You want to Start a Business Online? Here are the Best Business Ideas!

Are you thinking about starting a business online? I’m happy if you’re thinking about that, because many others are having the same thoughts, and they are earning some big money. The Internet has become the great ocean of money in which there is room for everyone.

Money making opportunities are hidden in every corner of the Internet, so you only need to dare and start a business online. We are witnessing a large number of successful stories, especially those of young people, who have Internet in their blood. Even little kids are earning money online, so why wouldn’t you then become a part of this successful story?

For you, I have prepared some great ideas that can be realized immediately, with very little (or no) money. In the end, you’ll start achieving success depending on how much time and energy you will devote to your online business. If nothing else, this will become your successful ‘on the side’ business, which will bring you an additional profit. Of course, if you ever feel the need, this job can turn into your primary business.

How to start a business online?

Starting a business is very simple, and it consists of only a few steps. The correct passing through the basic steps will give you some new opportunities for success. Who knows, maybe online business is the opportunity which will help you to achieve your dreams.

how to start business online - live your dreams tips

#1 Position yourself and your abilities

Before you get involved in the adventure of a online business, you need to analyze yourself. It is time to get to know yourself a little better, and understand the qualities you possess. You are coming up with business ideas, based on your qualities.

Don’t indulge in the realization of a business, you know nothing about. You currently possess a multitude of great qualities, which you may not even be aware of, that can bring you thousands of dollars. By doing a detailed analysis, extract those qualities from yourself, and start considering business opportunities, based on the qualities mentioned.

#2 Come up with the ideas

Once you have realize which are the things you’re good at, it’s time to start coming up with the ideas. It is very easy to play with the ideas, when you have a vision of what you want to do. At this point, it is important not to stop on one idea alone, but to single out and come up with at least a dozen of them. Don’t forget that the best idea is the one that users want the most.

It often happens that you think how the idea is phenomenal, but then it turns out to be a total fiasco with the users. That’s why you need to devote at least a few days to the creation of the idea. Each new idea is a product of the previous one or a set of the previous ones. The ideas that have emerged on the basis of other ideas, will probably turn out to be more creative and more original, which should mean that the users will be interested in them.

#3 Test the ideas and find the ideal users

If you have done the previous step well, now you have at least a dozen of different ideas on the paper. In order to have a successful business online, it is necessary to filter the ideas and choose the best one, you’ll be working on in the future. It’s time to find your ‘golden goose‘.

You can test the ideas in several ways, and I personally recommend various tools which are available online (many are free).

What you need to do is:

  • see how interesting your idea is (you can use AdWords tool for key words)
  • analyze the competition (using Google can help you see how many people are competing for this idea)
  • preform a profitability analysis (some ideas bring a lot more money than others)
  • observe the possibility of expansion (is there any restricting factor that could block the growth of the number of users)
  • consider the possibility of auzomatization (at the end of it all, you’ll want to exclude yourself from the whole process, and let the business alone do all the work. Is that possible?)

These are some important facts that you should help you to choose the best idea. Once you’ve chosen your idea, a step that you must take is, finding the ‘ideal customer‘. So, the goal is to attribute a certain qualities to your ideal customer, so you would later know, to what category of customers it would be best to approach, in a marketing sense.

#4 Creating an offer

you can test ideas on different ways - live your dreams tips

In order to make the customers want to buy something, you have to offer them that something. The best thing would be to pack the whole offer, be it a product or a service, into a nicely decorated package. So, you should print on a paper all the steps your service or product offers, as well as the concrete profit, the customer will obtain at the end. The customer is only interested in the final impression, in other words, in what he will get after purchasing your package.

In order to meet the wishes of the customers, you have to provide an original content, at a reasonable price. At times, it is difficult to reconcile the quality of the content and the appealing price, but it is simply a step that must be done. Don’t set the price and the service at low levels, start high from the very beginning, and aim for as high as you can. The quality offer, is the only argument that will persuade the customer to buy your service or product.

A formal offer should be presented on your own website, or at least on some sales platform. You shouldn’t fall behind in this segment, because visual presentation is a big step towards the purchase, that will be performed by the customers.

#5 Promotion

There’s no point in having the best or the most reliable service or product, if customers have never heard of it. It is time for you to move away from the restrictive resources, and to devote your time, to the promotion of your offer. The Internet has provided a whole new form of advertising. Advertising on the Internet or social networks, can open some big doors for you, that will lead you towards the rest of the world.

Nowadays, your ideal customers don’t necessarily need to be from your surroundings, as thanks to the Internet, you can reach out to any man on this planet. A good quality promotion is the most important prerequisite for your successful sales. A poor investment in the promotion, is a step towards the destruction of the business, so it is necessary to separate a part of the profit for the promotion, if you want to grow inexorably.


Great ideas for a business online

Finally, we have arrived to the moment, when I will present a few simple business ideas that you can use to start a business online. What I will stress is, that every idea is very easy to use, and anyone reading this could make it happen immediately. Another thing, these are general ideas, and to achieve success you should focus on the detailing of some of the ideas. By detailing, you will find a niche that will bring quality customers, and therefore profit.

Social media consultant

Facebook, and a variety of other social networks have nowadays become the main gathering place of people from all over the world. No matter where you are, you take a look at the social networks, at least several times a day in average. If you believe the statistics, social networks are increasingly popular among the older generation of users. Finally, that brings us to the thesis that ‘everyone is on the social networks‘.

Just over a decade ago, hardly anyone had in mind that we would now have a social media consultants on the job positions market. However, the rapid development of technology has enabled an even faster growth of new interesting occupations. Social media consultant is nowadays one of the most sought-after professions and specialists in this area, have no problems with finding a job.

The qualities of the masters of social networks are: the implementation of a large number of hours on social networks, knowing a lot about the capabilities and capacities of social networks, knowing the habits of users and connecting with them, good online communication, coming up with a creative and a clickable content, etc. So if you are a person who spends most of the day on social networks, this may be the right online business idea for you.

The most important and most expensive factor is gaining reputation. It would be best to start with some small projects which you can find somewhere local, through your acquaintances, and once you have gathered some experience, you can expand your business. The number of the social networks users, and the number of the social networks alone, is growing, so, social media consultant can certainly be included in a group of a quality businesses online.

Virtual assistant

great ideas fo business online - live your dreams tips

Everything we used to do locally on computers, we are nowadays trying to accommodate in some kind of ‘clouds’ which are actually always available data depositories. The future of everything lies in the information, so the information are beginning to represent the most important resource in the business world. Step by step we are approaching the days when the whole world will depend on computers. Since everyone is slowly doing everything online, it is clear that the need of virtual assistants is getting bigger and bigger.

Virtual assistant is a sort of a secretary who investigates, prepares the data, communicates with clients and arranges various meetings. If you find yourself in these waters, then the virtual assistant business is the right area for you.

As with social media consultant, the lack of reputation will initially represent a big problem. The virtual assistant is often handling confidential information of his superior, and not many people will leave confidential data in the hands of someone who has no reputation. Reputation is built gradually and slowly, but it can be ruined very quickly. Start collecting positive assessment, because it is the only way to start an excellent virtual assistant business.

A versatile writer

Writing can be a very lucrative business, but it is necessary to find your place on the market. It is interesting to see, how in the last few years, the way of appearance of the writers on the Internet has changed. At first, everybody was writing about everything, and now, they all choose a niche on which they want to concentrate, because it turned out to be an excellent tactic for a better and a more reliable growth.

You can write novels, articles, reviews, biographies, statuses, messages and more. A demand for writers has never been bigger, and all thanks to the growing popularity of content marketing. Banner advertising is worn out and no longer fits into the philosophy of the web pages. Now, advertising is starting to be done through sponsored articles, resulting in a great interest in the writers of all areas.

To start a business online, as a writer, you literally just need one computer. Writers are privileged, because they can work from anywhere in the world, and it doesn’t affect their quality, because they only depend on their inspiration. This may not be the highest paid business on my list, but it certainly is one of the most sought, at least in the last few years.

Affiliate marketing job

We said that we want to build our own business, and now I’m talking about some kind of affiliate marketing. To you, it seem stupid to promote someone else’s product, if you have decided to build your own business? I have to tell you that you are not thinking too smart. The bloggers around the world are earning huge amounts of money just by promoting other people’s products and services.

Several bloggers I’m following, are earning 30 000 dollars a month thanks to this source of income, which are anything but small numbers. Promoting other people’s solutions has to be understood as an opportunity to upgrade the services/products you are offering. In fact, people like to find as much information as possible at one place, so it is sometimes good to do some publicity for the competition, and take a part of the commission intended, at the same time.

In order to start earning money in the affiliate marketing field, you will need to create some kind of your own small corner on the Internet. Perhaps the best solution is to build your own website or blog, this will take some time, but it can later be fully automatized. Is there a better option than making money while lying on the beach and enjoying cocktails? Perfect!!


how to start a business online - live your dreams tips ideas

A photography business, has overcome the borders of a local business a long time ago, and has finally shone on the Internet in the full light. There are many portals where you can sell photos, but there’s always room for a quality photographer with great ideas.

As for the opening of this kind of business it is important to note that you’ll need to spend the money on a good quality camera, and also on a good quality computer for photo editing. Well, at the beginning you can be more modest because it is not the case that the Internet offers too many high quality photos. Many newspapers and portals are buying hundreds of photos on a daily basis, because they need those photos to fill in the empty spaces, or to inhale an extra life to a simple text.

Photos are a resource that can nowadays be very well protected by the ownership rights, which suggests that the quality is highly valued. So, if you make a couple of great shots, and these get purchased many times, you could earn huge money. Just as with all other activities it is important to be consistent and to create new images regularly. When you once start selling thousands of photos, the daily earnings will become much higher, which will ensure you a secure life.



A business online is a great opportunity for all who want a side job, or a full time job. The difference between these two job categories, lies in the number of hours, and effort invested in what you do. Surely many people would like to be their own bosses, and this is what a business online allows you to accomplish.

The listed steps for a successful start of a business online, are an excellent tool that will help you to make a profit in an area you’re interested in. It pays off to separate some of the excess time, so you could create great ideas, because these ideas are the main weapon against the competition that lurks on the Internet. The ideas that are listed in the second part of the text, are just a small amount of what you can do on the Internet. Truthfully speaking, the sky is the limit. The realization of your dreams has never been easier, because the Internet has opened some new doors and a market that has no boundaries.

I hope that you’ll be able to find your place, and finally start making money in an easy and interesting way.


New business ideas come to mind on a daily basis. I’m ready to share some of them with my favorite customers. If you want to be a part of that special group, sign up for my free newsletter and great ideas will start coming to your email.


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