5 simple daily routines for stress free life

You, and me, and all of you who will read this, long for living a stress free life. That’s clear to everyone, otherwise you would not open this article.

So, in continuation, I will focus on the question ‘how to be stress free?‘ I’ll give you some fabulous and simple stress free tips on a platter, that will help you get rid of the stress; aka the pressure you’re experiencing in your life.

Shit, I must first clarify with you what is stress, and why today everyone is talking about it.

Stress is nothing but a term that was created to cover the feelings that occur when our whole world collapses. All of our current foundations become loose, the facts that we believed in become false, while time is flowing inexorably, and all these good “friends” seem to have escaped from us.

In few words – the combination of feelings of weakness, discontent, uselessness, anxiety, loneliness, apathy, humiliation, petulance and transience is called stress.

5 simple daily routines for stress free life

There are quite possibly piles of books and theories about stress, which have derived from brains of different scientists. But are all these theories just empty ramblings about something that is really so simple? Do the media impose even further stress and panic among the people by their frequent mentioning of stress before the general public?

Yes, thinking about stress causes stress!

When, for example, we see a report of a traffic accidents on TV, we immediately feel the chills, and start thinking about how we need to be more careful in traffic. It is a quite natural and indeed quite commendable when talking about media attention.

But some stories are not necessarily desirable for media attention. The story of stress and anxiety produces a counter-effect, because by attempting to avoid falling into stress, we actually become part of the stress because we start thinking about it.

But if stress gets its place on the media stage, it is very important to show in what way that stress can be avoid. Don’t show examples which give us chills, and because of which we become obsessed with avoiding stress, because that’s exactly the reason why we enter the stressful period.

Anyway, there’s too much rambling about stress, and there are definitely too many technical words involved when talking about it. We concluded that stress is an accumulation of negative feelings and our only task is to eliminate those feelings and replace them with the positive ones.

We don’t need to be a scientist or a doctor to achieve this. The important thing is, to begin to see the world in the right way!

The little things can change your life and your way of thinking, so let’s just focus on such things. Maybe you could go back to your childhood for a moment, take some time off, enter to a fantasy world where there is no room for stress.

I strongly recommend these few simple and very short daily routines that will allow you to have a stress free life:


Stop the world for a few minutes

I always stand by the fact that time is the most valuable resource we have in life. Therefore, I often think about how stupid I am for devoting a part of that time to irrelevant actions.

I sometimes find it hard to separate a few minutes for something that is not within my daily plan. But just these very ‘short adventures’ give the life a new momentum and a new dimension.

It’s better to lose one minute than one day!

You don’t need an eternity to take a break from all the stress . It Often, takes only 5 minutes to give your day a meaning again.

Take a risk 5 minutes a day, because you still have 1,435 minutes left, to use them however you want.

Take your 5 minutes to do nothing! Sit, lay down, take a break and stop all your activities for 5 minutes.

Think about something nice that happened to you and don’t leave that fantasy, untill you realise that it’s time to get on with life.

lose one day-one minute lose-liveyourdreams

Something like that is officially called meditation in the formal society, but do we really need to bother with terms that are already irrelevant in the whole story.

The point is, take the necessary time, to ease your body and to think about something beautiful and pleasant. Don’t be ashamed if you have to do it somewhere the society doesn’t want you to. The majority of the famous people does it, so why should you be less smart and valuable, to separate the tiny bit of yout life for a routine that will improve the rest of your day?


Stare at the clouds or stars

Anyone who has not skipped this part after reading the title, deserves my great adoration.

When was the last time you looked at the stars at night and counted them? How many times in the last few years have you thought about the patterns that the clouds draw in the sky?

I don’t understand and I don’t think I will ever understand the people that simply make fun of such ideas.

There is nothing wrong with looking at the stars and the clouds and coming to a conclusion that the world around us is really fascinating. Stars are observed by scientists too, and we don’t think of them as idiots, in fact – it is done by the most respected in their profession.

Looking at the sky has a calming effect on us, so why not take advantage of it. Take a deck chair, lean back under the welkin and enjoy.


Go back to your childhood

Life was simple when we were children. We went to kindergarten or school, played on playgrounds or computers, and our grandmas were preparing the perfect meals for us. Nobody thought about the money, the stress free life or some other nonsense.

All these, pardon my language, crap and deceptions, have started when we walked into the adult life. A life that brings problems, a life in which we are the ones who actually create our own problems!

When we encounter a problem – we can solve it or we can come up with the excuse of how it can not be solved.

Unfortunately, this second solution is much more probable because it is easier that way. But what happened with our courage, determination and creativity that we possessed as children?

In the past there was nothing we couldn’t do – we could destroy the walls and the barriers, we could come up with ingenious traps and we fought untill we got what we wanted. And now? The easiest way is to give up!5 simple daily routines for stress free life - liveyourdreamstips - dreams

Going back to the past, to your childhood, can certainly be an ideal opportunity to get back the feelings and the desire to push forward.

Go through your old photo albums, remember the old places and crazy events, your friends and wonderful adventures. But don’t stop at that!

Who’s stopping you now from doing some of the crazy things you did as children? Why don’t you climb a tree for a few minutes to watch the people go by, why don’t you go down the hill with the sled, why don’t you go through that crazy forest trail that you once solved just like that on your bike?

There’s no reason why! You can do whatever you want even now, there’s no one stopping you! Let the society think about the stress free life, while you’re spectaculatly swinging on a swing and forgetting that this expression even exists.


Be active and creative

Today, many people instead of having three periods during the day (sleep-work-free time) have only two, in other words: sleep and work (double term).

With the shortage of time, it is difficult to separate a few hours to do what what really makes you happy.

Our daily schedule should have at least half an hour of free time for the physical activity, and another half an hour that we can devote to our hobby.

Physical activity, regardless of what it is, serves as a vent, but also as a valve for the exhaust of all the excess amount of calories that we accumulate through the food. Running, fencing, football, cycling or something else, all of these are activities that improve our health, but also strengthen our spirit.

When it comes to creativity, things get even more diverse. It is almost unbelievable, how many different creative ideas, are turned into fantastic works by people around the world. Photography, painting, composing, jewelry production, restoration, writing books, gardening and many other things.

If you have a hobby, devote at least 10 minutes of your day to it, or more. If you do not have a hobby, try out different things and then choose one. Find that thing you’re passionate about, because in that way, you’ll forget about any problem that you may have in your life, and your stress free life will become your everyday life.


Make a change in your life

Stress is a pile of dirt that you’ve begun collecting in your life, clean up the mess and start planting flowers.

All the stress reduction techniques, can hide behind the thesis that it has finally come time to change something in your life. Many stress free quotes have been written, but the one and the only truth is, that the stress comes up when there is something wrong in our life.

If something is wrong and it doesn’t work the way we want it to, then we change it. At least that’s how I do it.

There can be numerous causes of stress: from marital problems, to discontent at work, through exclusion from society, to the little things that annoy us.

If we want to create a stress free life, it is necessary to get rid of what disturbs our mood, or what creates stress.

stres-free-marko zupanic - quote - liveyourdreamstips quote

Very often, it is a matter of a wrong way of seeing the world, where everything is viewed through a sphere of money, which is ultimately not essential for true happiness. Change your way of seeing the world, start measuring your satisfaction trough the smiles and the kisses of your loved ones or through the small gestures that brighten your day.

If that’s what it takes to obtain a stress free life, change the job that is ruining you, the society that doesn’t fit you, the daily routines that bother you, or something completely different.

In no case should you deal with stress by hiding and fleeing from reality! All the wisdom of a stress free life is preserved in us, in other words, in the way we see the world. Change yourself and make the world a better place.



Have you got any advice for a stress free life? Please write it in the comment below.


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