How to avoid plunging into the rut of life which is widely accepted by our entourage

Being different from others, was always unpopular and rebellious from the point of view of the majority. Until that moment when being different does not mean being successful and rich.

The society of today, imposes some routines of life that unfortunately do not lead people to the fullness of their life. The decline in the well-established and accepted rut of life, will actually move you away from what you’ve always dreamed of and wanted to become. We could say that the main culprit is not you, but the society that imposes such standards-but that is simply not true.


Each individual is the creator of its own life. Truth be told, the environment in which we live can play an important role, but in the end everything is up to us. Be the people who changed the environment, not the people changed by the environment.

It is a well-established habit that the first 20 years of a man’s life are spent in a predetermined scheme, but it often happens that the rest of our life turns out to be a continuation, of not necessarily a good scheme. When we are children, we go to kindergarten and then to school and the whole process is rounded by going to college and finding an employment in a company. This is a common rut of life, in which we spend 40 years working hard to be able to ensure our survival and financial security.

However, should our lives really look like this?

Live and accomplish your dreams, and ideas, or be employed by others and accomplish their dreams.

These are the words of a famous an frequently mentioned proverb.

Why should we be accomplishing someone else’s dreams, and leave ours aside? The problem is the rut of life, where our entourage forces us and imposes to us the accomplisment of other’s dreams, and employment by others as the right path.

  • The main problem? They think our dreams are unrealistic and impossible to accomplish.


  • The main reason for doubt? They weren’t able to accomplish their own dreams.

The whole story has a deeper history than we think. For all the blame is not on our parents, not on their parents, not on their grandparents, but on the people from the beginning of their existence. Just remember that many famous scientists were considered stupid and their ideas were almost always ridiculed by the population at large. But they have still conducted the work, suffered ridicule and insults, and eventually became some of the most famous people that have marked our history. So this kind of reasoning is not the fruit of the new time, but its past is far-reaching.


In fact, today people consider scientists and innovators to be the ones who move the world, but there is still an hereditary defect that has remained, which is the consideration that these innovations are happening far away from us. People in our entourage can never accept the fact that we are the ones who will change the world and who will bring something new or make a turnaround. They will try to convince us to give up on such ventures and will give us advice on how to get caught up in established rut of life: house-work-house-work.

But what happens if we don’t want to be a part of this rut? And want to live our dreams?
There is a great theory, which no one in this world can refute. There are people who succeed in accomplishing their dreams, and those who did not.

If you ask people who have succeeded to do so, they will surely tell you that dreams really can come true.

If on the other hand you ask those who have failed in accomplishing their dreams, we are almost sure that they will find numerous reasons why dreams can not come true. They failed because they made a mistake along the way, but many succeeded, and from them you have to learn.

If your entourage keeps fettering you in the realization of your dreams, there are several things you can do:

Change the old entourage for a new one
This is perhaps the simplest and easiest move that will open up many new horizons and give you an added impetus to aim for when you achieve your dreams. But here now, there are a bunch of traps that you can cost you. When you decide to change the entourage, you have to be very aware that this will affect your life and your time. The new entourage will certainly be very much different from the old one in many different aspects, so you can get caught up into a new rut that will look great, but will actually move you away from the reason you changed the entourage in the first place. Be careful with the new friends, new commitments, new habits. A change of entourage is perhaps the easiest thing to do but can take you in a completely wrong direction.

Start teaching and adapt the existing entourage
This is tipically what many scientists and inventors tried and went through in the past, but it happens often even today. You must be wondering how to stay in the same entourage, and how to adapt it to a new reasoning? The tactics is simple, show that what you are doing is right and that other people appreciate it. If you are creating a machine to travel through time, what you need to accomplish is to attract the attention and positive opinion of famous and respected people. Of course, it will be extremely difficult and it will seem to beunattainable, but the road to stardom is not easy.

The first ones who will spit on you and you make fun of you is your entourage, and then you will realize that it is almost impossible to achieve a good image among the dignitaries. But that is definitely not the question. All those who thought that way, they failed to accomplish their dreams. For the accomplishment of your dreams you need courage, persistence and of course some knowledge depending on the area of your work. Once you get on a good reputation, your entourage will stop looking at you like a ‘lost cause’ and all of a sudden you will become a hero.

Ignore your entourage and create high-quality virtual one
Internet is nowadays callled ‘the global village’, and therefore, why wouldn’t you create a virtual environment for your needs. On the internet you do not need to connect with mocking neighbor, an aunt that arranges some ‘almost’ job for you, so that you are no longer unemployed, a rural village gossip girl, who constantly keeps telling these negative stories about you. In fact get as far away as possible from these people, because they certainly did not succeed and accomplish their dreams, when all they do is pry into other people’s lives.


Connect with people you appreciate, regardless of whether it is Bill Gates, Oprah, some local visionary, world-renowned businessman or someone from the elite of society. Such people except from being an inspiration in your everyday life, are ready to help those who are just starting on the path to success. All you need to do is approach them in a constructive way, and ask them something really useful and interesting, if possible,┬ásomething other people haven’t asked them yet. In the end we want to remin you that you must not forget about your physical entourage. Try to ignore the people whorestrain you, and increase the influence of those whose opinion you appreciate – it may encourage those who you’ve been ignoring so far to change their way of looking at you and your acts.

Always follow your dreams and don’t let others squeeze in a well-established rut. The road to accomplishment of a dream may be difficult and exhausting, but with the right approach and regular work on dreams, we are sure you will succeed in it. Live the life you want for you only have one!



Are you living your dreams? Is the attitude of your entourage regarding life and accomplishment of dreams getting in your way?

Write all the comments below!


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