How to Start an Awesome Blog and Become a Successful Blogger?


Do you dream of becoming a blogger? Do you want to share your stories with other through an awesome blog, and you don’t know where to start? Do you want to create a successful blog, an make money like many other bloggers? You have so many questions about blogging, but you can’t find the answers?

I’ve been dealing with blogging for about 10 years. I have created blogs, I have written a lot, I have sold with success, I have found myself in many unexpected situations… All the mentioned got me to where I am today. I can truly give a quality advice to all those who are interested in starting a successful blogging career.


Millions of people around the world are creating and reading blogs every day. If you want to be a part of the successful elite, all you need is to start. It’s time for you to create your first successful blog. Just follow my steps below, and I’ll take you to the moment when you will be able to say that you are a successful blogger.

How to become a successful blogger?

1. You need to create an awesome blog
2. You need to keep creating quality content
3. You need to find your audience
4. You need to monetize your blog
5. You need to grow and progress constantly

That’s it. These 5 steps are all you need to become a successful blogger. Doesn’t it seem easy now? What are you still waiting for?

It’s time you get to know every individual step. If you decide to follow my advice carefully, and invest enough effort, you’ll create an awesome blog, and become a successful blogger.


How to start an awesome blog?

#1 Find a good idea

It’s all up to you. When you start thinking about starting a blog, you probably already have a certain vision in your mind. If nothing else, you’ve got an idea of what you would like to write about. But the question is whether the idea is good enough to win the blogging market?

When searching for the idea, you need to consider two main characteristics:

  • the idea must be related to something you’re passionate about
  • the idea must have a potential for monetization


It would be stupid to start a blog about birds, if you’re not interested in the animal world. Maybe you can make a good profit out of it, but that’s simply not what you’re striving for. There will be a problem with a lack of motivation, and your blog will probably stop being active very soon. Therefore, always try to choose an area you’re interested in.
Many blogs are closing, despite of the fact that their owners despite are creating an excellent content. The authors of blogs are being faced with a lack of motivation, because they are investing their time and are not receiving any refund. You may be a fan of chewing gums, and you love to talk about them, but before starting a blog you should think about how many of such people are there in the world? Does it make sense to write about it, and will you manage to monetize it? I believe you can find a vision when it comes to that, and I will talk about monetization a bit later.

#2 Find keywords (KW)

There are a lot of useful tools for bloggers on the Internet. When searching for a keyword, I would recommend you to use Google’s AdWords. Thanks to that tool, you can find out how wanted certain keywords are, and how much do you have to pay for their advertisement.


3 metrics are very important for a keyword (KW):

  • try to find a KW which is being „googled“ a lot (at least more than 5000 times a month)
  • try to find a KW which has a small competition
  • try to find a KW which has a high Suggested bid

A compound these three parameters in a single keyword means that you were able to find the ‘gold mine’. Try to find as many of such words from the same area as possible. That is, they should be following the idea which you have specified in step one.


Once you’ve finished working in the AdWords tool, it would be good to “google” the keywords one by one. By simply checking out the content offered to us by the search engine, we can see the degree of competition for certain keywords. Choose those KW that have the least competition, and that appear in the titles or the descriptions of other websites very rarely.

#3 Come up with the title of the blog

When it comes to the title, you have a total freedom of choice. In the past it was a good thing if the title contained the keyword or a combination of several words, because then the site was better positioned in the search engines. Today that is not as important, what’s most important are the following items:

  • the title must be memorable
  • it should have as few words as possible, in other words it should be as short as possible
  • you need to be able to guess the topic of the blog out of it
  • it shouldn’t contain any special signs

Choosing a quality titles is an important issue, but it is not something you should spend a few days on. After all, the users will come to your blog thanks to the content you’re writing, not because of some cute title.

#4 Choose the hosting and the domain

If you don’t know what hosting is, here is a brief definition: This is a computer which is constantly on the Internet, where your blog is as well, so it allows the people to read your blog at any given time. The domain on the other hand, is the address of your blog, which you should write in the box on top of the web browser, in order to access your blog.
You can find so many information about hosting and domain by googling, so I won’t keep talking about it.

I personally use Namecheap as my hosting provider, and I keep my domains there as well. Namecheap is cheap, but it turned out to be of a good quality so far. Many bloggers have their hosting at the Bluehost company, that pays out a certain commission if its services are being promoted. Of course, there is a multitude of other suppliers and their reviews can easily be found on the Internet.

When it comes to hosting, one simple rule applies: the more expensive the hosting, the better the service.

As for the domain, the following applies:

  • the domain must be memorable and as short as possible
  • it must be similar to or the same as the title of the blog
  • it would be good if it would end with: .com, .net, .org (because people are used to these endings)

#5 Start a blog

Since blogging scene is nowadays truly widespread, there are lots of blogging platforms that greatly facilitate the work of bloggers.

Once you have bought the hosting, you can connect to it, and install one of the services for blogging. My recommendation is WordPress, because it is reliable, simple, and it has a large base of users and supplements. Statistics show that more than 74 million websites on the Internet work through WordPress, which makes about 20 percent of everything online.

Installing WordPress is very simple, and it gets done after just a few clicks. You don’t need to be a geek to install WordPress because everything is very simplified. During the installation, you must enter your blog name and domain name, choose a user name and a password, and the rest of the job gets done by the system.

#6 Add a template

how-to-start-an-awesome-blog-and-become-a-successful-blogger-live-your-dreams-tips-blog-start-5-steps-blogAfter successful installation of the last step, it’s time to edit your blog, so it would visually look good. Not long ago, designers were aspiring to kitschy websites, while nowadays, they are more oriented towards minimalism. They wants to present the content to the users with as little surrounding disturbance as possible. So, the recommendation is to choose a template that has a lot of white space. Only some basic accessories like social network icons, list of articles, etc, should be on the theme.

On the Internet, there are many free templates, which are of course of different qualities. The quality is generally evidenced in the fact of an issue being successfully sorted after your settings, and what can actually be adjusted.

There are also many places where you can buy themes, which are generally much better than the free ones. But there is a big discrepancy here, so there are those that can be adjusted in a lot of parameters and those in which you can adjust just a few small things. It is important to look at the reviews, and read the description of the topic, and see the possibilities.

The theme can be changed whenever you want, but due to the optimization of the site and the resourcefulness of the user it is not desirable to change it frequently. Just one more thing, the details within the theme can be modified by using a variety of supplements that can be installed in just 2-3 clicks. Also, it is possible to modify all parameters within the code, which often doesn’t require much knowledge.

#7 The blog is ready for the addition of posts

Your job regarding the launching of a blog is more or less completed with the previous step. Now you have a blog that is empty, and that you have to put a lot of interesting and quality content on, to attract the readers.

A quality content = Successful blog

A nice looking design does not make an awesome blog. What makes an awesome blog, is a good quality and informative content. Users come to your blog to get the information they want to know. Therefore, in order to create an awesome blog, you have to create a good quality and interesting content.

It can sometimes be very hard to write an interesting content, but now we return to the thesis from the beginning of the article. If you choose an area that you’re interested in, there will be no lack of motivation and ideas for the articles. If you run out of ideas, you can always use some tricks I’ll mention later.

I’m talking about articles an writing all the time, while nowadays, blogging covers a whole variety of different ways of presenting a content. What’s recently very popular is Vlogging, in other words, the communication between bloggers and their fans via video clips.

Three main ways of blogging:
  • articles
  • podcasts
  • video blogs (vlogs)


Articles are a standard way of transmitting information via text. Internet users are not so prone to reading articles anymore, but sometimes, that is the best way of transmitting information. As much as podcasts and vlogging are popular nowadays, I believe that the articles will continue being popular online as well.

Podcast is a blogging format where your information are being transmitted via audio. This way of creating blogs has been present for a very long time, and it has been experiencing a real boom during the last few years. Users can simply put their headphones in their, and do something totally different, while listening to what you have to say.

Vlog is a kind of blog where information are transmitted only through video material. This method is becoming increasingly popular, and has been further popularized by the new social networks, that strive to the exchange of the video material. The most popular platform for vlogging is YouTube, while many others are rising slowly as well. If you are ready to perform in front of the cameras, this is a way of blogging you should definitely try.

Quality before quantity

how-to-start-an-awesome-blog-and-become-a-successful-blogger-live-your-dreams-tips-blog-start-5-steps-blog-seoOne of the most famous bloggers, has recently stepped in public with the information that his blog has only around 30 articles. Despite the small number, that is one of the most popular blogs in its area.

The fact is that the quantity has stopped playing the most important role on the blogging scene a long time ago. Customers want quality and useful content, and whether the information gets presented within one or more articles, is quite irrelevant. Indeed, long articles that contain all the necessary information are very attractive to the users.

Top Rated articles on Google have 1.140 to 1.285 words in average, which enters into the category of long articles. On the other hand, statistics show that entrance in the area of 21-54 blog posts, means a 30 per cent increase in visits to the site.

A friendly relationship between the author and the users

61 percent of US online shoppers, bases their purchases on the recommendations made by the bloggers. Users are used to having a sincere and friendly relationship with bloggers . In order to generate quality content, and ultimately created an awesome blog, you need to build a friendly relationship with your customer.

As for the articles, that means you have to use a singular form in writing, and you have to address your reader with ‘you’. You have to be benevolent and you can not lie to him. It is very easy to recognize liars, so that doesn’t really make sense. It is better to be honest because it provides a connection, and a higher level of compassion between the author and the user.

Visual content is trendy

I’ve mentioned before how the videos are really being pushed by social networks. However, the users themselves are enthusiastic about this kind of communication, so it is a win-win situation. Since everyone is slowly turning to the visual content, you must not outflank that trend.

In order to create an awesome blog, you need to be trendy all the time. As for the visual elements, I would single out 3 most important:

  • photos
  • infographics
  • video content

These are the three formats, modern blogging life is unimaginable without. Great pictures in addition to complementing the great content on your blog, will be an excellent material for posting on Instagram. Infographics are very informative, and are actually one of the best formats for presenting large amounts of information at once. Of course, infographics will be of great importance if you want to attract attention to Pinterest. Video format is perhaps the most complete format through which you can present your content nowadays. It includes video, audio, and it can also contain textual record. Video format is great for fighting with competition on Facebook and YouTube.

Statistics have shown that blog posts with photos have over 94 per cent more viewings!

Google gains more than 100 billion searches a month, and more than half of those searches comes from mobile devices. With the appearance of mobile devices, the need for vertical photos has emerged as well. These are the images that correspond to the screen of a smart phone, and should be practiced as much as possible.

SEO content

I have written about the keywords before, and now I will finally explain their significance. Thanks to the keywords you can build a better positions on the Internet search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.). If you did what I told you before, you’ve got a certain base of keywords. Now the base can be expanded depending on your needs, but still, remember to hold on to the topic of the blog.

If you want your blog to be well positioned for a particular keyword, you must adhere to the following:

  • put your key word or phrase in the title of the post
  • use the keyword or phrase at least a few times in the text
  • mention the KW in the first section
  • add KW in the name of the photos
  • add links inside the text that will lead to some other texts of yours on the blog

There are a lot of useful SEO tips, but it is difficult to list them anyway. There are also many professionals on the Internet, who are dealing with this problem, and I would definitely recommend you to take a look at the websites of Brian Dean and Neil Patel.


What to do if you’re out of ideas for the topics on your blog? (*BONUS*)

how-to-start-an-awesome-blog-and-become-a-successful-blogger-live-your-dreams-tips-blog-start-5-steps-blog-seo-out-of-ideasSometimes, we simply get stuck while writing because our brain has processed so much data so far, that we have simply ran out of ideas. The search for ideas can often be tedious, but for you, I have singled out a few ways to find the ideas for writing an awesome blog:

#1 Creating new ideas by binding old ones

Sometimes the old articles can serve as a good inspiration for the new ones. Take a quick look at your old articles and see what you could explain in a more detailed, or in a better way. Try to create some new ideas by using the old ones.

#2 What do others write?

Take a look at the blogs of your competition. Don’t you even try to copy the content because it is illegal, and it damages the position of your blog on search engines. Stop by just to see what they are writing about, and maybe you will come up with some interesting new ideas

#3 Redesign of the old content

If nothing else turns out to be working, you can still redesign the old content. In other words, this would mean to modernize the articles that you have written before. Add some new details, expand the area covered by the articles or breathe a new life to the old text. Known loggers have shown that this is a great idea, that brought them a bunch of new visits.


How to increase the number of visitor on the blog?

You can have the best design and the best content, but without visits to the blog you will not earn a thing. The users of the blog are those for whom we create the blog, for whom we are regularly active, and thanks to whom we expect to earn some money. The big issue which every blogger encounters is, how to get a new visit, in other words, how to increase the number of visits to your blog.

Believe me, this is one of the most difficult obstacles in the world of bloggers. Every blogger has encountered this problem, but only the most persistent and best ones, have managed to get through. Therefore, there’s no time for crying, but it is the right time to start coping with the following activities:


#1 Find your ideal user

The ideal user is a term that has been used in the marketing world for a long time, and we can use in the world of blogging as well. The goal is to find your ideal user, and determine all of the characteristics he would possess.

Is your ideal user a woman, passionate about making desserts, or is it a man who is crazy about weightlifting. The ultimate goal is to write down all of the characteristics which your ideal user must have, and create your ideal blog visitor based on the written.

The finding of the ideal user, will greatly help you in the later creation of a successful marketing venture, or in the promotion of your blog. To start an awesome blog, this is a step you must achieve at all costs.


#2 Find the communities in which your ideal users spend their time

If your ideal user is a man who wants to have a toned body, then he is certainly present in various groups who are debating about weightlifting or protein rich diet. Why bother with the creation of your own community, when you can use an already existing one?

Once you’ve found your ideal user everything is much easier. Now you know where to look for your customers, what they look like, and what are their characteristics. Google and other tools are now at your disposal, to help you to get the so wanted visits to the blog with as little hassle as possible.

Become a part of the communities and become ‘the best member’ of those communities. Try to blend in with the whole story, and after you manage to get to know the people, and make some friendships, start sending them to your blog, where they can find the desired information. Just be patient, and do a quality work, because such results are the most effective ones.


#3 Deal with Facebook

Facebook as the most popular social network can truly help you in the construction of your awesome blog. A huge number of users who are already members of some groups or sites, is a great reason to accept Facebook as a platform on which you can build your success.

Facebook basically gives free friendship, free groups and pages, but it is necessary to invest time in it. You can achieve great progress by creating a quality content, by making friendships, and by expanding the community.

Don’t forget, fans on Facebook will gladly become the readers of your website. All you have to do is, provide a quality and educational information.

The creation of an awesome blog with many visits, is even easier if you have some money. Facebook offers a great advertising platform, which is not so expensive. In general, you get in return what you invest. The only thing you have to think about is, is such an investment worth a shot.


#4 Be active on Pinterest

how-to-start-an-awesome-blog-and-become-a-successful-blogger-live-your-dreams-tips-blog-snumber-of-visitors-blog-seo-ideasMany successful bloggers have gotten the opportunity to grow, thanks to this social network. While in the ”normal” world it is not recognized as one of the most popular social networks, Pinterest certainly deserves that status.

It is a big plus to be active on Pinterest, because the network is actually intended for posting blogs. On Pinterest nobody expects you to publish your private super cool moments, but they are all sharing content from blogs and websites only.

It will take you some time to get used to Pinterest (at least it took me). Unlike other social networks, the objective is to be more active in the sharing of your own content, as well as the content of other people, so the entire community could become more informed.


#5 Don’t miss out on Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and many other things

Fortunately or unfortunately, we nowadays have a multitude of quality of social networks. It’s hard to be present on all of them, but that doesn’t even make sense in the end. It would be best to choose one or two social networks and work on them. In this way you will create two extremely good channels for bringing visits.

As for the networks, the following applies:

  • intended for sharing photos
  • excellent for visual content
  • you can put only one output link
  • some are announcing its downfall
  • great for presenting news
  • you are limited to 140 characters per post
  • the network of a new generation
  • based on videos of a certain duration
  • popular among teenagers
  • we can call it a sort of modern forum
  • a place where you can lead conversations on any topic
  • a lot of users, you can find many humorous information
  • technologically speaking, one of the best networks
  • a lot of users, but not many active ones
  • some say that it has a positive affect on the position in the search engines (as it is owned by Google)


#6 Guest posts are a must

Search engines and their algorithms are progressing increasingly. It used to be enough to simply put your links to other sites, and that would improve your position in the search engines. Things are quite different nowadays, and these links have to be molded into one complete story.

If you want your blog to progress in the search engines, one of the most important steps will be the creation of a high-quality guest posts. These are actually articles that you write for other portals, which then, as a form of saying thank you, set one or more links to your blog.

The popularity of this method of setting up links does not extend so far in the past, but it is currently very important when it comes to SEO. The search engine optimization is largely dependent on guest posts, and they are actually an inevitable tool for the achievement of an awesome blog.

Such articles have another good side – you are able to present yourself as an author, to a wider audience. If you are an expert in a certain area, guest posts can attract a large number of clients. In particular guest posts that have been placed on valuable sites.


#7 Paid advertising

There are various types of paid advertising. I have already mentioned Facebook but there are also and many other options. Social networks are recently high positioned when it comes to paid advertising. Of course, there’s always Google which opens many doors towards a successful blog, thanks to its services.

Since it is expected that you’re just getting into a serious blogging business, I will not talk about this part a lot. Thankfully, there are many websites where you can get a high-quality information on paid online advertising.


How to earn money through a blog?

We have come to the part you’re very likely most interested in – the monetization of all the effort.

Fortunately for bloggers, there is an incredibly large number of ways to monetize a blog. Thanks to the fact that customers trust bloggers, the number of companies interested in some sort of collaboration with bloggers, is increasing day by day.


#1 AdSense and similar services

how-to-start-an-awesome-blog-and-become-a-successful-blogger-live-your-dreams-tips-blog-money-throug-blog-of-visitors-blog-seo-ideasAdSense is by far the most popular service for earning money through blogs. By analyzing large blogs which earn tens of thousands of bucks a month, I came to some interesting conclusions. Those bloggers receive just a small part of their earnings from AdSense, which is only a proof that the monetization of a blog is an extremely sparse term.

In short, through the registration to the AdSense, you get access to the service in which you can customize the ad according to your needs. At the end of the process, you get a code which you attach to your blog, and the earning can begin.

This code is associated with the service and it shows relevant ads to the users. So, when a user comes to your blog, the ads that would be of interest to this user, are being showed, but they have to be connected to the content you’re offering on the website. Every click on an ad by the user, brings you profit.


#2 Affiliate programs

The principle of operation of this system is based on the links that show that you have sent the customer to a certain web shop. Large web shops give you the chance to bring the customers to their shop, through the created link. When these customers buy something you get a certain commission.

As for the commission, they are very different from service to service, but we are generally talking about enviable figures. Amazon went a step further, so it pays you a commission for every product that a customer buys in a certain period (not only for a product defined by the link).

I personally use the Amazon affiliate system because Amazon is a known stores, and customers have developed a certain sense of trust, when it comes to shopping there. In addition, their system got developed to perfection, so there are absolutely no problems, and it is a ‘big player’ so the payment is guaranteed.


#3 E-book

If you are already writing piles of text for your blog, it certainly won’t be a problem to write a short book. It does not have to be a masterpiece on 700 pages. It must be a book that strikes straight to the heart of the problem and solves it in the quickest and least painful way.

You can sell the book through your own blog or you can publish it on a certain service service (eg. Amazon). I’m selling my own book on Amazon, and I think the relationship is quite fair, although the authors fee could be slightly higher.


#4 Online trainings and courses

When you gain a certain reputation in your field, you can be sure that you will have no problems with the monetization of your work. Online trainings and courses, can be a good source of income.

Online training implies a 1 on 1 communication with the person who is interested in your service. The prices are usually very high, so you shouldn’t set a small price under any circumstances.

Online courses are packages of video or audio lessons that users can buy and listen to. Most bloggers also offer additional counseling via Internet, along with the package, in order to round off the overall offer.


Monetization is not a problem when you your users gain a certain amount of trust in you. Indeed there are many ways to monetize an awesome blog, so that part deserves a separate article. This is enough for the time being , because when you start thinking about monetization in a more serious way, you will already be familiar with some opportunities the blogging vocation offers.


How to become, and remain a successful blogger?

how-to-start-an-awesome-blog-and-become-a-successful-blogger-live-your-dreams-tips-blog-money-throug-blog-of-visitors-successful-bloggerIt is not easy to become a successful blogger, not at all. But, you’re very close to achieving your first step. The important thing is to start working and developing your blog.

The blogging community is nowadays bigger than ever, and the reasons are very simple:

  • doing what your passionate about from any part of the world
  • the opportunity to meet new people
  • a very good profit
  • great advancement opportunities
  • a business that can survive without a constant drill

Once you come to the category of successful bloggers, some things will change. Now at the beginning, it is you who has to chase someone all the time, and beg him/her to do you a favor. When you become a successful blogger, others will approach you and offer you some great opportunities.


In the whole process, it is important to retain a few characteristics:

#1 You need to be consistent

Regardless of the fact that things are moving very slowly, do not forget that at one point it will all suddenly explode. A huge shift will happen almost overnight, and all your hard work will be rewarded with money, but with sense of fulfillment and happiness as well.

#2 You have to be very careful when accepting offers

There’s a lot of different shit going on, on the Internet. Everybody is offering something, but you can never be 100 percent sure of the quality of something. Accept the offers only when you are convinced that you’re doing the right thing, and that it is not a trap.

#3 You need to grow along with your blog

The creation of an awesome blog, is a long-lasting process. Not many people can call themselves successful bloggers, just because they give up to early. It is important to keep growing, learning new technologies, accepting new media and ways of doing business. You can become a successful blogger, only through constant work on yourself and your blog.



Millions of people around the world are reading or writing blogs right now. Only a small number of them makes some real money from blogging. Do you want to be a part of that elite? The important thing is to start! Don’t keep postponing your decision, start now, start today!

Being a successful blogger and having an awesome blog, means being prepared for the victories, as well as for the defeats. You can’t have only good periods in life, everything has its good and bad moments. Learning from our mistakes is not bad, but it is better to learn from the mistakes of other bloggers.


Hope that I have helped you with this article, and that you’re going to share it with your friends via social networks, as a sort of ‘thank you’ note. Please share this post, and give yourself and others a chance to succeed.

If you have any question, write it in the comments. If you want to receive more great information, sign up here for free, and the information will be sent to your e-mail.


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