22 Fantastic Pinterest Tips Which Will Increase the Number of Visits to Your Blog Significantly

22-fantastic-pinterest-tips-which-will-increase-the-number-of-visits-to-your-blog-significantly-live-your-dreams-tips-blogDo you know what Pinterest is? Are you aware of the fact that some bloggers earn 10+ thousand dollars a month thanks to Pinterest? Are you familiar with some of the Pinterest tips? Are you ready to start coping with Pinterest, and increase the number of visits to your blog significantly?

Pinterest is a social network intended for bloggers. Thanks to Pinterest marketing strategies, many bloggers have increased the visits to their blogs significantly. I’ve been using Pinterest for a while now, and in the last few weeks, I’ve started using it more actively. I have to admit that the number of visits from Pinterest to my blog, is increasing day by day.

I got familiar with many tactics on how to become a Pinterest expert. I’ve read many books about Pinterest, many blog posts, I’ve also talked to experts, so I have many advice that I can share with you today.
You want to find out how to become a Pinterest expert? In continuation, I’m bringing you amazing Pinterst tips, which will help you in the following:

  • teach you how to create great Pinterest posts
  • how to publish the content in order to get more repins
  • how to find your way in the multitude of Pinterest functions
  • how to get more pinterest followers
  • how to attract more visitors to your blog
  • and in the end, how to become a Pinterest expert

Enough with the stalling.It’s time you get to know Pinterest, a social network which will greatly increase the number of visits to your blog.


What do you need to know about Pinterest?

Pinterest is a social network used by bloggers to a large degree. Along with bloggers, the users of Pinterest are mainly: moms, students, designers and professors. These are the 5 categories of users who are most common on Pinterest, and if your niche is intended precisely for one of these categories, Pinterest is your lucky charm.
According to the available data, more than 170 million users are registered on Pinterest. The number of those who are actually active is around 110 million.

what-do-you-need-to-know-about-pinterest-live-your-dreams-tipsThe worth of Pinterest is estimated to around $11 billion. But, a much more important information, that could interest you, is the worth of the users who are using this network. Therefore, 88% of the users, purchase a product they pinned, while, 49% of the users have purchased 5 or more products they pinned.

As for the demography, Pinterest is a social network, composed mainly of women. Around 80% of the users on Pinterest are women, and almost 50% of the users are between 24 and 34 years of age. As for the education, Pinterest users are highly educated, because 60% of them has a 4 year college degree, while the users with a Masters degree are on the second position.

Pinterest follows trends, so it is well optimized for mobile phones. What’s really interesting is that, more than 50% of the users, use Pinterest on tablets, around 30% of them on smartphones, while the rest goes on laptops and computers.

Pinterest is all about great pictures

Pin is the basis of everything. Pin is actually a post on Pinterest, which consists of a photo, and a description. Unlike other social networks, the posts on Pinterest are related to a quality photo or infographics.

You can think of Pinterest as an enormous notice board, on which people post pictures that refer to something they want or have to say. The main difference is, the fact that the posts on Pinterest have links to blogs and websites, where you can find out more information, ‘hidden’ behind the picture.

As it is all about pictures, their good appearance is crucial. Since we’ve said that Pinterest is adjusted to mobile phones, vertical pictures are preferable. But, I’ll talk about it later, when I enumerate other Pinterest tips.

Pinterest users love spending money

I’ve already mentioned that many posts on Pinterest, end up with the purchase done by the users. Some statistics show that 20% of the users, have more than 75 000 dollars of income.

Pinterest users are big spenders. If we consider the fact that a great number of them comes to Pinterest to find shopping ideas, things get even better.

When it comes to Pinterest, two facts are valid:

  • Pinterest users buy more often
  • Pinterest users spend more

Therefore, the great interest of big and small companies, that are trying to get ‘their share of the cake’, is not at all surprising. A big number of users, their willingness to spend money, the demography – it is a true bait for the companies, to try their luck on Pinterest.

According to some research, the users who come to Shopify from Pinterest, spend twice as much than those who come form Facebook.

Pins become viral very easily

Once you’ve posted something on Pinterest, you can never know if that post is going to become viral. Pinterest has a few great advantages over other social networks, and the most interesting one, is the way in which the pins multiply, after being posted.

Statistics show that 80% of the pins, are actually repins. It may sound confusing, but the fact is, that 80% of the content, is actually a repinned, already existing content.

If you post an interesting content, the users will be happy to share it on their boards. That is actually the charm of Pinterest, where the content can multiply very fast, and bring an enormous numbers of visitors to your blog.

There’s no such thing as ads on Pinterest, although…

The person who visits Pinterest for the first time, could get the impression of being on an ads page. All that gets posted on Pinterest, is actually a sort of ad. But, Pinterest users, don’t consider anything an ad.

What’s good is, that Pinterest combines product review, shopping catalogue and tips for use, all in one. That’s why an ad actually becomes much more than a simple ad. The users of Pinterest have a great faith in the things they find on Pinterest, and that’s why a great number of their purchases is based exactly on the opinion of the Pinterest community.

If we take a general look, you can post anything on Pinterest. But, the success of what you’re selling, depends greatly on the reaction (positive or negative) of the users. If they like it, you can expect a big number of purchases, if not, you stay put. The same goes for the blogs you’ll be promoting, only the best, and the most creative ones become viral, while the average ones, are left with the crumbs.


How to create a viral Pin on Pinterest?

One of the biggest mysteries, to all of those who want to become Pinterest experts , is, how to create a good quality Pin. On Pinterest, everything is about posting a good quality Pin.

how-to-create-viral-pin-on-pinterest-live-your-dreams-pinterest-tipsUnlike other social networks, the number of followers and likes, is not what matters. Not to be misunderstood, that’s important to, but it is not a key factor for success. On Pinterest, you can get a lot of attention, by posting a quality Pin, and therefore attract a great number of people to your blog.

I’ll start my journey through Pinterest tips with that exact idea – “how to create a Pin that will become popular?”.


#1 Create a unique Pin

Nobody likes seeing same photos in hundreds of different Pins. If you have the chance, make your own photo, create something unique and worth of attention.

Pinterest is great, and the users love it, just because it is full of creative stuff. Many ideas, different realizations, and even more interesting things – that’s what users aim to. The creation of a unique Pin, may take you a lot of time, but that uniqueness will pay off in the end.

Create a unique Pin, that deserves being shared among the society.


#2 Red should dominate

It is no wonder Pinterest users like red, as we already said, 80% of the users are women. The strategy of Pinterest is very oriented to red, and that’s the symbol of Pinterest’s recognition.

According to the data available, Pins in the shades of red, are getting as twice repins as those that are blue. So, one of the Pinterest tips is, try to create a Pin in the shades of red.


#3 Use lighter colors

If you want to increase the number of repins on your Pin, for as much as 20 times, you have to use lighter colors on the photos. It is interesting how Pinterest users simply adore the photos that are soft, and don’t give them the sense of gloominess.

When it comes to darker colors, if you simply can’t avoid them, use them in a certain measure. Lighter shades will be great for everything else.


#4 Make sure that your photos are viral

Vertical photos are a great choice for all the services which are oriented towards mobile platforms. It is easier for users to go through vertical photos, because it is easier for them to read off such a content.

The recommendation is to do vertical photos, but keep in mind the length and the width of the photo. The research have shown that it is best to choose vertical photos, whose ratio is, 2:3 or 4:5. As a result, you’ll have 60% more Pins.


#5 Create crowd photos

Although it seems a bit contradictory, Pinterest users like crowded photos. Pins in which the visibility of the background photo is less than 10%, have 3 times as repins as the photos in which the visibility of the background photo is higher than 40%.


#6 A few dominant colors are a good idea

The research have shown that it is a good idea to create Pins with a few dominant colors. It doesn’t mean that we want a colorful Pin, but we should strictly divide a few colors, where each color references to one segment of the information it transfers.

If you start creating Pins with more dominant colors, you can than expect 3 times more repins. Not bad right?


#7 Photos without faces

Even if in general people like seeing smiling faces, and it is something that makes them click, the situation is different when it comes to Pinterest. Pinterest users are more likely to share a Pin without anyone’s face on. The photos without faces will bring a 20% increase of repins.


How and when should you publish Pins?

I’ve recently watched a video which explained a research that showed how the success of the startup projects depends mostly on the timing. Don’t fool yourself, timing is extremely important when it comes to posting on social networks as well.

In continuation, you’ll find some Pinterest tips that will show you which are the best tactics and timings when it comes to posting on Pinterest.


what-do-you-need-to-know-about-pinterest-live-your-dreams-tips-pinterest-tips-pin-tips#8 Publish relevant Pins

This is very important. We can parcel Pinterest users into various expertise. That’s why you can have various boards on Pinterest, so the allocation of Pins would be as relevant as possible.

Don’t ever put irrelevant Pins on boards. If necessary, create a new board, or join to the already existing one, so your Pin could be theme related. If you want to achieve success with your Pins, you’ll always put them in the appropriate place.


#9 Publish posts at a certain time of day

Just like the users of other networks, Pinterest users are most active in certain periods of the day. That’s mainly after work, or in the evening, when they have no better things to do.

The research have shown that the best period for posting something on Pinterest is:

  • between 2PM and 4PM
  • between 8PM and 1AM

These are the periods when users are most active on Pinterest, and this fact will probably bring you a bigger number of repins. What I recommend you to do is, test your followers, so you could find out for yourself, the period when the number of repins is the biggest.


#10 Saturday is the best day

As for the day of the week, the research have shown that Saturday is the best day for Pinning. Pins which get published on Saturday, have the biggest number of repins, and consequently have the biggest impact.

The fact that Saturday is the best day for Pinterest, is not strange at all, because, as I already said, the users are on Pinterest when they have free time. Facebook and Twitter have the whole day covered, while Pinterest is reserved for later, more relaxing hours. Weekend is also the best period to deal with creative shopping ideas.


#11 Post on multiple Boards

Once you create a great and interesting Pin, you want it to reach as many people as possible. The biggest mistake you can make is, post a Pin on just one board.

Pinterest users are used to the fact of finding the same Pins on different boards. Furthermore, it is a great characteristics, because it allows them to follow just specific boards, in order to get relevant information.

When posting a Pin, don’t hesitate in sharing it on multiple boards. By doing that, you’ll encourage the users to repin your content more.


22-fantastic-pinterest-tips-which-will-increase-the-number-of-visits-to-your-blog-pinterest-expert-pin-live-your-dreams-tips#12 Use Group Boards

Group Boards are boards where multiple users post their content. Unlike simple boards, a group of moderators is in charge of Group Boards, and they can share their content with the followers of these boards freely.

Group Boards are great becauase they tend to gather a huge number of people. It is usual for these boards to have many followers, and many shared Pins as well. Many Pinterest users have experienced popularity, thanks to the fact of posting on Group Boards a lot.

As for Group Boards, you can create them yourself, as well, but I’d recommend you to join to the already existing ones. Depending on the owners, it is quite easy to become a part of some Group Boards, while you’ll have to work a bit harder to join become a part of other ones.


#13 Add descriptions to Pins

Although Pinterest is based on photos, statistics show that the description which goes with the photo is quite important as well. The description usually tells users what the pin is about, and why it is important to open it and share it. The description must be interesting, and it must encourage the user to click on the Pin.

Furthermore, it is a good idea to put hashtags in the description, but you shouldn’t exaggerate with that. Some Pinterest experts think that an optimal number of hashtags is 2-3, because in that way your not distracting users with too many hashtags.

The length of the description should be up to 300 characters, because that is the number that turned out to be optimal. If you add a 300 characters description, you’ll get more Pins.


#14 Use popular words

People are very sentimental when it comes to some words, because these words evoke the feelings of happiness and content in them. In order to encourage those feelings, you need to use these positive words.

The recommendation is, to use the words like: love, style, things, ideas, home, etc., in your Pins a lot. The thing is, these words are very popular with Pinterest users, and it would be a pity not to use them. Who knows, they might actually encourage people to repin the content.


#15 Don’t forget the invitation to action

People are lazy. If you want them to do something, you need to tell them that loud and clear. If you want the people to like your Pin, or share it via Pinterest or some other social network, you need to tell them to do so.

There are two options: the first one is to put the invitation to action inside of the Pin, while the other one is, to put the invitation to action inside of the photo you want to publish on Pinterest. Both of these advice are OK, it is up to you to find out, which will bring you more profit.


How to get more Pinterest followers?

Regardless of the social network you join to, it is clear that you’ll always strive to a big number of followers. Even though the number of followers is not a key thing for your success on Pinterest, the one thing you should do is, build your vast community.

The continuation of the Pinterest tips brings a few advice which will help you in building a big community of followers.


22-fantastic-pinterest-tips-how-to-get-more-pinterest-followers-live-your-dreams-tips-blog#16 Follow more users on a daily basis

If you want to have a decent number of followers, than you have to do the same – follow other users. I’ve been reading about this topic a lot, but one thing is clear, if you want to get new followers, you have to add them, so they would add you.

As for the concrete tactics, I’ve used this method:

  • I add 200+ followers on a daily basis
  • I stop following around 200 people on a daily basis
  • I keep following the ones who have started following me, if possible

If you do this on a daily basis, you’ll have the results. Your number of follower will keep growing, and you’ll soon have a community, which will cause the envy of many Pinterest users.


#17 Leave comments

Leaving comments below popular Pins, is another great method which will attract new followers. Pinterest users like it when people are being active, and leaving comments certainly means being active.

You’ll only spend a few seconds on writing a comment, and if it is posted below a popular Pin, it could be seen by a lot of people. Don’t forget, Pinterest is a community built on trust, and your aim should be to become a trustworthy user.


#18 Repin other people’s Pins

Your boards should in no case be full of your content only. You’ll have to share other people’s content on your board in many cases, so the users could get the impression that you’re giving the right advice. The repinning of other people’s content has many advantages.

First of all, you are able to enrich your board with the content you’re missing. Second, you’re creating
an environment in which you’re becoming a trustworthy person, because you’re not sharing only your own content. Third, you’re becoming likable to the people, whose Pins you have repinned. Many of them will become your followers, because they’re taking your content seriously.


#19 Organize a competition

People love competition, especially if they have the chance to get awarded. Considering the fact that Pinterest users are mainly women, every gift you decide to give them will increase your growth on Pinterest.

If you have any Group Board, feel free to organize a competition, in which the most active user on your board will get an award. If you want your Pin to get repinned a lot, organize a competition, in which you will award the best repinner of your Pin.

All this will make your Pinterest account the center of attention, and it will also get you more followers. Competitions are a great bait, so be sure to organize them.


How to increase the number of visits to your blog through Pinterest?

The ultimate goal of your increased activity on Pinterst, is to get a bigger number of visits to your blog, or web shop. As I have already mentioned many times, Pinterest is a great tool for achieving that.

how-to-increase-the-number-of-visits-to-your-blog-through-pinterest-live-your-dreams-tipsIn order to increase the number of visits to your blog, you’ll have to adapt it to Pinterest. Apart from posting vertical photos on your blog, you’ll make a few additional adjustments.


#20 Add pinning buttons

Nowadays, many popular blogs have buttons for posting on Pinterest, which appear after positioning the mouse above the photo. You can set the implementation of that function in WordPress very easily. You just need to install the plugin, and it is a done thing.

That button will allow your users on the blog, to share the photos on Pinterest with less fatigue, and much faster as well. This requires a negligible amount of time, and it can bring great results.


#21 Make multiple photos for Pinterest

I personally write articles with many words for my blog. So, it is not a problem for me to put a few vertical photos inside one post. If you want to succeed on Pinterest, the posting of vertical photos on your blog, is what truly matters.

Your blog post should contain two or more photos. In that way, you’re giving a chance to the user of your blog, to choose a photo and publish it on Pinterest. If you have only one photo, it is very likely that the user won’t like it, so he/she won’t share it.

Make a few vertical photos, and publish them inside your blog post. Give the user the chance to share them on Pinterest.


#22 Allow other users to share your content

The last one of the Pinterest tips, refers to the invitation to action. This time, the goal is, to make the users see, that you’re allowing them to share your content on Pinterest.

Some users are skeptical when it comes to sharing the content on Pinterest, because they are not sure if the blog will allow them to do so. You should make it clear on your blog, that you want your users to share your content on Pinterest, and that you’ll be grateful for it.


Are these Pinterest tips enough for me to become a Pinterest expert?

22-fantastic-pinterest-tips-which-will-increase-the-number-of-visits-to-your-blog-significantly-live-your-dreams-tips-how-to-create-great-pinterest-postBecoming a Pinterest expert requires many invested time and effort, a lot of obtained knowledge, and a lot of practice. Regardless of the number of my Pinterst tips, at the end of it all, your success on Pinterest is up to you.

A continuous work on Pinterest, and the investment of each free moment, in order to learn something new, will definitely bring you closer to becoming a Pinterest expert. An official recipe for becoming a Pinterest expert, doesn’t exist, and it hardly ever will.

Pinterest tips which I have enumerated, are a big step, which will introduce you to a social network intended for bloggers. One thing is clear, you need to acquire those Pinterest tips, and you should stick o them. At the same time, you should keep in mind that there’s always room for improvement, and that everything can be raised to a higher level.

At the end, the only thing left for me to do is, wish you luck in your Pinterest adventure. I hope you’ll find the right Pinterest strategy, and that you’ll soon be able to give some Pinterest tips yourself.

And now, choose one of my photos, and share it on Pinterest, because I want to grow as well. If you have any questions, fell free to ask me in the comments below, and I’ll be happy to answer.


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