Why did student from Germany decide to live in train ?!

decide to live in train - dream
decide to live in train

Leona Miller, student from Germany lost her apartment this spring. It all started when she had a fight with her landlord. She decided that she does not want to live in that appartment any more, in fact, she does not want to live in appartment – at all! Instead, she bought a train ticket with which can step in which you wish the train and ride throughout Germany.

Leona Miller washes her hair in the bathroom in the middle of a train and wrote her essays and homework on a train traveling at up to two hundred miles per hour. She says that she enjoys her freedom that this lifestyle provides and she feel like at home in the trains. Her life fits in her small backpack when she has all small things she needs – toothbrush, sanitary bag and documents for college.

She can be visited by many friends she feels like being on vacation all the time. She has only twenty three years, but she become a very interesting for medias all over the world. She appeared in the news on national television in Germany. On the train you always have something to do and she is never bored. The financial gains are obvious too.

The ticket for unlimited trips cost her around three hundred and fifty dollars while for rental apartments she had to spend around four hundred and fifty dollars. She is an inspiration for all those people who want to examine their own habits and to try new things. There are always more opportunities and possibilities than we think in life.

Leona Miller usually travels at night, but the train is not her only home. Sometimes she spends the night at her friends, family and boyfriend’s house. Life in a train has an academic purpose for her. Her experiment is documented on her blog. She visits her close friends very often, and she even surprises her boyfriend from time to time.

Some people really like this idea of living in a train, but there are some people who critize her risky behaviour. No matter what do you think about her lifestyle, you must admit that she is brave because she broke some barriers and does not care about what other people think. The next adventure is waiting just around the corner, you just have to grab it, if you are brave enough.


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