiness lies in us and our relationship with the world. The person who will criticize the appearance, style or something else, does not deserve your attention because he doesn’t know to recognize your true and honest quality.


I think this is a very quality answer to a question ‘how to be happy in life?’. But if you read whole article, you did not become a happier person right away. Next step is crucial for reaching happiness. You must think about above facts and begin to implement them in action. It may not all go at once, but step by step will lead you to true happiness you are seeking.


Less worries and more socializing and laughter – recipe for true happiness.
Do you have any advice to add? Feel free to write in the comments.


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