11 quick ways to increase creativity

Everybody wants to increase creativity nowadays. Why? Creative thinkers are highly in demand because they are pushing the world forward in various spheres of society. For example, the world of today recognizes the creativity in business as one of the most important qualities for success.

Therefore, it would be stupid to even talk about the importance of creativity. What’s more important, is, how to increase the level of creativity. Can it be done anyway?

Of course it can. There are some tricks that can give a very good guidance on the question how to be more creative. In the continuation of this article, I have dealt with such guidelines.

If you want to increase creativity, then follow these ideas:


Let yourself to be creative11 quick ways to increase creativity - live your dreams tips - let yourself to be creative

The creativity can hardly be measured. Actually it’s the quality that shows how much more are we willing to be different from others.

In order to be different from others, you have to allow yourself to think and live differently.

It is difficult to be creative if you’re chained by the routines imposed by society. In order to increase creativity should reach out to your life habits. You have to change the way of observing the world and you have to give yourself the right to be different.

Allow the creativity to rule your life, and not the other way around. When creativity takes the reins in her hands, a pile of new ideas will start opening up to you. New ideas mean more happiness, fun and satisfaction in life.


Accept new ideas, and don’t be afraid to try new things

You have to consume liquids and food in order to live. To be creative, you need to consume creativity, just the same.

Creative thinkers are aware of the fact that new experiences bring new ideas. They are not afraid to try new things because they know that this will give their life a new meaning and perspective of the world.

Likewise, you have to accept new things in life, if your goal is to increase creativity.

Let your self go a bit and listen to some unusual musical genre, visit some unusual exhibition of paintings, experience a parachute jump,consume the opportunities that life offers you completely. Sometimes the solution to the problem is hidden in places we would never hope for.


Clean out the space in which you create your creativity

Although at first it may not seem like a great idea to increase creativity, it actually is. If you want to get the most out of your creativity, you have to prevent all the irrelevant from interfering with your work.

Therefore, an empty room, is actually the best working place.

When a man finds himself in an empty white room, he then yearns for making that area prettier in a way. Ideas of how to decorate a space and what to add, are nothing but creativity.

11 quick ways to increase creativity - live your dreams tips - minimalism

Nowadays we can see a lot of workspaces of creative thinkers on the internet, which are actually very minimalistic. Monochrome room, a simple table and a man – that’s just enough to show the creativity. In fact, this is the recipe to inspire creativity

If you want to be more creative, yearn for minimalism.



Find some time to exercise and to take a quality rest

It has been proven that we can use the first few hours of our day in the most effective way. So, after having had a quality rest, it is the right time to show the world what we know.

A good quality rest is consequently connected to the exercise. Specifically, these are the two aspects that complement each other. With a quality exercise, we can achieve better quality sleep. A quality rest is an essential asset to be more creative.

In order to increase creativity you have to include enough hours of sleep in your daily schedule, but you also have to include the time when you will implement the recreation.


Go out in the nature

When I think about it twice, can anything be more inspiring for a man than nature?

All these beings and phenomena that occur automatically day by day, can be a very good source of inspiration for creative thinkers. It’s amazing how the world and the nature around us works, without anyone having to manage it. It is a chain which improves and complements itself.

Going for a walk, a slight breeze and the sound of the forest creek murmuring, all this should contribute to your creativity. Each, even the smallest detail, can sometimes be a trigger which will increase creativity or creative making.


Make something creative every day

One idea leads to another. If you create every day, it is very likely that you will be more successful and that your works will exude with creativity.

Perhaps the daily creation seems like the path that leads into a routine. However, it is not necessarily so. You don’t have to be creative in the same area or the same action every day.

We often say that each of us can shine in a certain area. Well, if we’re persistent enough, we can be good, at some other areas too.

If you’re a painter, it is clear that you will feel the desire to paint on a daily basis. However, sometimes you’ll just have to move away from the painting in order to get new ideas. You can do it in a way so you do nothing, or you can test something new.

For example, one day you can write a book, the third day you can play guitar and compose songs, and some following day, you can choose something new and interesting. You don’t’ have to be an expert in all these areas. But experimenting in different areas, can contribute to the creativity in the area you shine in.

It is important to remain consistent and create something new every day. Don’t become passive, but actively create something that will lead you to a higher and better purpose.


Take creativity seriously11 quick ways to increase creativity - live your dreams tips - creativity can be

Can creativity be taken seriously? And what does that even mean? Well, here’s the answer.

Some people are creative, other are not. These other people, are ready to type on the computer all day, writing reports or to stand on a conveyor belt putting some parts together. The ultimate goal of every employer is to have serious people employed. Thus, the above mentioned workers should be taking their job seriously, and working it off in such a way.

Just because you’re a creative thinker, it doesn’t mean you can be lazy and live the wild life. Indeed, as a creative person should develop a routine of reforming your creative work.

You have to outline an ultimate goal, and some plans for the future in your head. Then, you have to make them happen step by step, by using your creativity of course.

You, just like the employees in a factory, a bank, a candy store or anywhere else, are entitled to receive a compensation for your work, or some other kind of satisfaction. But the rights always entail obligations. You have to commit to carrying out your creativity, because that is the only way you’ll achieve creativity in the full sense of the word.


Create with your own hands

Nowadays, it is very difficult to do something without using a computer. Sooner or later, the creative thinker will have to resort to a computer in the process of the creative making. If nothing else, to simply write down what on and how has he been working, and what are his plans for the future.

The studies have shown that creativity is much bigger, when we create something with your own hands. But what kind of idea is actually behind it?

I’ll use the writer as an example. He can write his works by hand or he can type the words on the computer. According to the aforementioned study, the one who writes by his own hand on a piece of paper, will be able to achieve a higher level of creativity. So, the one who has done his work on the computer, was deprived of a certain amount of creativity from the beginning.

Well, in this case it is worth mentioning that different writers have different levels of creativity. So, if you work on a computer it does not necessarily mean you’re going to be weaker than others. Among other things, almost all writers write their works on the computer nowadays, because it significantly speeds up the processes that follow the writing.

However, if you want to increase creativity, the recommendation is, to try to do something with your own hands. If nothing else, draw something or write something short, just to get a sort of feeling that you can make something creative with your hands.


Observe and listen to the people around you

I believe that you are skeptical of the idea that going to the coffee shop could improve your prospects of a creative creation. But just like going out in the nature, going to places that are crowded with people can be an extremely good source of creativity.

Creative thinkers used not only to go to the cafe to get inspired, but they often created their works there. This particularly applies to writers who were looking for the inspiration in the people who were sitting in a cafe where they were writing.

It is said that it takes all sorts to make a world. Thus, each individual is unique and as such can serve as a good source of inspiration. If you want to increase creativity, you need to surround yourself with people and observe them. A lot can be learned from their gestures, body language or actual speech.

Don’t forget that you ultimately transmit your creativity exactly to people. They are the ones who have to identify themselves in your deeds. So, use them and let them serve you as a source of inspiration for creativity.


Don’t bother with perfection11 quick ways to increase creativity - live your dreams tips - perfection

No one in this world is perfect. Regardless of the perfection of the natural system that I previously mentioned, the world has countless imperfections. So every one of us has his/her own imperfections that he/she tries to hide from the world.

But is there a point in striving for perfection when we are all imperfect anyway?

When we talk about creativity, every creative thinker has the right to be imperfect. That is exactly the meaning of the word creativity. There should be no repetition or sameness, but each work has to be something new and offer something different.

In most of the cases, people who aspire to perfection, will never be satisfied with themselves. This also means that they will never be satisfied with the work they are creating. But if creativity is a process in which each work or action must be unique, this means that perfection doesn’t exist at all.

So how can we even aspire to something that doesn’t exist?

Creative thinkers have become aware of the fact that their work will never be perfect, but that is precisely what makes it what it is, and what gives it value. Striving for perfection, is just the path towards the loss of creativity. Therefore, don’t aspire to perfection, but rather aspire to creativity.


Just make something creative

If someone would ask me for the best advice to increase creativity, then the best answer in my opinion would be ‘just create and advance‘. If you don’t make a move, you won’t do anything anyway.

It often tends to happen that creative thinkers say how they are lacking inspiration at this precise moment. The reason for the lack of inspiration is often the reason thanks to which they never start with the creation of their works.

But can we really lack inspiration?

I’m sure we can. Some days it is just very difficult to concentrate and find the idea that would lead you closer to the solution. But then another problem appears. The lack of inspiration turns into some kind of routine, which then becomes the reason why we are not doing anything creative for days or weeks.

If you sit down now and think about what you want to create for ten minutes or more, I’m pretty sure some ideas will appear, sooner or later. But if you don’t sit down and don’t take time to think about what you should do at all, there won’t be new ideas.

Therefore, in order to increase creativity, you simply need to start working on something creative. The ideas will come sooner or later.

11 quick ways to increase creativity - live your dreams tips - pinter

At the beginning, I mentioned how the importance of creativity is indisputable nowadays. The creativity has become the main ‘culprit’ for the advancement of the world. Thanks to the creativity, we today, live in a world that is technologically very advanced and that makes our everyday lives a lot better.

As for the creativity in business, we nowadays record significant successes in this area in particular. The market turned to creative thinkers who enrich us with ideas, and give interesting suggestions on how to improve our everyday lives. So wherever we turn, creativity is all around us.

Therefore, it would not be bad to ask ourselves, how to be more creative? Different ways to increase creativity are listed above, and now it’s only up to you to try which one works the best in your case.

Don’t forget that the creativity is in us. The reason for the lack of inspiration is not the loss of creativity, but the inability of finding a way to achieve it.

Let the creativity be your lifestyle, and not just a part of your life. Give space to the imagination, and let your brain show what he knows and strives for.


Write in the comments, how you increase your creativity.

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