7 problems which you need to prevent when trying to achieve your dreams


If you’ve ever tried to achieve your dreams, then you’re aware of the difficulty of the task. However, if you had ‘played’ a little smarter, and avoided some unwanted situations, I believe that you would have succeeded in achieving your dreams.

Those who yearn for the realization of their dreams have to be willing to risk a lot. After all, this risk is worth it, and in more than one way.

However, people are not willing to take a risk in some situations, especially when they know that they can fall into various traps. In order to achieve the life of your dreams, it is necessary to exceed many, many traps, which are often very well camouflaged beneath the beautiful and charming statistics and results.

The hardest thing is to learn from your own mistakes, so why not learning from other people’s mistakes?

If you’re ready to learn something from other people’s mistakes, I’m here for you. In continuation, I bring you the most important problems which will occur during your attempt to achieve your dreams.

Play smarter than the rest of the people, and avoid these problems:


Damn it, your brain will keep telling you that your not ready to achieve your dreams

The most common and stupidest mistake people do – even before they start with the realization of their dreams.

Unfortunately, life tends to throw us off the right rails many times, and that teaches us that, sometimes we need to ‘play it safe’ in life.

Damn, you’re not going to play it safe and miss your whole life are you? Don’t forget, you only live once!

Before you start with the realization of your dreams, many voices that will try to talk you out of it, will appear in your head. Your brain will calculate between the different scenarios that could happen, and this will often drive you to despair.

Much success tends to happen ‘by accident’ after a lot of invested effort, but nothing positive happens if you don’t believe in what you’re doing.

If we believe in something and we are working on it then we can make it happen - liveyourdreams tips

One proverb says: the one who has a scenario ready, in case of failure of the project, his project will certainly fail.

Why is that so?

If we believe in something and we’re working on it, then we can make it happen. In this case, we will be willing to take more risks, to invest more time in it, and to make some key moves that will bring us closer to the goal.

However, if for example, we doubt the quality and the success of our project, from the beginning, this will cause the appearance various problems. We will not be willing to risk a lot, we’ll be closing the doors to various opportunities and possibilities by calculating in our head, and things will eventually simply go in the wrong direction.

Trust me, you’re now ready to achieve your dreams!

Perhaps now is not the best time to start, in your opinion, you may not have enough knowledge, maybe the people around you are not ready for a drastic change, maybe this, maybe that. Fuck that! If you don’t start now, it will be years until you come closer to your goal and the life of your dreams.

If you want to achieve your dreams, every, even the smallest step is very important. You think that it is necessary to read a book, make a presentation, meet someone or share your opinion with experts – just do it! If you don’t, you’ll never know what would have happened if you did!


Your community will tell you that you’re a stupid fool, and that it is impossible to achieve your dreams

Nothing is impossible, it’s all about perseverance and hard work. If you don’t trust it, make a contact wit those who have managed to achieve their dreams.

I often like to mention the thesis how the people who failed in achieving their dreams, will urge you to give up on the life of your dreams. On the other hand, those who have accomplished the life of their dreams, will invite you and give you useful guidelines on how to accomplish what you’re after. Isn’t that logical?

So why listen to the people who are willing to give up when something goes different from what they planned.?

The solution to this problem lies in the fact that you should try to eliminate or learn to ignore the people who are trying to make you quit your plans. Believe me, there is a bunch of people in the world, who will believe in your venture and will be happy to help you with an advice in your mission.

Surround yourself with people and community that understands what you’re doing, and that will be happy to support you along the way. Everything in life is easier to achieve if we do it with someone or if we at least have someone’s support.

If your community thinks that it is impossible to achieve your dreams, it is time you make some radical changes. Give up on the people who fetter you in your venture, and embrace the ones who support you.


Are you sure that you’re investing enough of your time in order to achieve your dreams ?

When people hear about the realization of the dream life, they tend to think of only the beautiful sides of the venture in most cases. But let’s not fool ourselves, the path to beautiful results is loaded with thorns and filled with fog.

Are you sure that youre investing enough of your time in order to achieve your dreams - liveyourdreams tips

In this case, the thorns should be associated with the difficulty, the risk and the suffering necessary to achieve our dreams. On the other hand, fog is a signals that we often tend to lose our way, because we are not mature enough to know which is the right direction.

You’ve read many interesting articles with the theme of how to achieve your dreams, but most of these articles show really only one, in other words the beautiful side of the medal. Maybe it is true that the ones who have achieved their dreams now only travel the world and work not more than a few hours a week, but this certainly wasn’t the case at the beginning.

These people have invested a lot of time, work and will, to achieve the state they now enjoy in. The results come with time, and certainly not in a very short period of time.

Don’t fool yourself by thinking that it is enough to work only a few hours a week in order to achieve your dreams. It is indeed necessary to work a couple (and much more) hours a day. The more time you invest in your project and in yourself, the faster and the better will you perceive the fruits which are offered at the finish.

The path to the life of your dreams will run long, but the more time you invest in it daily, the faster the results will come. Do not be lazy and take a few more hours a day in order to move closer to the goal, in other words, in order to achieve your dreams.


The success doesn’t come on its own, but…

He who believes that the mere waiting will lead him somewhere, and allow him a more comfortable and better life, is wrong.

All those who want to achieve something in life, have to become active, not to say hyperactive.

Whether it is about realising business objectives, achieving better family atmosphere, emerging from financial problems, pursuing the life of your dreams – all these are in fact similar actions which ultimately require effort and some action.

It is interesting to observe a situation that happens very often, and that is followed by a wave of enthusiasm. Some xy person becomes popular overnight, because his/her video becomes viral or his/her song makes it to one of the enviable positions on the charts. All this makes it seem like an overnight success. But where are all these mighty hours and days of effort that was required to create a video and to write a song for the top of the music charts?

In order to achieve your dreams, you need to become an active member, the driver of the action. This basically means that you have to take the reins in your own hands and that you have to be the one to trigger the events and the actions necessary for the realization of your dreams.

In no case should you wait passively, because time passes irreversibly. Passivity is for those who don’t want changes in their lives and who are happy with themselves, and the activity is for the rest of us who crave for something better, higher, stronger.

When you invest enough effort, desire and perseverance, the results will eventually appear (on their own).


Why on earth should you build your success on your own?

7 problems which you need to prevent when trying to achieve your dreams - live your dreams tipsThe belief that you will succeed if you work alone all the time, is a stupid belief. Sooner or later you’ll need someone to help you with any part of your project, because guess what, you’re not omnipotent and don’t understand it all. Maybe you are a good programmer, or a good athlete, but that does not necessarily mean you’re a good accountant, a good investor, or something else.


Nowadays, thanks to the Internet, we can connect with people around the world who have some specific pursuits of their own. There’s no obstacle in connecting with people who dream the same things you do, and who want to achieve the same dreams you do.

Whether virtual or physical communities can be of a great help to you. Since the path of the realization of dreams is very complicated, we often tend to bump into some problems. These problems have most likely been solved by someone already. So, I wonder, why should you or I lose a couple of days on solving the problem, when the answer is already known by someone from our community.

Refusing help will cost you a lot of time and sometimes it will even be the cause of failure of the project. You are not the smartest in the world, and there’s certainly someone who is much better than you in a certain area. Become a part of his community and allow him to help you with his advice.


If you think that is time to give up on your dreams after only 2 weeks, you couldn’t be more wrong

Not two weeks or two months, even two years, are almost not enough for the realization of dreams if you ask me.

I already mentioned before, that the invested time is one of the most important components on your way, if you want to achieve your dreams.

Allow me to make one brutal example here. A lot of people enroll to the gym at the beginning of the new year, in order to fulfill their New Year resolution of losing some weight. But only a month later the gym halls are empty, because a big part of them already gave up.

Why? Because of the slow showing results.

7 problems which you need to prevent when trying to achieve your dreams - live your dream tips life dream

Nothing that is worth in life won’t happen fast. Let’s take the realization of your dreams as your primer life goal. Isn’t it only logical that this goal will cost you a lot of effort and hard work in the end.

It’s clear to me that every day in which there will be no visible results will be extremely exhausting and tiring. Unfortunately for us, the results come very slowly and imperceptibly.

The slowness of obtaining concrete results is not, and it shouldn’t in any case be an obstacle that would make you give up on the realization of your dreams. To our great regret, this is in fact, the biggest obstacle for many of us.

If you give up now, you’ll never know what your life might have looked like, if you’d only kept going for one or two more weeks. Perhaps the major change was about to happen, and you’ve given up just before catching the main trophy.


When are you going to be ready to take a risk, if not to achieve your dreams?

There’s not much to add. If you want something really bad, you’ll be ready to separate a lot of time and effort for it. The assumption that the realization of dreams is your main goal, should be sufficient to keep you strong enough in an effort to achieve it.

People who are nowadays recognized as successful, in the world of public, were ready to take the plunge. They have made one step more than others, and they therefore get to enjoy in all the comforts today. They were not passive players, but they took the responsibility in key situations.

Accept the risk as an integral part of your path, because this is the only way in which you can achieve your dreams.


All of those who are going to try to achieve their dreams at least once, will surely run into these 7 problems. Sometimes these problems will be very well disguised, but after this article, it will be much easier for you to recognize them.

Do not just recognize these problems, but act on them actively, and also proactively. Some problems are only connected to your mental state and to the amount of pressure you are willing to endure while trying to be different.

Proactively prevent any awkward situation you might find yourself in. This will allow you to feel calm and steady and to stride actively towards the ‘achieve your dreams’ mission.


I want to know what kind of problem have you encountered when you wanted to achieve your dreams? Write it in the comments.


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