7 awesome answers on how to become happy

7 awesome answers on how to become happy


We all want to be happy in life – that’s a fact!

However, what are we willing to do about it? Are we ready for small or big changes and is it really necessary to make a big change in your lifestyle? It is not necessary, it is enough to introduce a few small simple changes into your life, that are listed in this article.

When I started writing this article, I could have named it “10 ways to be happy “, but I think that title would be the wrong one. Paths indicate some trips, which we need to be prepared for, and my goal is to improve your mental mood as simply as possible. So, let’s give the shortest and the most meaningful answer to the question how to become happy ?.


Live for moments, not things

Although we often don’t want to admit it, we live in a society that strives mostly for the material things. We live to earn money, and then we live to spend it.

Money is the center of our attention, and that is definitely not good. Make the center of your attention something that is more important than money – feelings.

The moment that we live in now, we’ll live it only once, and it will disappear permanently. Therefore, that moment should be utilized fully and we should get the most out of it.

Money can buy different things, but in the end we will not remember things, but emotions and moments that bind us to the use of these things.


Invest in moments and spend them in the best way possible. Once you get older, most of the things that you own will become useless, and your life will gain in importance with every positive memory and joyful feeling you have gathered through life.


Travel through life with friends

A quality answer to the question – how to become happy , was worth a search for some thought, and inspiration in other people. This morning, I visited the fair (market) which was teeming with people and by listening carefully to their conversations and by watching their gestures, I got several quality answers to the question how to become happy .

I love visiting such places now and then, because they simply reflect the intertwined feelings of the crowd.

One thing is certain, people are social beings, which therefore yearn to communicate with others.

The theory of a man being a social creature, was already processed by all of us in the early stages of our educational career. So why do we tend to forget so many times, that we must be social – and must communicate with other people?

You need to share your feelings with others,whether positive or negative. So don’t ever walk alone through life, always with friends.

“Be the person who makes other people smile, because you certainly like to smile because of others.” – Marko Zupanic



It is almost unbelievable how many people in your town, in your neighborhood think about unimportant things at the moment. Racking their brains with theses that are completely irrelevant and that will never give a corp to a moment of pleasure.

Ask yourself, does it really matter if the napkin is set to the left or to the right, if you’ve put the light or the dark blue tie, if you wrote two or three dots at the end of a sentence, etc.

Why on earth do we bother with such nonsense?

People like simplicity, and they will not hold it against you, if something is done spontaneously. The only important thing is not to promise a lot and than do few. By doing that,we turn out irresponsible, unprofessional and unattractive.

The important thing is to minimize all the things in your life that shouldn’t get your attention. The more things you minimize and remove from your life, the less problems you’ll have to solve.

Honestly, many of you will say that such a thing should not be done in business. But when we look deeper, we will understand that almost all the experts talk about finding a focus. Only a couple of the key elements will lead you to success, so the other ones, which are irrelevant should be excluded.

Your answer to the question how to become happy , should be – by minimizing. Get rid of all the irrelevant things in our head, and commit only to what we really want, and yearn for.


See life through successes, failures are just school of life

Many believe that successful people are generally satisfied in their inner being. By talking to them, I realized that they are troubled by different problems, and that the public success doesn’t necessarily mean you have a successful life.


The more we grow in a certain field, the more we yearn for further progress. But the key decision is to see when we have reached a certain balance that really maintains us at a desired level.

It’s good to be the owner of a multimillion company, but then, the company becomes an obligation such as a child or a spouse. Thanks to a large amount of time you spend in the company, your relationship with your family loses its quality, but now you become responsible for dozens or hundreds of families who are surviving thanks to your company. Oh yes, that’s the real pressure.

This is just the tip of the iceberg, and imagine how many problems are hidden underneath the surface that we have only scratched.

Every success, even the smallest one, has to become important and you have to be happy with it. Why focus on the failures and get into a bad mood when you can celebrate your successes.

Isn’t it nice to wake up, and start the day by singing, drinking coffee with friends, reading a story to your child, making love with your partner? Yes, it’s nice and all these things are a sort of success. You should be very happy with such successes because they form our everyday lives.

When you start celebrating your small everyday successes, the question – how to become happy , won’t be on your mind anymore.


Rest well

A large part of the quality sleeping problem, doesn’t even lie in the fact that the stupid alarm went off so early again.

The secret of good quality rest lies in the sleeping plan. The key problem is not the fact that we have to get up too early, moreover, it is contained in the fact that we go to sleep too late.

I’ve conducted a sort of experiments, where I found out that our mood really rises if we get all the sleep we need. Also, in my case, I feel happy if I get up early and deal with a part of the obligations while the ‘whole state is still asleep’.

If you’re looking for ways to arrange a sleeping plan, the internet is full of such things. The scientists have proved that, a man can live with only two hours of sleep a day, but it is necessary to adhere to certain rules and cycles. You can find all this by simply Googling it. Is it really so difficult to write something into a search engine?

Also, for a good quality rest, avoid electronic devices just before bedtime, but also during sleep. Don’t let a smartphone distort your dream. Get the old reliable alarm clock that will make you leave all the smart devices aside.


Find some time for yourself alone

7 awesome answers on how to become happy - live dreams tipsMany people live without hobbies today, which is totally wrong. When talking about revolution, we haven’t made such a progress, that we could reject the work of a human body as an interesting preoccupation for the human brain.


To put it simply, we still love and enjoy producing something with our own hands.

Whether it is playing instruments, writing novels, drawing, playing tennis, or something totally different – we need hobbies.

Finding some time for yourself alone, is also one of the answers to the question – how to become happy .

If we truly enjoy what we do, our body and brain automatically receive an incentive for good mood. I’m not a great musician, but I enjoy the music when I’m playing. I don’t care whether anyone is listening, and how many wrong keys I’ve played, my body simply accepts the keys and truly enjoys them.


Happiness is all around us

The final answer to the question how to become happy , is actually the simplest, but at the same time also the wisest one.

There are 7 billion people already living on this earth, but despite this abundance each man is unique.
Each of us thinks differently, you and me, we are different in so many ways. We mostly associate happiness with family, business triumph, hanging out with friends, etc.

Some basic things will elicit happiness in all of us, but each of us has unique rituals that will make him feel happy.

You don’t have to travel hundreds of kilometers away to find happiness, because happiness is here in your brain.

The human brain is an amazing device that processes billions of information a day, but the real question is do you know how to use it the right way.

Look around you, look at all these wonderful people, the nature, enjoy this day. The inspiration for our every action comes either from nature or from people, so that is the right place in which you should look for happiness.

Do not be a mere observer of the world, but become a participant, a lucky participant.



If you have your own answer to the question – how to become happy , please write it in the comment below. Your every comment will make me even happier.


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