How to become fire dancer ?!


Do you want to know how to become fire dancer?

This is not a hobby, this is very serious job where you need to think about your life first. Dancing with fire is, and it will be, one of the most risky things that somebody can attempt in their life. If you really want to know how to do this, try to understand how risky this is, and realize that you must be focused on the fire and not to let your fear overcome.

Many people ended up in doctor’s office because of the flame injuries and fume inhale. If you are willing to pay this risky value, go ahead and follow your dream. At the end, approach the flame with all the respect you have. Most accidents happen because people lose their center for only a second.

Fire execution is a gathering of execution expressions or controls that include control of flame. Fire execution regularly includes instruments or different articles made with one or more wicks, which are intended to maintain a fire without being devoured.

Fire dancing is just a small part of fire performance. Fire performance includes abilities to be around fire and to perform juggling, poi turning, and different types of control. It additionally incorporates abilities like fire eating, and fire dancing. This job has different styles of execution and it all depends of an artist. Exhibitions should be choreographed with music or performed with vocal collaboration with choir. This type of job includes many risky situations and dangers.

Old Aztecs performed fire dancing first in their celebrations. The Aztec dance is still performed today for people in Mexico. Fire dancing is excellent show for people who are interested in old ceremonies. Fire dancer jumps around fire with wicks in his hand, and there is usually a song or any type of music played on drums behind the artist. There are varieties of many type of fire dancing which men and women regularly perform on their shows. This show is very dangerous and there are numerous occasions which ended up with injuries or even death.

Before you start to learn, pick your “weapon” first. There are a large number of fire dancing methods and choose what you like the most. Most generally, people use wicks that are connected to the end of chains. These are then weaved around the body and people dance around it. Along with dancing, people do fire eating and even inhaling fire. If you like swords, this fire dancing method is based around Japanese swords and sword is utilized as a part of choreographed battles. Research first what will be most ideal thing for you. After that, you should buy your first device for practice. You can buy items of plastic or rubber that are perfect for beginners.

Most often, fire dancers use wicks, umbrellas, cannon, torches or fire balls to perform their shows. Those people are experts and there are years and years of practice to improve their dance. You can’t become professional fire dancer in a week or two. This is impossible. Fire dancing is a way of life, not just a hobby or something to do once in a while. You must practice for years to be good fire dancer and you must do it every day.

Safety is very important and you must know that if you want to become fire dancer. This can be very fun, but also dangerous. Never do fire dance under the influence of alcohol, drugs or any other bad substance. Never use an equipment which you are not trained to use. If you are beginner in fire dancing, never twirl fire alone, without your mentor or tutor. If you injure yourself, seek medical advice immediately and act fast. If you burn
yourself, run the burn under cold water.

Also, you can’t do this on your own. Find a good mentor and listen to his or hers advice all the time. If you have figured out how to do this perfectly and you wish to proceed to follow your dream, the time has come to find mentor that can help you with preparation. To learn some moves, watch performance of other fire dancers and talk about it with your mentor. To learn fire dancing, you also must locate an accomplished fire artist because it is so much better to watch the show live. After you finished all these steps, start to learn fire dancing.

Find a place where you can perform your show over a long period of time, and until you are prepared to do this as a professional. The principal thing to do is to set your mind for this, get your equipment and keep your mentor close. Get ready and light one wick. Tenderly wave your hand through the fire, and don’t be afraid. People can do all kind of things if they are afraid. Keep doing this until you feel safe and confident in yourself. Let the fire pass near your body. Continue to perform your choreography and take one step at the time.

If you are searching for change and in your life, and if you require something exciting and new, if you feel depressed and you think you did not achieve anything in life, maybe fire dancing is the thing that you waited for so long. Fire dancing will change your relationship to yourself, your body and mind.
It is difficult to envision yourself as a fire dancer at first, but follow your dream and listen to your heard.

Could you do this without fear and anxiety? Very regularly, people think that they will never be brave enough to learn fire dancing. But, everyone can do it, and so can you. Truth is that your thoughts are constraining you to be whatever you want. If you want to change in your life, try this and become whole new person! In case you are prepared to enter and learn something totally new and exciting, make your first step and become a professional fire dancer!


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