The all time best ways to celebrate New Year

New Year’s Eve is very close. Have you found a way to celebrate new year?

Celebrating new year is a custom which is gaining in importance every year.
People like to spend some money when celebrating the last day of the old year and the beginning of a new one, so the offer on the market is getting richer and richer every year.

You could have noticed various advertisements in different places these days, inviting you to celebrate the New year with them: new years eve party, new year’s eve fireworks, best cities for new year’s eve, etc.

But apart from these advertisements, have you been wondering these days how to celebrate new year?

I’ve looked up several great ideas that can help you to celebrate new year.
Be sure to continue reading the article, and find out some fenomenal ways to make this year’s New Year’s Eve magical.


Celebrate new year outdoors, in the town sqare

The celebration outdoors is definitely one of the most common ways of celebrating the New Year. People like to go to a square, hang out with friends and of course enjoy the New Year’s eve fireworks.

Did you know that the first country to celebrate New Year was actually Samoa, and Christmas Island/Kiribati. On the other hand, the last country to celebrate New Year, was the majority of the US Minor Outlying Islands,in other words, these cities: Baker Island, Howland Island.

Between these two endpoints that will be visited by very few people, there are many other popular celebrations. Within the 24 hours all the places in the world, maintain some kind of New Year celebration. Therefore, the selection of countries and areas where you should celebrate New Year is really wide.

For you, I found 4 best cities for new years eve. If you have enough money and a desire for a crazy adventure, be sure to buy a ticket and visit one of the following places:


One of the first cities in which the clock strikes midnight. Also, according to many, Sydney has the most beautiful and best fireworks, which are well worth seeing. When I add a wonderful weather and temperature to it, it becomes clear that Sydney is one of the best places to celebrate new years.


Many people call it the most beautiful and the most special place in the world. Many will celebrate new year,in the atmosphere of Big Ben, whose arrival will be accompanied with a spectacular fireworks.


new year - paris
The city lights and the city of love is the perfect place for romantic couples to celebrate new year. Paris depicts a wonderful New Year’s Eve idyll every year, and of course the whole celebration is stationed around the Eiffel tower.


A city that in recent years experienced a real boom. The waste of money by the local leaders is a guarantee that the New Year celebration will be great. Year in, year out, Dubai is becoming a more desirable destination, and last year’s firework at Burj Khalifa tower along with the parallel fireworks throughout the city will be remembered as one of the best ever.This year we can expect an even bigger surprise for sure. Dubai, deserves its place on the list of the best places to celebrate new years more than ever.


To celebrate new year at a remote destination you will certainly be needing money for transportation, hotel and food. If you’re thinking about visiting some of the most popular destinations, you should bare in mind to book your room at a hotel on time, as the crowd at popular destinations is really big those days.

However, your solution can be more modest. You can celebrate New Year in the open,with only a few dollars. Almost all the world’s cities have prepared musical treats and a festive New Year’s eve celebration for its citizens. What you need to do last, is to get some good quality champagne and find a good company you will have fun with, on New Year’s Eve in the square under the open sky.


Going from club to club and partying like crazy with your friends

If you’re young and the New Year’s Eve hangover won’t be a problem, one of the best choices for you would be celebrating New Year in nightclubs.

The vast majority of the clubs, stay open till early in the morning on New Year’s day,so there should be enough parties. But it is worth mentioning that some of the clubs are booked these days, in other words, you have to buy a ticket or make a reservation if you want to celebrate New Year there.

The all time best ways to celebrate New Year - party

If you’re planning to party like crazy, You’ll need a sober driver who is going to make sure
you and all your friends make it home safe. Also, an indispensable part of New Year celebration is money, which you will be spending very quickly that day. However, you only celebrate new Year once a year. 😉

It is also allowed to bring your own food and drink to some clubs on the New Year’s celebration day, but you should learn more about it from sources close to the night club. If it is possible to bring food, I would highly recommend it, as the food consumption will reduce the impact of alcohol on your organism.


Big gathering with friends and family

If you’re the type of person who loves spending time with family, this is the perfect opportunity for you. Many people due to today’s pace of life rarely find time to socialize with family. During the holiday season most people are on vacation and they don’t worry about work.

The all time best ways to celebrate New Year - restoraunt

Seize the opportunity to gather your family or friends in one place (in your home, in a reserved hall or in the restaurant). Think about the activities that you will be engaged in during the New Year celebration.

Don’t allow yourself to stay unprepared! there are many good ways to celebrate New Year.

New Year’s Eve should not be just another gathering around the family table! Be creative and come up with some tasks for your visitors.

Google: what to do for new years eve or things to do for new years eve and you will get a lot of great ideas how to organize a good party for your visitors.

Some of the ideas I really liked are:

Socializing with games and entertainment
When was the last time you sang karaoke?You could get the karaoke device and turn the New Year’s Eve into a real karaoke show?Trust me it will be extremely fun, and the smile won’t leave your faces.

I suppose you played pantomime a long time ago. The pantomime is just one of the ideas, and don’t forget that the quiz night will be a special treat for your kids.

Dressing up and funny clothes
Although the New Year’s celebration is not a carnival or a Halloween, there’s no doubt that dressing up as fictional characters will be very entertaining and you’ll have a good laugh.


Romance for the couples
Many people today don’t have time for the real romance, due to their stressfull job.
One of the ideas how to celebrate new year, is to spend time with your partner.

Among other ways in which the couples can spend the new year’s eve, these two caught my attention:

Going to a romantic dinner at a restaurant
Flowers,candles,and love in the air.What more could you wish for? Food ofcourse!
Organize a New Year celebration at a romantic restaurant, in which you won’t hesitate to kiss your loved one. Pick a place where you’ll be sorrounded by couples.

Sitting in front a fireplace
Light a slight fire in the fireplace, take a blanket and sit back. You can kiss and cuddle while remembering the happy moments that have marked the year that’s about to end. It is clear that the memories of the happy moments will excite you,which could lead to a more concrete action. If this happens it won’t be a problem. In fact, you are on the couch at your house or apartment – let the action begin.

The all time best ways to celebrate New Year - romantic home


The best advice comes in the end!

Do something crazy!

It is time for you to focus on the new year and new challenges.But before that, you have that last day of the old one left. Celebrating new year can become a crazy adventure which you’ll remember for the rest of your life. Let yourself go, after all it is the New Year celebration , and everyone seems more relaxed!

But don’t cross the line with the follies, otherwise you could end up regretting that last day of the old year in the new one.

There are many answers to the question ‘how to celebrate new year?’ but it’s up to you to pick the one you like the most. It is said It takes all sorts to make a world, so let everyone celebrate new year as they like.

I hope all these tips above will help you in achieving the best celebration of New Year’s Eve ever!


If you’ve got a crazy idea that you’re going to accomplish on the last day of this year or some other suggestion, feel free to write it in the comments. Also, fell free to contact me via email:


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