10 brilliant ways in which I managed to increase my free time


Just a few months ago, I was an idiot, just like you, who spent all of his time saying: I need
more time. I simply had far too much of busy time, and it was like the term my free time didn’t even exist.

After thinking about it twice, I realised that I need to change something, in order to have more of my free time during the day.

That’s when the big research came on. First, I read a few long articles on the subject, and then I started working on my mission called ‘increase my free time’ step by step.

In this article, I’ll write some great conclusions, which I drew out from the whole story. You can get even more useful advice for free, if you subscribe to my channel here.

So, let’s start, in order to increase my free time, I had to do the following:


Find the deeds which devour my time and efficiency

Time is just like money. We spend it, and it disappears irretrievably, and we often haven’t got a clue where it went.

The first step I had to take for the benefit of my free time, is to do the analysis of the current situation.

I started writing down, what I have spent a specific number of minutes during the day on. Yes, it’s true that by writing it down, I’ve lost some more of my time, but that’s a step that simply had to be done.

10 briliant ways in which I managed to increase my free time-liveyourdreamstipsI came to realise very quickly, that the majority of my time is indeed spent on nonsense. Taking in consideration that I work on the computer, there were times when I would wanderr off to the social networks for half an hour, even if the initial plan was to stop by for only a minute.

What I’ve also noticed after only a few days, is that I tended to intertwine many unrelated actions. For example, I would start by writing the news, then I would filter some photos, only to come back to the writing again, etc. In other words, I used to shift unnecessarily from work to work, instead of connnecting the related work into units, in order to prevent myself from losing the concentration and the efficiency.

To conclude, the point of the first advice is, you should keep track of what is going on with your time. Take a period of a week or more. Write down diligently every minute you spent, and make a big analysis in the end.

You’ll realise, that the majority of your time was spent on the deeds that weren’t a part of your plan. The purpose of every following step, in the process of increasing my free time, was eliminating the benders of my time, which I wasn’t even aware of.


Plan your day

We would all want to live casually, and have the 24 hours of our day free. But that’s not the case, and it will hardly ever be.

The best way of getting the more freedom possible, is actually hidden in the quality planning of the day.

Think about the following day. Write down all the deeds that have to be done during the next day, and then put them into the schedule. Be sure to leave some free time in the schedule, when passing form one deed to another, because it is very hard to start working on something totally different the very next minute.

The most impotrant thing, that helped me in better planning of my free time, is – think twice before putting a certain deed into the schedule. It is very likely that this will be the subject of one of my next articles, but, ask yourself if a certain deed is important enough to be taking away your time? If not, leave it out!

In the end, when the schedule is done, there should be some free time left in it.

If that’s not the case, go through the schedule once more, and leave out all the less important actions.

When planning your day, you can use a simple paper divided in two parts, so you can write down the hours, you can get some fantastic timetables and calendars, or you can use some great applications (there are a few which are free). When planning my day, I help myself by using Google Calendar – free, functional and omnipresent.


Throw out multitasking from your life10 briliant ways in which I managed to increase my free time

Some researches have come to a conclusion that women can do 2-3 actions at once, while men can do only one action at a time.

No matter whether you’re male or female, throw out the multitasking from your life.

By solving your tasks one step at a time, you’ll have a better efficiency, and you’ll end sooner.

Anoter advice which I already mentioned, and which has helped me in increasing my free time, is, the combining of the related actions. Try to combine the related actions into a single unit, because, by doing that, you’ll stay somewhat focused and you’ll be much more efficient. Let’s leave aside the fact that you’ll need much less time in transfering from one related action to another.


Use public transport instead of your own car

If we leave aside the fact that you won’t be creating a traffic jam in the city, the use of public transport, will increase the time that you can use very efficiently.

For example, during a cab ride, you can feel free to read, or to answer to some e-mails on your smartphone. You can also make some phone calls, whether of business or private matter.

Another option is, to use the time you spend in a public transport as your free time. For example, when riding by bus, I tend to use that time as my free time, because I either read books or write stories.


Distribute the power to other people

You’re not the only person in the world who knows how to do something. On the contrary, there are thousands and millions of such people around the world.

Free yourself of the responsability, and distribute the power to others. Leave only the important deeds to yourself, in other words, the ones you don’t want to see getting done by someone else, and leave all the rest to others.


The example from the office would be, giving your secretary a permission to read your e-mails. Our mail box is filled with more and more nonsense every day. Why would you read these nonsense when someone else can do it for you?

Let your secretary read all the e-mails, so she can single out only the few important ones from the pile, which will then be sent to you. She can answer all the rest herself (it is very important that the secretary is a person of confidence).

You should also do the distribution in your family home. For example, why would only one member of your family be obliged to wash the dishes, clear the table, or clean the house, when the others can do it to? Let one of your family members do the dishes, the other one will make the dinner, and the third one will clear the table once you’ve finished. In the end, you’ll all have some free time for different activities.


Go to bed early, but also get up early

Although I initially thought that this won’t be a decision that will change the amount of my free time, in the end it happened to be so.

When I get up late in the morning, I feel like the time anxiety is haunting me all day. It feels as if I’m late with every following task, and it really creates the pressure. The intersting thing is, that at the end of the day, I come to realise that I really was late, and that’s the reason why there’s no more space left for my free time.

Getting up early functions for me, so I don’t see the reason why it wouldn’t function for you too. The sooner you get up, the more you get to do by for example 4 pm. After that, you can dedicate the rest of the day to your free time and to the activiites you enjoy in.

Don’t think that I’m wrong, moreover, try to set up the routine of an early get up, and the results will come by themselves.


Say ‘no’ ocassionaly

I don’t no if it’s just me or else, but I’m the person who has rarely said ‘no’ to others.

Do you want to go for a coffee? Yes.10 briliant ways in which I managed to increase my free time-liveyourdreamstips-pinterestphoto
Do you want to grab lunch? Yes.
What about some shopping? Yes.

Do these questions sometimes require a ‘No’ answer? Yes!

Don’t live an illusion that you’ll end up losing only a few minutes. Going for a coffe, lunch, or going shopping, will consume at least an hour of your time, but in the most cases even more.

Learn how to say NO ocassinaly.

In order to keep your friends together, it is not necessary to accompany them every time they decide to go somewhere. Try explaining your theory of an ocassional ‘NO’ and I think no one will hold it against you.

These extra hours tend to pile up very fast, and in my case they’ve become a large mouthful for my free time.


Automatize some actions

We live in the 21st century, which is, technologically speaking, spaced apart by light yeras from the life we’ve known 50 years ago.

Applications, smartphones, internet, different techinalities are all around us.

Apart from giving us the possibility to communicate and to achieve social relations that were unknown to us 20 years ago, the technology has brought us the automatization.

We definitely need to automatize some of our actions, because we would be fools not to do so.

There are many examples, and I can use the most banal one, which is still not used by many people, even if it should be.

Paying the bills at the bank shouldn’t be a torture anymore, because now, we can do it all from our home, via internet. In fact, there are many applications today, that allow us to automatize the whole process by allowing the bank to withdraw from our accounts the money necessary to set our debts. So why on earth aren’t we using a thing like that?


Accept the fact that time is flowing inevitably

Everything in life can be brought back, but not the time. That’s the reason why, time is actually the most valuable resource we have at our disposition.

Is there a point in wasting our time on work, or can we use it in a better way?


I tend to invest my free time in different aspects of human activity, and you should do the same.
Think about something in your life that you find really precious, and you want to invest your time in.

Does your job deserve to get more of your time than your family?
Does the overtime burnout at work, in order to buy yourself a new car, deserve to get more of your hours than your quality time with friends?

It’s all up to you and your priorities. If you want more of free time for your family, friends, and for enjoying life, you’ll make that time for yourself. On the contrary, you’ve decided that something else is more important to you.


Define what free time really is

This was one of the advice that I thought of as totally insignificant. How the hell am I supposed to define free time, when it is time that’s not filled with obligations. My free time is my free time, right?

But, as time passed by, that definition gained on importance. Free time is not theoretically a free time, because there’s still something happening during that period.

For me, my free time represents a period in which I do what I truly like. Regardless of whether it is playing the piano, hanging out with friends,or devoting time to myself by doing some hobbies.

But if I decided to define my free time differently, then there would be a strife called – boredom.

Never, and I menan never in our lives can we allow ourselves, to get stuck into a time we can call boredom. The definition that I’ve heard several times is: the people that can define a part of their time as boring, are not the people who know how to enjoy life.

Define what you’ll do in your free time, and who is good enough to deserve your free time. Don’t mess the definition up, because you don’t have a galore of free time.


When I sum it all up, I can say that I’v learned how to increase my free time. The advice written above, are the best you can use in creating your additional free time.

Do not beat about the bush, start putting advice by advice into practice, and you’ll notice some significant changes in your everyday schedule, as well as in your life.


If you have any additional advice on how to increase my free time, please write it in the comments below, or contact me via e-mail.


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  1. Sophie says:

    Some great advice here! I’m so bad at wasting time on social media. If I wake up early I always feel more motivated to do everything I need to. I’m definitely going to try a few of these tips as they make a lot of sense


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