How not to be a person that everyone wants to avoid ?

Person that everyone wants to avoid
Person that everyone wants to avoid

When we are young and restless, we don’t think much about other people’s feelings and concerns. We are most of the time egotistical and narcissistic, and we think only about our needs and how to satisfy them. But, as years go by, we develop altruistic point of life and we care more about people around us and we try to improve our relations with other individuals.

Did you ever find yourself in a position when you feel that everyone around you try to avoid you?

Everyone feels sometimes that they need to take a shot to improve themselves as a person. We must care for people around us, if we don’t do that, we need to change that as fast as we can. Nobody wants to hang out with people with negative thoughts and self-centered way of life. It just makes them more miserable, and this is not good thing for everybody. If we want to be content with ourselves, we must do anything to be better persons.

If we improve our way of thinking, we will have positive affect on other people too. If you want to know how not to be a person that everyone wants to avoid, follow several tips below and realize that the more you develop as a person, the better you will feel. After that, try to attempt to eliminate your character one step at the time. Don’t try to do it at once, because this is a battle which you cannot win.

First thing you need to do is to deal with your negative thoughts. Write down all things you hate about yourself and confront them. Imagine your perfect self. What type of person you want to be? Picture yourself and then write down all characteristics of your optimal persona. After that, try to achieve your optimal self.

Also, you can seek for any type of advice from experienced people. You can also see good examples in famous persons and their lifestyle. Ask yourself who is good role model for you and try to be as that person as much as you can. Be a good example to your friends and family. The most ideal way to do that is to be reasonable, altruistic and mature. Be helpful to others and try to listen to them and what they have to say.


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