10 great reasons why waking up early will make your life better

Waking up early has a lot of its advantages. I believe you are convinced that waking up early is a stupid routine, which you have no benefits of, but it is not true.

I’m convinced that you find it hard to wake up in the morning, but I was in the same situation. But thanks to this portal you can find great tips for getting up early that will help you drastically in overcoming the problem of waking up early. If the tips have helped me when I was a sleepy head, I believe that it will be the same with you.

A few months ago, waking up early seemed like a stupid idea to me too. Why the hell should I wake up early, when I can do all my chores later?

But then, I’ve done a short research in which I’ve tried to discover the benefits of waking up early. I’ve done it, and in the continuation of the text there’s a great list of advantages, which I’ve set up just for you.


You’ll start planning your day better

If you’re one of the people who plan the day, that’s great, if not, you don’t know what you’re missing.

Planning of the day, and planning of the spending of time in general is a phenomenal thing. For example, these are the three most important things you get by planning your day:

  • define your goals and you can keep track of the realization of the mentioned
  • you free yourself of certain chores and you get more free time
  • you don’t feel the pressure of ‘the time running over you, and not having the time to do anything’

The studies have shown that the planning of the day is one of the activities mostly carried out by those who get up early. As they got up early, the thing they have in mind is to seize the day as better as possible.

One of the first activities of the people who get up early, is making a schedule in order to spend the day the best way possible.

Do you want to spend your day in vain? If not, start planning!


You’ll increase the productivity

One of the waking up early benefits is to complete a part of your chores while the rest of the world is still sleeping.

Yes, all those sleepyheads around you are still in bed, and you’ve already done a big part of your daily duties.

Can I call it any other way than increasing the productivity?How can I become more productive - liveyourdreams tips

You must have already felt it on your skin, how you need some time in the morning, so your brain can start functioning to its fullest. This is quite normal, and everyone has a problem with that.

But if you’ve got up two hours earlier than the others, then you are at the peak of the power when they have merely gotten up.

What can that mean specifically?

For example, when you come at work with your colleagues, you’ll be much more productive in the first hours, than they will. This can be great, because the boss usually likes the people who stand out from the others with their work. The raise and the privileged status are a sure thing in your case.

The routine of waking up early has also a psychological effect on us, and it’s a rush of positive feelings. Given that we are aware of the fact that we have gotten up early, and that we have spent these two hours in a very useful way, it is clear that this will boost our confidence.

The raising of confidence, will cause the raising of our goals and the desire to advance. All that connected tangle will lead to the fact that we will be more productive than the others.


You’ll become the driver of the action

In the previous section I’ve mentioned that waking up early causes a rush of positive emotions. This is a great thing, I’m sure you agree with me.

But what do these feelings actually mean in real life? Do they affect on our work and private life?

Of course!

In one of my previous articles I actually wrote about the fact that the successful business people are proactive – they don’t wait for the action, but they act by themselves and force others to act.

That’s exactly what’s going to happen when you start waking up early. The dice of life will start making an interesting and a high-quality unit. The unit with which you will be very happy, winning minded and ready for new challenges.

Pro activity is a great thing by itself. All the world leaders have been proactive in their lives, and it has brought them where they are.

The fact that a large part of successful people gets up very early in the morning, stands by as a confirmation to that. So, waking up early benefits exist for sure!


You’ll start accomplishing your goals

In 2008, the Texas University conducted a study in which they compared the success of ‘morning people’ and ‘night people’.

The research has shown that the students who get up early in the morning are better in accomplishing their duties. Consequently, the students who would get up early in the morning, students had better grades than other peers.

When we make this your reality, it will mean that you will begin to achieve your goals. It’s totally irrelevant whether these are a certain business objectives, private aspirations or some other targeted achievements.

The formula of success is very simple:

  • quality defined goals
  • consistent implementation of the right routines
  • analyzing the results and acting based on the analysis

By getting up early you will cover two facts from this formula. In the first paragraph I mentioned that waking up early influences on the better planning of the day, in other words on the planning of the objectives. As the two of the waking up early benefits are productivity and pro activity – this will certainly help you in achieving your life goals.


An early morning exercise besides giving you a healthier life- live your dreams tipsYou’ll live a healthier life

Many businessmen use their morning hours for recreation. They usually visit the fitness center or the gym in the period when the rest of society is still asleep.

An early morning exercise besides giving you a healthier life and opening up the possibility of a better implementation of the rest of your day, has some other benefits.

Fitness experts agree that energy consumption or efficiency of the exercise is a lot higher in the morning. Also, the morning exercise prepares you for the day (awakens you), so you are welcoming the start your working hours trained and ready for new challenges.

Not to make it all about the exercise, there is another thing that has been proven and it is related to diet.

So, one of the studies has shown that the people who get up early tend to implement the diet plans much better. That is, they are more willing to give up the junk food and to commit to a better quality, and therefore a healthier diet.


You’ll raise the quality of your sleep

It is very easy to find the tips for waking up early, because people realize that the morning hours are very good for the common advancement of individual.

When I’m talking about waking up early, it should be noted that this entails going to bed earlier than you’re used to.

A man needs 7-9 hours of sleep a day. We are all basically programmed to this lower limit because the pace of life is extremely turbulent.

The math is clear:

  • if you want to get up at 5 am
  • and you want to get 7 hours of sleep
  • you should go to bed at 10 pm

In fact, we can fit in these 7 hours of sleep anywhere within the 24 hours of a day. However, the studies conducted have shown that the ‘early morning’ people get much more quality sleep.

So, after a certain while of practicing waking up early and going to bed early, it was found that it affects positively on the quality of sleep. Given that many people do not sleep well nowadays, I suggest you try to start going to bed early and waking up early.

It is not necessary to list the positive sides of a quality sleep, because we can hear them in our whereabouts every once in a while. The fact is that, a quality sleep is the cause of a better and a higher quality health.

You won’t be late or in a hurry anymore, because you’ll manage to do everything even sooner than you expected.

It takes you an hour to get to the job?I have a solution thanks to which it will take you only a half an hour!

The solution is actually very simple, and it is once again hidden in the advantages of waking up early.

Most people start working at the same time, which causes the traffic jams and waiting. Such waitings are actually a waste of our valuable time, so we should reduce them.

Apart from constantly being late, and various other problems that occur because of the traffic jam, there is another bigger problem – the emotional one. Such a turn of events awakens a sense of depression, anxiety, stress and various other negative feelings in us.

By getting up early a large part of these problems can be avoided. If you come to work an hour before the others, you will not have to worry about whether you’ll be late. Next, you won’t have to think about the excuses you are going to tell to your boss. Also, it is very likely that the traffic jam won’t l not be so big, and you will get to your destination more quickly.


The advantage of waking up early is that you can get an hour or more of silence - liveyourdreams tipsYou’ll get two hours of silence

In today’s world of constant noise, the silence can be invaluable. It is most likely that the silence is accessible in the early morning, as almost everyone is asleep.

We like to make the important decisions in our life in a state of silence, because in such a way, we give our brain a better environment for thinking. Therefore, silence should have a significant impact on the making of important quality decisions.

The advantage of waking up early is that you can get an hour or more of silence. There’s not much people who will make noise in the morning, because a large part of the population is asleep, and those who are up and are usually not in the mood for noise immediately.

In such a quiet environment you can make important decisions and be focused on what you do. It is precisely what could contribute to a faster and better chores accomplishment, in other words daily tasks that you have prepared for yourself.


You’ll have more free time in the afternoon

Nowadays, a large part of the companies which we work in, have flexible working hours. In the future, the number of such companies will continue to grow, because it is clear that not all people can adjust to being at work, at 7 in the morning for example.

The possibility of flexible working hours has opened new doors when it comes to a business perspective. If you are a morning person, you can come to work at 6 am, and if you are the afternoon type you can come to work at 11 am. This is an opportunity for you to introduce the waking up early routine.

Waking up early will pull all your chores to the morning hours, by which you’ll get more free time in the afternoon. So, you’ll get yourself an extra few hours of free time in the afternoon.

It’s a great thing because you will now be able to go for a bike ride, visit your relatives, hang out with the kids or just enjoy in one of your hobbies which you like practicing in the afternoon.


You’ll feel more optimistic, more successful and more ready for new goals

I love talking about the achieving of dreams, and exactly these three feelings mentioned above are closely associated with it. When you decide to start with the realization of a dream, this requires optimism, the desire to succeed and a willingness to make sacrifices in order to achieve goals.

10 great reasons why waking up early will make your life better - liveyourdreams life dreamMaybe waking up early won’t be the key element for the emergence of these feelings, but it will certainly be of a great help.

In the preceding paragraphs I have given a bunch of quality reasons why waking up early is healthy and necessary. I can conclude all the mentioned with the thesis that our lifestyle will ultimately change for the better significantly.

This has been proven by many research, because the rush of the positive feelings related to the advantage you gain over the rest of the world really exists.

It is like freezing a world for a month, in order to edit it according to your wishes. A similar thing happens with getting up early. When everyone else is still inactive, you are already working on some of your plans and goals. It gives you a certain advantage, which then causes a rush of positive feelings.


To be honest, a few months ago, I was also saying: I hate waking up early. Why on earth should I be waking up early for no reason, when I can do everything in the afternoon?

I have to admit I was misguided. Just like you.

Waking up early has a lot of its advantages. Some are listed above, but there is certainly still a hunk of them which I didn’t remember.

After all, if nothing else, here’s a quality reason for waking up early:

Be different from others by waking up early.

Why not? Get out of the routine and become an individual who has earned his own breakthrough. Once you bring in the routine of waking up early, the first days will be quite tiresome and gloomy. But when you realize that waking up early has its advantages, I’m sure you will persist in the implementation of an early wake up.


In the end, I want to know when do you get up? Do you have your waking up early routine prepared already, and have you even thought about it? Write it in the comments!


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