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If you are dreaming about spending evenings in five-star resorts while you drink your tea, or having a comfortable lunch with wine and room service, maybe you can think about becoming a hotel inspector. Hotel inspector is not a dream job, but it can offer so many new possibilities and ways to improve yourself, to meet new people and to feel positive about yourself. Hotel inspector is a person who knows so much about hotel industry and he always tries to carry out the best out of himself.

This is not 9 to 5 type of job, you must be awake early in the morning to and you will probably be in bed after midnight, but if you love this job, this would not be so difficult to get use to.

On the other hand, if you have a family and if you don’t want to be apart from them too often, maybe you need to think about something else. Before you apply to become hotel inspector, read as many reviews and information about this job. You need to learn so many things about food service, hotel service and pool zones. You can get a job for hotel chains or companies to review and rate their hotels. They are obliged to travel a lot, and you must have bachelor degree to become hotel inspector.

First step in becoming a hotel inspector is to earn a bachelor’s degree. Prior experience with similar jobs are definitely a plus. Courses you must complete incorporate tourism and business law, administration of human resources, and similar field of expertise. Several projects require an internship as well. Also, your written skills must be perfect. Your job will be to write reports in regards to their experience. Before you become hotel inspector, you will need working experience in similar field. Practice travel writing before you apply for this job.

Competition in hotel inspector positions are difficult, but this is not an impossible objective. If you want to know how life of a hotel inspector looks light, meet Giovanna Grossi. She is an AA Hotel Services Group Area Manager. One of the downside of this job is that you will probably gain some weight because of all that good. She has a personal trainer now and she is trying to reach her old weight again. Giovanna is not complaining at all.

She has experience in this type of job because she worked in her father’s restaurant and her wish was to be a part of hotel industry. She is passionate about her job she loves to go under her pseudonym and check hotel’s service and accommodation. If she must review five-star hotel, she must test so many areas. She needs to check room service too, and to do a comfort check. When she test dinner, she looks a clarity of flavors, and quality of ingredients. It is all about consistency.

After her working day is over, she needs to write a report and include every single detail about the hotel. Becoming a hotel inspector is not easy and this is definitely not an easy job. You must complete more than eight hundred reviews and write over one thousand reports through whole year. But, at the end, working as a hotel inspector can be fun because you get the chance to go around the world and to meet new people.

Becoming a hotel inspector can be difficult to achieve without considerable experience in this field of industry. The position requires experience in the service industry, you must try so many tastes, and excellent communication skills. Is the job realistic for the average person seeking employment? While the job is quite appealing, it would require considerable experience in the hotel industry to land a position as a consultant. If you have experience in this field, becoming a hotel inspector may be realistic, and it may be a great choice for people with many years of experience.

If this job looks appealing to you, and you dream about this job, do everything you can to become hotel inspector. You must ask yourself if this is what you really want. Only a handful of people is brave enough to actually decide to become hotel inspector. This is not just a job, it is a way of life. Your life will become very different than usual for an extended period of time, perhaps even indefinitely.

According to many researches, hotel inspector job is very competitive, but there are people above forty
years of above who want to become hotel inspector. This job will offer you a chance to travel constantly and to see many different countries and to meet new people. You will travel throughout the world, and you still get paid for to try all the hotel services. Average hotel inspector in one year review over one hundred hotels and have a meal in over two hundred restaurants. Earnings of a hotel inspector is above average.

Main thing about being a hotel inspector is being anonymous. You can check into a hotel under any name you want, and you can test any kind of service in the hotel before you write a report about it. There is even a possibility to work as an independent contractor, but the downside of this type of job is that it is not continuous, and you will probably do this only twice per year. But, if you are looking for extra income and two or three free stays at hotel, this is good idea to start with.

Before you decide whether you want to become a hotel inspector or not, you must set realistic objectives and to ask yourself can you achieve those goals or not. You must have superb results in your field of industry before you can even become a candidate for hotel inspector. There are only a few positions for a hotel inspectors in the world but, when you become one, you can be assured that you can achieve anything.


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