8 most romantic Valentines day ideas

8 most romantic Valentines day ideas-liveyourdreams


Now, it would be stupid to start the article with writing about the Valentine’s day history or about the Valentine’s day facts. Why? Well, who on earth is interested in such nonsense, when Valentine’s day is all about love and romance.

Having said that, I’ll get right in the essence of the story, and I’ll write you a lot of great, romantic Valentines day ideas.


Romance in your own words

I don’t know about you, but I can often sound quite cheesy, especially when it comes to a relationship.

I know that men hate cheesiness, some women love it, and some love it a little less. But the fact is – on Valentine’s Day cheesiness becomes desirable. As it has already been mentioned, it’s all about love and romance, so damn it, you can step outside of the boxes at least for a day.

So, the first of many romantic Valentines day ideas is to evoke the romance with words and speech.

Here’s a few tips: ­
– use adjectives: sweet, juicy, sweetheart, cute, charming, sexy, wonderful, tricksy… ­
– use nouns: teddy bear, heart, love, romance… ­
– use diminutives: that little nose, that little hand, a nice little dinner, a nice little movie… ­
merge it all into a meaningful units, and develope it into romantic phrases that will blow your partner’s mind


‘Stick that hand somewhere already’

It seems like my babbling about romance through words and speech, is a bit in vain, since the researchers have proven that the non verbal communication part is actually the most important one.

When we talk about making a good first impression, 80% of it comes down to our body language, while only a tiny few percents come down to what we are actually saying.

fantastic romantic valentines day ideas for nonverbal communication-liveyourdreams tipsI once wrote an article about the nonverbal communication, nevertheless, here are some fantastic romantic valentines day ideas for nonverbal communication: ­

  • if you’re at the restaurant having a romantic dinner, be sure to hold your partner’s hand from the other side of the table, and carress it
  • if you are standing or lying on the couch, you should definitely start caressing your partner’s body with your hands(start by gently caressing the hair, and then start going lower (you’ll see how far it will take you :P)
  • one of the tips from the previously mentioned article, is to keep your hands half-embedded in the pockets, where a part of the fist is pointing to the genitals (it allegedly shows a willingness to make love)
  • fidget around your partner, and make as much physical contact as possible, because in such a way, you effectuate the romance, and you show the importance of your partner in your life
  • and of course, don’t forget the kisses


The gift should be small but from the heart

Romantic Valentin’s day ideas, are continued by giving a gift from the heart to your loved one.

It is not necessary to buy a new car or an expensive jewlery to effectuate romance. Moreover, women especially like to be listened to carefully, and to be understood when it comes to their life needs. This may be mentioned in a spontaneous ocassion, but when something is mentioned – it is on the large wish list.

Don’t wrap your head around big presents, but find something meaningful and small. By doing that, you’ll show to your partner that he/she has your attention and respect, and that you want to make his/hers wishes come true.

A gift from the heart is always the most valuable one.

You can always enclose the rose, of course, which is practically the simbol of Valentine’s Day.


Go toghether to a place that is special for something

This advice can often be seen in movies, but it is unfortunately often left out from our lives.

Do you remember the spot of your first kiss - liveyourdreams - tipsTheories suggest that we don’t remember the places because of the places alone, but because of the feelings that bind us to these places.

Do you remember the spot of your first kiss? The location in which you first saw each other? The place where you felt the sparkle and declared your love for one another?

I wonder, is there really anything better than going back to that place full of memories?

If you and I think alike, use your head a little, and think of that special place in your partner’s life. Take him/her there and that will be a great romantic gesture.

Taking in consideration that it has earned its spot on my romantic Valentines day ideas list, don’t think about it, just do it!


Spend some of your time on a suprise

Now, let’s be honest, tell me, how many girls wouldn’t be thrilled if you filled their room with rose petals or balloons? Hmm… Nothing, wright? Yeah, I thought so.

We should make changes in our everyday life, and that is not valid only for Valentine’s Day. But, if the majoritiy of the days of the year is already pretty much the same, than you could at least make Valentine’s day that special day.

In the examples above, I gave two relatively established ideas for romance, but there’s still a bunch of these.

Some examples came to my mind, which won’t cost you a lot: ­

  • the release of the paper lanterns
  • Breakfast in bed ­
  • romantic dinner on the balcony (if it’s warm enough) ­
  • decorating the room with old pictures, that will make you think of the old days ­
  • romantic bath ­
  • music and candles, no matter the occasion


Sexy lingerie and striptease

My romantic valentines day ideas are starting to slowly emerge from the edges of romance as they exceed into the desire and passion.

I could’ve put this into the previous passage, but sex advice deserve a new passage.

8 most romantic Valentines day ideas - sexy valentines day idea - liveyourdreams tipsTo make a long story short, when was the last time you prepared a strpitesase or something like that for your partner?

Over the years, we tend to invest less and less time in the sexual activity, and that is one of the possible reasons why marriage, as an institution of love is falling apart more and more every day.

Sit back and relax, being older does not mean you have to be restrained. Sex, and everything closely related to it has a lot of good points. In addition to being good for health, it raises the level of joy and satisfaction, and also solidifies the relationship with your partner.

You can loosen up a bit these days, in the end, it is Valentine’s Day.


Stay togethet in bed a little bit longer

Once you’ve got tired or you’ve rested, just stay lying in bed. Get into something called a casual love conversation.

‘The usual’ days give us less and less space to hang out with our partner. Take advantage of Valentine’s Day for listening and expressing your desires to your partner.

If you think you know all about your partner, you’re wrong! Many secrets are hidden, maybe not because they should be kept secrets, but just because you often don’t have the time nor the will for it all.

Start telling your story, to break the ice. You’ll see how your partner will quickly return the favour by revealing some of his/hers secrets and desires, and all this will turn into a nice and interesting conversation.

Be careful, not to get into some topics that could lead to an argument – leave it for some other time.


Make Valentine’s day different from the rest of the days

I’ve slowly come to an end, and this is my last paragraph about romantic valentines day ideas.

All of us have a romantic and a lover of romance hidden inside. Men often hide it under the veil of masculinity because they want to remain the protectors of their partner or family. On the other hand, women have the space and the will, but often lack the initiative to show how much romance they seek for and have.

8 most romantic Valentines day ideas-pinterest-liveyourdreams tipsThe advice written above, are actually the best romantic Valentines day ideas, which are also universal. In other words, they can be used by anyone in any occasion. On the other hand, you can go even deeper than that.

Honestly, I don’t know your partner very well, actually, it’s very unlikely that I know him/her at all. But I know who knows the vast majority of the things about your partner – it’s you!

Take advantage of that fact, and use your head a little. I’ve already mentioned before, that our every statement is half true.

We very often tend to disguise our desires, and repress them somewhere in the depths of our heart, due to the lack of money, self-esteem or whatever. So we rarely reveal our greatest secrets. However, it happens, and if you know how to listen, you will notice when it happenes.

Use the given information, and make Valentine’s day a special one. Don’t let it be just another day in a row, because if you lack uniqueness or ideas. I just gave you the best romantic Valentines day ideas ­ – you can at least use them.


In the end, here’s one saying which I gladly remember when talking about love:

“Love is a miracle that happens to all those who truly love ;the more they give, the more they have.” ­ -Rainer Maria Rilke

Make an effort, give more, and you’ll have more!



I’m sure you have some more romantic Valentines day ideas, so feel free to write them in the comment. Do not hesitate, and make Valentine’s Day a special day for someone!


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