13 romantic sentences that you need to tell your partner on Valentine’s day


Last time I wrote an article about romantic Valentines day ideas, in which was, among other things mentioned, how we can arouse romance and love in our partner by words, ie. speech.

It is hard to define love with words. Love is all about these little movements, words, greetings, kisses, feelings and much more.

But, you can definitely awake and inflame the love by using romantic sentences.

Today I bring you the top 13 romantic sentences or better said romantic phrases, which will drive your partner into a love madness. Use them on Valentine’s Day, but also on every other day of the year. Because your partner is for you, the most important part of your life.

So, let’s get started, the top 13 romantic sentences that you need to tell to your partner more often:


Baby, I love you!

Classical sentence that can be heard across the globe. Unfortunately, today people use less and less romantic sentences, so the mentioned phrase is often neglected. I have to admit that this well-established phrase has a profound impact on the partner, although in my opinion it is very uncreative and not personal enough.

babyiloveyou-liveyourdreams tips


Sweetie, you’re so cute today! 

Diminutives are great when talking about romance. You can use them in any occasion, and it will sound good. The word sweet, is per se, a certain synonym for something we adore. Most of us feel great when consuming something sweet. If you think that your pleasure lies in consuming your partner, you can call him by that sweet word.


Honey, please hold me!

In January, we celebrate the International Day of hugs. A vast majority of us, has an contradictory attitude towards hugging. If we see two people hugging on the street, our reaction is usually quite hinky – as if it were a taboo subject. However, scientists have proven that heating causes a very positive change in us. The level of positive feelings rises, and the anxiety disappears. If your partner forgets to hug you on his/hers own initiative, then you can ask him/her by using the phrase above.


13 romantic sentences that you need to tell your partner on Valentines day - liveyourdreams tipsHow about a kiss?

A series of romantic sentences continues with an interrogative sentence. Many will agree with me, that the kiss is one of the most intimate moments between two people. Hell, you don’t kiss everyone you encounter on the street. Therefore, practice kisses as often as possible, if necessary encourage your partner by using the sentence listed above.


Baby, let’s cuddle for a while!

We all like to cuddle. Since childhood, we enjoyed in the moments when we were fondled and kept as a drop of water on the palm by our loved ones. Although you might think you’ve lost that instinct over the years, it is just hidden somewhere inside you. Invite your loved one for some cuddling, you’ll enjoy it.


Let me see that beautiful smile of yours!

Some research suggest that we tend to perceive and feel human feelings more quickly, if they come visually. The smile on the face is one of the most precious feelings that we can give or receive from someone. Smile more, because laughter prolongs life. Challenge others to laugh.


You look particularly sexy in these chlotes today!

Each of us likes a different dressing style, so it makes no sense to debate who is right. There’s one sentence hidden among all the romantic sentences, which says that you must commend your partner occasionally. People like to dress up for special occasion, and Valentine’s Day is one of these days. Compliment your partner’s current appearance. Practice it more often, and you’ll thank me once.

You look particularly sexy in these chlotes today - liveyourdreams - tips


I want to make dinner (lunch) with you today!

If you’re spending Valentine’s Day at home, this is the perfect opportunity for you. I’m not a psychic, but I guess it has been a while since the last time you and your partner prepared a dinner together. The other side will be very pleased if you decide to help. Also, you would not believe how fun and exciting cooking together can be. Yes, I meant exciting in a sexy and seductive way.


Will you help me with my duties today?

It often happens that the we decide to solve the main and the most demanding responsibilities ourselves. We simply need some personal space and time to solve these critical tasks. Allow your partner to be involved in these ‘illegal’ actions at least for a day. No matter what it is, give him/her a chance and show him/her how much his/hers presence means to you.


13 romantic sentences that you need to tell your partner on Valentines day - liveyourdreams - tips - valentinesdayI have a surprise for you

Romantic sentences are becoming more and more interesting and they will soon become even fiercer and more intense. A preparation of a big surprise, is a gesture that will delight your partner. An invitation which suggests that you have prepared a surprise belongs to the ‘have to do’ category. Prepare something interesting and show your partner that you think about him/her. He/she’ll be delighted.


Honey, how about sharing a bath tonight?

The older we get, the less ready we are for some extreme actions. But it doesn’t have to be like that, not eve close. A shared Bath will be a very interesting attraction for both you and your partner. Make the decoration around the bathroom and invite your loved one for a shared bath. Wet bodies and romance in the air, could serve as an ideal introduction to an interesting and attractive evening.


Baby, it’s valentine’s Day. Shouldn’t we get in between the sheets?

Valentine’s Day is a day that should respire with romance and love. The question is, where can love be expressed more than under the sheets? Nowhere. But this time I did not even think about sex, I thought merely about hanging out with some nice movie, champagne and candles. Make your room romantic by using candles, flowers, music or something from this list. Then relax in bed and do whatever you want.


Baby, are you in the mood for sex?

Yes, we have achieved the highlight. After all these wonderful and interesting romantic sentences, there has come the time for the last one. A call for sex is something you shouldn’t hesitate on doing on Valentine’s Day. Chances are, that by using one of the previous romantic sentences, you’ll end up in this physical act of love, but you’ve got this one, as a last chance, just in case. If necessary, ask your partner directly if he/she is ready for sex. Better yet, don’t ask, give an order, like it is just the right time for it.


When talking about Valentine’s Day, I think that the most important thing is to achieve happiness and satisfaction in both you and your partner. It’s hard to describe what love is, but happiness and joy are definitely hidden behind the notion of love.

One of the sayings which is very dear to me, goes something like this: action does not necessarily bring happiness, but there’s no happiness without action. So if we don’t make a move from the current point we can not expect to be happy, or happier.

action without happiness - happy

The talk launches the action and one action leads to another. In the end, we get a combination that should make us a happier and a better person.

Stop dreaming about romance and love, take the reins in your own hands instead, and start working on your dreams!

In one of the previous articles I wrote about how the speech is only a fraction of the communication, and how the key part is actually the body language. So, by talking we can encourage some action, but the body language part has to be done properly, so everything could end well.

Make a move, and enjoy your Valentines Day - liveyourdreams tips


Sometimes the body language is sufficient per se, but just to be sure, I wrote a proven romantic sentences that will work in any case.

When I say proven, it really is so. I made a brief survey, in which I asked people what really makes them happy, and what a real romance is for them.


The romantic sentences written above, are the selected, and the best answers I got.

Now, it’s all up to you! Make a move, and enjoy your Valentine’s Day!



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I appreciate all your ideas, and I hope you’ll leave them in a comment, so that we can make the best Valentine’s Day so far together.


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