9 Great Tips for Waking Up Early for Non-morning People


Snooze number one snooze number two… oh just five more minutes… and so on…

And when you look the time: Damn, it’s 8 o’clock already!

The scenario above sounds familiar? To whom doesn’t? Most people love to sleep. How could they not, when it is often the only place and time where people can find the pleasure of living and enjoy the moment.

Unfortunately, that is the world of today. Hectic, stressful and very tiring. Sleeping seems like the perfect escape from reality to many people. It is completely inverted, because an individual does not know how to find a way to live a quality life.

You have to start living your dreams, waking up happy because of a new day, going to bed happy because you’re surrounded by your loved ones. Happiness is all around us, but it is often not seen because of various stupid things that draw our attention.

9-great-tips-for-waking-up-early-for-non-morning-people-live-your-dreams-tips-wake-up-weaking-up-best-tips-wake-up-9-tips-waking-up-earlyI’ll let it aside know, and concentrate on the subject matter of the article. So, my goal today is to give you phenomenal, extremely useful and simple 9 tips for waking up early.

My tips will allow you to change your own rhythm of life very easily. I’ll turn you from a sleepyhead, into a morning person ready for action. You’ll start rocking the day and you’ll be phenomenal.

If you did not know, people who get up early in the morning have a lot of advantages over the others. First of all, waking up early, allows them to have a higher quality in achieving their dreams and daily tasks, allows them to have more free time, gives them a better and more beautiful perspective of life, opens them new doors to success, and so on. I wrote an excellent article about waking up early benefits, which you can read here.

In continuation, there is a kind of tutorial with the best tips for waking up early. I will go step by step through the routines that you have to perform through day and night, in order to have a perfect sleep and an early morning awakening that you wish for.


You need to make a sleeping schedule

At first sight, it may seem a bit strict and stupid, but sleeping schedule is a starting point that can not be missed. All the following tips for waking up early will actually build on what I call the sleeping schedule.

How to make a sleeping schedule:

1.Take a laptop or a pencil and a piece of paper

It does not matter what you write in your schedule, the important thing is that you write it down somewhere and that you stick to it. Planning of the schedule of sleep, it is the same as planning of the day. In fact, it is a unit, which should be built together.

2. Think about the hours of sleep you needed so far

Use your head and think about when did you go to sleep last week, and when would you usually wake up. The average man needs from 7-9 hours of sleep, but you may need more or less. So, try to calculate the difference of the hours from when you went to sleep to when you woke up. Write it on a piece of paper.

9 great tips for waking up early for non-morning people - LIVE YOUR DREAMS advice

3.Define your goal time of waking up

The aim of this whole project is to move the routine of waking up to earlier. Decide what is your goal time of waking up. In my case, the goal time is 5:00 in the morning. For you it may be a 6:00, 7:00, 8:00, depending on your preference. It is important to write down the definite time you want to achieve.

4.Find out what is your goal time of going to bed

You don’t need to be a skilled mathematician to calculate this. So, in the first step you’ve calculated how many hours of sleep you need. In the second step, you’ve determined when you want to wake up. Now you just have to subtract the number of the hours you need for your sleep from the number of your waking up hour. Generally, as a result you’ll get a time when you have to go to bed.

5.Adjust a whole week schedule

Maybe during the week you have some tasks that need to be done a bit later, so your goal time of going to bed will be a little too early. Do not worry, this last step is tasked to iron out any problems that might turn up. Try to completely align your daily schedule with the sleeping schedule because that is the only way in which you can achieve the harmony that will give a high-quality results.


Bring a sleeping schedule into your routine

The previously made schedule doesn’t mean anything if you don’t start applying it in life.

In the application of the schedule you have to be very careful because you could fall into a trap. Again I have prepared you a trick by which you’ll easily implement the schedule into reality.

9-great-tips-for-waking-up-early-for-non-morning-people-infographic-sleep-morning-wake-up-infographic-live-your-dreams-tips-lyd-tipsThe trap usually lies in excessive fatigue, in other words in the inability of the human body to adjust to the new sleeping routine.

If you immediately transfer from the current situation to the new sleeping schedule, it is very likely that you will be very tired and unable to perform certain tasks in the next few days. This could result in giving up from the new bedtime routine. You can’t let that happen.

The trick lies in the fact that we shift for 15 minutes each successive day, according to the desired sleeping schedule. If you’re used to sleeping until 9:00, then set the clock at 8:45 today, at 8:30 next day, and so on. This also means that you have to go to bed around 15 or more minutes earlier than usual.

By doing that you’ll switch to a new sleeping routine very easily. The truth is that the accomplishment of the new routine will take a little longer, but the process will run in a much happier and less tiring atmosphere.



Throw out the use of the electronic devices before bedtime

Unfortunately for us, a big part of our sleeping disorder is nowadays caused by the excessive use of the electronic devices.

The research have shown that the light that reaches us from the displays of various devices destabilizes our quality of sleep.

It is important to adopt a new habit of going to bed. Instead of staring at a computer screen or a smartphone, a much better option is to take a book in our hands. Instead of watching television just before bedtime, a much better solution is to work on a certain hobby.

So, the basic rule of quality sleep is to avoid staring at the devices that radiate light at least an hour before bedtime. By doing so, we are preparing our body for the rest. Among other things, this will help us fall asleep more easily.



Don’t eat or exercise just before bedtime

The continuation of the tips for waking up early, is associated with the previous paragraph. Just as it is the case with the electronic devices, such is the rule which says that we shouldn’t exercise or eat anything at least an hour before going to bed.

The meal we consume immediately before bedtime, needs some time to decompose. If you make a food intake before going to bed, the food will be decomposing in our system when we will want to sleep. This could result in sleeping problems, in other words, we might be waking up in the middle of the night.

On the other hand, the right time to exercise is the morning time rather than the evening. The reason is that our physical activity wakes us up and frees a variety of different processes in our system, that prepare our body for an increased activity. If we do the exercise right before bedtime, it might confuse our body.


Don’t let anything disturb your sleep

Somehow, in the last decade, we got used to being available to anyone who needs us at any time. We carry our phones everywhere with us, even to bed.

If you want to sleep well, it is important to leave aside the devices or the people who could disturb you during your sleep.

For example, turn off the sounds on the phone and put it somewhere away from you. Not on the nightstand, but somewhere in the other room, or anywhere else. Also, your sleep may be affected by the light that reaches us during the night. Try to turn off all the devices that light up in order to have a peaceful and calm sleep.

After all, if you have noisy neighbors who interrupt your sleep occasionally, try to negotiate with them, in order to be a little quieter. It may not help immediately, but after 2-3 conversation, they will most likely realize that some people “have to sleep”.


Get a classic alarm clock, preferably without snooze option


Ever since the man invented the snooze option, a lot of sleeping, and awakening problems have started.


We all know the ‘Just 5 more minutes‘ thing, which eventually turns into a long half an hour of excessive sleep. This is a bad habit that needs to be thrown out of our waking up routine.

It has been proven that these 5 minutes actually have no beneficial impact on our health and mood. The only thing that is achieved by this, is that in continuation, we are running around whole day because of the delay that we have caused in the morning.

To be honest, I feel a lot better when I get up on my feet and go in the shower immediately after the first alarm. I am pleased with myself, because I was able to wake up immediately, and I did not delay with this unnecessary lying in.

Unlike smartphones, classic alarm clocks are designed for waking you up on the most irritating way. The irritating awakening may not be the best solution, but it is certainly effective.


Out of bed straight on your feet

The best way of getting up immediately and without delay is to get out of bed right after you hear the alarm.

In no case should you get up and then go to bed again. When you already got up, it means that you are rested enough to start with the realization of your day.

One of the quality ideas here, is to put the alarm clock away from the bed. So, in order to stop the ringing of an alarm clock you’ll have to walk a few steps, and you will therefore break out from the sleep and from the desire to sleep in just a few more minutes.


Do the morning stretching or exercise

I like to divide the morning activity into two parts. The stretching takes 5 minutes and it’s really just about the stretching of all parts of the body, so we could feel the initial impulse to start the day. Exercise is a much more severe form, in which I separate an hour or more in order to go jogging, cycling or maybe visit the gym.

At the beginning of this article I mentioned that the morning activity stimulates various processes within our body, which gives us a quality introduction into a new day.

As you get up earlier now, it would not be a bad idea to do the morning stretching, if nothing else.


Keep an eye on the temperature in the room

9 great tips for waking up early for non-morning people - LIVE YOUR DREAMS TIPS LIFE

Different people have different feelings and opinions. When talking about the temperature of your home, the atmosphere is also different.

Some people love it when the temperature in their home is high, so they can walk half-naked. On the other hand, there are those who enjoy the cold because the high temperature is simply not their cup of tea.

Many things concerning this topic can be found on the Internet, but it can be concluded from different sources, that the optimum temperatures for living is about 18 degrees Celsius.

Maybe going to bed is not pleasant in your case, if the temperature is low, but lower temperature is much better for your health. Also, the too high or the too low temperature will affect your sleep, so it is necessary to choose an optimum one.


This would be the list of my tips for waking up early. It may not be the most creative and the most interesting one, but it turned out to be very effective in my case.

It is important to begin the implementation of the routine with some initial momentum. These tips for waking up early are a solid foundation to start with, because in the end, I started the change thanks to these advice too. I am sure that there are a lot of different tips for waking up early on the internet, but first it is important to adopt the basics, so you can later move on to some additional details.

Since I started waking up earlier, my life has changed a lot. I’m not in a hurry anymore, and I don’t run away from the time, and I also came to see that I manage to accomplish a lot more tasks. Getting up early is definitely one of the key tasks that I recommend to all those who strive for the realization of their dreams.

A vast majority of the businessmen has an early morning routine of awakening, from which some conclusions can be drawn, that such a way of life is good. But without further lengthening, here you can find out all about the benefits of an early wake up.



Write in the comments, which tips for waking up early, you think are good. Do you have some well-established process of sleeping, or do you rest as you like?

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