What is the most profitable business you could start with less than $5,000?

Today, everything is possible, especially to start a business for less than $ 5,000. Not every business is the same, and not all of them bring a big profit. It is on me to reveal to you, which is the most profitable business you can start for only $ 5,000 or less.

In recent years, we are witnesses of various successful stories in business. Many were able to realize their dreams and achieve successful business for very little money. Maybe it seems strange, but even the most popular brands that we use today started almost from scratch.

A good idea, well worked out plan and persistence. In my opinion, these are the three most important factors, which will decide whether or not your idea will turn into a successful business. Perseverance is particularly important, because many people fail exactly in this segment. Not giving up and pushing forward might lead only to minor improvements, but even the smallest progress is still a progress!

It is important to keep in mind that Bill Gates made his first computer in the garage, Mark Zuckerberg programmed Facebook in the dorm room, and there are many more similar stories. So it doesn’t matter where you are and how much money you possess, what’s important, is to invest time and effort in what you’re doing.

What is the most profitable business you could start with less than 5,000 dolars-which job

Nowadays, internet plays a crucial role in the story. Many agree that, it is a lot easier to start a profitable business thanks to the internet. What exactly has internet brought to business?

It brought the independence of the position or location. Nowadays, it doesn’t matter where you are, and where you want to run your business from. This is a great advantage for everyone, because the market actually becomes global. You’re not limited only to your local community, but you can easily sell your product to the whole world.

That’s exactly why more and more businesses are strictly related to the internet. Many are trying to find the golden formula for global success and it is a fact that many have succeeded to do so. If we look around, we can see that nowadays, many people earns millions of dollars on the internet.

To make a long story short, what follows is a list of the most profitable businesses to start with very little money or no money at all. So, it is a chance for you to try your luck on the market as well, even though you might financially be much weaker than the others.


Blog and affiliate website

As I announced, let me start with an Internet idea, which is actually very popular nowadays, and I’m sure you’ve already heard of it. Many of my friends, run successful blogs, which bring them a very big profit. How big, well man, very big:

Pat Flynn from the Smartpassiveincome blog – 170 000 dollars a month
Michelle from the Makingsenseofcents blog – 49 000 dollars a month

Interestingly, many of the popular blogs have actually turned into portals. I’m sure you check many of these portals, at least on a weekly basis. For example, The Huffington Post, Techcrunch, Mashable, Perez Hilton, all these are portals that started as blogs of aspiring individuals, which nowadays have a huge number of employees, and generate incredible profit.

The Huffington Post  – 2 330 000 dollars a month
Techcrunch – 800 000 dollars a month
Mashable -600 000 dollars a month
Perez Hilton – 450 000 dollars a month

These are not the most current information (it is very likely that they earn even more now), but I was able to show the important thing. The owners of these blogs had an idea and a passion for something, which they turned into profit through blogs. What’s important, they did not give up despite the huge competition, and this has led them to the point of being leaders in their field.

What I know of the whole story, is that it takes approximately one year to start making profit from a blog. So, the first profit is being realized only after you’ve put months and months of effort and without concrete results. But then comes the best part: an overnight success. Just so you don’t get confused, I was trying to say that after many months of investment, profit suddenly begins to rise sharply.

You do not need any investment to open a blog. All the necessary software are available for free and you can use them indefinitely. However, if you want the whole thing to look professional you can invest $ 200 in the purchase of an appropriate topic for the website. Also, if you are not skilled at writing articles you can hire writers to write articles for you. So, you’re not forced to be alone in the whole story, but in most cases it is so.

In the title of this section, the affiliate websites are also mentioned. For those who don’t know, these are actually websites that advertise some products from the online stores and by doing that they send their customers to buy at these places. For that they receive a substantial commission of course. A big part of the profit of the blogs I have listed above comes thanks to various affiliate systems. If you want to explore in detail how popular blogs make profit, you can visit the site with reports done by Michelle, who I mentioned above.


Online mentoring service (online tutoring)

Nowadays, most successful companies are mainly located in the area of technology, and the Internet. There are almost no people in the world who haven’t heard of Google, Apple, Microsoft, Samsung, Facebook, Twitter, etc. All of these companies make a huge profit and we can freely call them some of the most profitable businesses.

Given the fact that more and more successful companies work with technology, and internet, a phenomenon of online learning has appeared in the previous years. This method of learning is certainly a model which will come to life to the fullest in the future. The reason is that you are independent of the location, and you can learn at the pace that suits you.

Truth be told, the standard formal education system is not well designed. There’s too much of theory which has to be learned by heart, and not enough experiments and gaining experience through real project work.

What is the most profitable business you could start with less than 5,000 dolars-priveate mentoring

Online learning may just be a step which will compensate for the defects of the current education system. I always thought that some people overcome some subjects quickly while others do it a little bit slower. Online learning could enable geniuses to advance faster through the subjects they are good at, and thus achieve significant progress.

Anyway, let’s go back to the essence of the story. In any case, the popularity of online learning is increasing day by day. There are already many big services on the internet that offer all kinds of lessons, which are designed in a way to cover all knowledge levels-from beginners to professionals.

A trend of private mentoring is significantly increasing. Especially in business, where more and more people are opting for hiring business tutors, who lead them step by step to success. Here’s your chance, because private mentoring is a very profitable business.

If you possess knowledge in any field (from gardening to mathematics, to robotics and computer science) you can make a very good profit out of it-by private mentoring.

The creation of this business will cost a very small amount of money. It would be good to open your website, and business profile on one of the social networks (expenses 0-300 dollars). Furthermore, advertising is mandatory, in order to gather your first clients (costs from 0 to as much as you want). Later, when you gain a customer base, new customers will approach you, not you to them.

In his book The 4 Hour Work Week, Tim Ferriss, described the concept of gaining additional reputation among customers. It is recommended to connect with various organizations that are related to your field. Membership in such organizations and a proud emphasis of the mentioned, will give you additional reputation and image, and will cost you very little money (costs from 0 to a few hundred dollars).

Interestingly, some analysis, have shown that mentoring is actually the most profitable job in the area you live in. So, if you work like crazy yourself, that will bring you the least money, if you only monitor the development of the project, this will bring you additional money, and the highest profit will come, if you teach someone something new. Therefore, online mentoring is a great opportunity to start the most profitable business.


Production and sale of interesting sweatshirts (T-shirts)

It seems to you that the idea of sweatshirts with trendy captions is outdated, and does not provide the opportunity for a good profit? Well, that’s not the case. Why? The man buys new clothes day after day, because, well, we still haven’t got used to living without clothes.

Richard Lazazzera is a businessman who has clearly shown that it is possible to come up with, start and set up the business on its feet in just one day. If you doubted my most profitable business idea of selling T-shirts, then he is here to prove that I am right.

In the article ‘How I Built An Online T-Shirt Business In 24 Hours With $24 That Made $347 The First Day’ he has shown that with creativity and good idea you can make miracles. So, in one day, he was able to come up with a business idea involving T-shirts and sell so many pieces, that he earned more than $ 300.

If you want, you can read the great article I listed above, and I will shorten the story on several important details:

  • it is necessary to choose a platform for sale (cost of $ 0)
  • it is necessary to come up with the design of the shirts (0 dollars if you are good at graphic design)
  • it is necessary to find the company which will print and send the (the price is according to the agreement, and it shouldn’t go above around $20 per shirt)
  • it is necessary to advertise the business (from $0 to how much you want)

And that’s it! I have reduced the entire business on only 4 basic steps. Richard who has invested very little money in the entire system, and has earned a pretty good amount of money right the first day, followed a similar logic. What is even more important for the whole process is automatization.

If possible, it is necessary to automatize the whole system. In this way, the need for your work and interventions will be reduced, and, the level of security, will increase at the same time, in other words, you’ll be sure that all is done and delivered on time.

Many agree that making and selling sweatshirts belongs to the most profitable business category. It is clear that investments are small, and the market is huge. Modestly speaking, each person on the world is a potential customer because we all wear some sort of clothing. You need to stand out with creativity and professionalism, and you won’t lack profit.


Housekeeping service

What is the most profitable business you could start with less than 5,000 dolars-hendymenA business which requires a possession of good and tested repairman. If you yourself are a repairman, or have some friends who are true repairmen, it would be a shame not to turn it into business.


Quality repairmen are highly in demand and trust me when I say that you can make a good money out of it.

This may not be the most profitable business as there is a lot of work behind the business, but there certainly is effort an profit. Handymen are generally workers who can arrange everything from water supply to the courtyard, through the furniture to the roof. Thus, the goal is to provide as complete service as possible to the client, by possessing several repairmen that cover different areas.

It is difficult to expect that you alone can know everything about everything, and it would therefore be very good to have help in the areas where you’re not a real professional. This assistance may be temporary, or it may be with you continuously. It all depends on the needs and requirements of the clients.

In order to open this business, in most cases, you will not need more than 5000 dollars, at least initially. If you’re good at repairing something it is very likely that you already possess some tools that can help you. On the other hand, the repairmen with which you’re going to work, will have the tools that they need. Thus, the costs of your business will be mainly related to the completion of the tools that you miss. You’ll eventually have to spend some money on advertising at the beginning, but later your satisfied customers will be your promoters.


Dating service

At the time when the internet has caught our attention, it is very difficult for some people to fit into society. People who help other people in achieving physical contact are more and more in demand every day, and the future will only accentuate this trend.

The idea of this business is, owning a base of people who are looking for other people. Whether it is due to romantic aspirations, or business ambitions. So, it will be necessary to gather a base of people who have some problems and who want to make contact with other people.

This job will initially take time and money, but later, it could pay off big way. The initial investments will be targeted to advertising through which you will gather potential customers. You’ll be able to do it through personal contact, through advertising in the media, or on the Internet. In any case, your aim is to get, as large base of people as possible, so you could connect them as efficiently as possible.

When the base is ready, and the people start contacting you themselves, that will be a signal that significant sums of money will start coming. In fact, now when you have a structured base of people, the job will come down to fixing up the people who you think will be ideal together. Therefore, the amount of time you’re going to invest in the business could reduce significantly. At the same time, the amount of money that will flow to the business will be growing.


Wedding planner

What is the most profitable business you could start with less than 5,000 dolars-wedding planning business

Since in the last paragraph I talked about the realization of love affairs, it is time that we mention the subject of the wedding organization.

This job can be seen in various films, and it is particularly interesting to the female part of the population. With a bit of style and taste, a lot of good skills of organization and planning, you are the right person for starting this business.

What’s important is that you will need to invest a very small amount of money in this, one of the most profitable businesses. Your part in it will be reduced to the organization alone, but the payment and the realization of all services will run past you. So, you’ll only be a kind of communication bridge between the two sides.

It should be noted that this is not an easy business, and it is important to have luck when it comes to finding clients at the beginning. As well as with the majority of other businesses, you’ll need to find some money to invest in marketing. Here you can find a few important tips that could help you in opening a wedding planning business.

However, the investments are not large, but it is necessary to gain a certain reputation. In any case, this business can be put in the most profitable business ideas category.


Handcraft service

Thanks to the globality of the market, the problem of the distribution of products on different markets has disappeared. It is no longer a problem for the customers to order a product from some distant countries, and it is no longer a problem for the traders to sell the products to the countries thousands of kilometers away from their headquarters. This is an opportunity for all who have the desire to fight on the market.

We somehow get the impression that at the time when robots are largely starting to replace men in factories handcraft is increasingly gaining in importance. Those who make products with their hands, are able to charge higher prices because they are getting fewer day by day.

High class society wants to be special, so in most cases, they pay some good money to various experts, so they would make their furniture, jewelry, etc by hand. Since the ‘common people’ want to follow the high class, the number of those who decide to spend a large sums of money to got hold of something unique is increasing day by day.

Creativity and uniqueness are the words that will mark the period that lies ahead. People are fed up with the same products that look and function the same. Now they want something new, creative, something different from the others.

Starting a business which includes handcraft services, will not cost you much in general. Making jewelry, for example, requires from you to get the necessary material, which ultimately is not too expensive. On the other hand, handmade furniture requires from you to purchase some equipment and raw materials, which could take away a certain amount of money, but at the end, it also shouldn’t come to some abnormal amounts. As I said, the market is huge. It will be necessary to stand out with the quality and the uniqueness, and it may also be necessary to allocate a part of the funds for the marketing and the creation of the web shop.


I think that the phrase most profitable business can be associated with many more jobs, but I would end up this list here.

I think I’ve presented you a few quality ideas that have been tried in practice and that bring profit to the owners of the business. There is certainly room for many other businesses, among which I would single out: website development, interior decorator, proofreading or translation service, party organizer, graffiti removal service, virtual assistant, etc.

Don’t forget that every idea can turn into a successful business, if there is a good business plan and a perseverance to progress. Each new step is a step closer to the goal, in other words to the realization of your dreams.


Which most profitable business would you add to this list? Do you want to hear more of my ideas, join to my favorite users here.


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