Best books to read if you want to become successful and live your dreams


People don’t read enough. At school we are regularly forced to read various not so interesting novels, which is why we tend to lose interest in reading during our youth. I must say, this is an extremely large, but reparable damage.

You think reading is not for you? You’re not interested in books? You don’t have time to read? It’s time you throw away all the prejudice and excuses and finally read a book that you’re interested in. Now, you no longer have to read what others want, now you’re the one who decides what you’re going to read. Choose something of a good quality, interesting and appropriate for you.

The title of the article says ‘Best books to read if you want to become successful’, which means that I’ll give you a list of books that would be a good idea to read. No, I’m not making you to read these exact books. This is just my advice, and I believe that you should deal with this books sometimes in the future. So, I’m only suggesting, but it is up to you to choose.


Successful people read

Best books to read if you want to become successful and live your dreams - reading - buffet reading

I can’t escape the fact that success is linked exactly to reading. In fact, almost all successful people are highly skilled readers, who have read many pages of various books in their life. So, it all leads to the fact that reading and success are strictly related. But is reading really a prerequisite for the realization of a dream life?

Successful people have different habits when it comes to reading. In order to encourage you to read, I was able to gather some information about reading habits of those most successful:

  • Warren Buffett is certainly one of the most passionate readers, and his reading habits are something a ‘normal person’ will have a hard time understanding. At the beginning of his career as an investor, Buffett would read a whopping 600 to 1,000 pages a day. Isn’t that impressive? I believe that you haven’t read that much in the last week or month, maybe even longer. Although he has already stepped into the mature years, Buffett still separates 80 percent of his active time during the day on reading.
  • Bill Gates, who is at the top of the list of the richest people in the world, for a while now, manages to read about 50 books in a year. Converted, it actually means that he read one book a week.
  • Mark Zuckerberg, whose social network Facebook is used by a huge number of people, is also a successful reader. Unlike Gates, Zuckerberg needs two weeks to read a book.
  • Mark Cuban enjoys reading, and in that way collecting various useful information. He spares 3 hours for reading on a daily basis, so he certainly deserves to be in the company of the successful readers.
  • Elon Musk is currently one of the most famous scientist in the world, and his ideas go far beyond our way of thinking. When Musk was asked how he managed to build a rocket, he simply said ‘I read books’.


Do the books really hide that much knowledge and information? Can we get a new perspective of the world, based on what we’ve read, and start a better and a more quality life?

Do we really have all knowledge of the world so close to us, but we are just too lazy to take a book in our hands?


Why do we increase our chances of having a successful life, by reading books?

It is time to expose some facts that indicate how by reading books, we can actually open the doors to success for ourselves. People who read are privileged to succeed because:

 Best books to read if you want to become successful and live your dreams - reading - successful life tips

They set their goals in the right way

Readers are exceedingly good at setting, and meeting the objectives.

First, in order to start reading, you need to make a decision and set the objective. Now I’m going to read a couple of minutes or hours (it doesn’t matter).

Second, your goal is to finish reading the book to gather all the information it contains.

Third, if you want to read five chapters of the book today, you will set a goal to achieve it. Readers are aware of all the qualities hidden in books and therefore they will fulfill their goals with joy and satisfaction.

Setting goals is very important when you are pursuing the realization of your dreams. Only specific objectives with a concrete plan are later transformed into success, while the unplanned ones mostly fail. Being good at setting and achieving goals is one of the key virtues of successful people.

They can focus better

Reading teaches a man to focus on a single action. It has been proven that multitasking is not a good thing because our brain must regularly overlap from one action to another. When reading the book we are focused strictly on the words that are ‘coming out’ of the paper or screen and in fact it teaches us that we should eliminate multitasking. What is also very good is, that we most often read a book over several days. So, we are focused on our mission, and we don’t give up before the book is finished.

Being focused is extremely important when we’re striving towards success. People who manage to capture the focus, and who are getting closer to the achievement of the goal with every action, will be successful. All in all, by focusing on the essentials, we will be solving things a lot faster, with a greater quality and determination.

They use their time smarterBest books to read if you want to become successful and live your dreams - musk reading


To someone, 10 minutes represent only an insignificant moment insufficient for doing anything. An avid reader knows that in those 10 minutes he can read one chapter of the book, or he can at least go through a few pages of the book. Time is our most important resource and it is important to know how to use it in the right way. Once it runs out, it will be too late for regrets.

Successful entrepreneurs truly appreciate time, because they are aware of the fact that everything we do, is actually the process of converting time into some other forms of satisfaction. Every minute is precious and therefore, it should be fully utilized. Don’t waste your time, because at this point you’re younger than you’ll ever be.

They have a better perspective

The perspective grows with new knowledge, and knowledge is growing by reading books. If you’ve ever read a few books on the same subject, you could have noticed that the authors opinions on the same themes vary. This is a great thing, because in that way you are able to obtain a better view on this topic. The opinion of only one author is not necessarily the right one, and by reading, you get exactly that, the opinion of different authors.

The understanding of business and life from different perspectives, gives us a much better view of all. You may have actually lived all your life in fallacy, and maybe someone’s new opinion has showed the right path. When you have the ability to actually observe things from more perspectives, it is easier to build something, and it’s also easier to achieve success.

They have a better memory

When the reading of a book lasts few days, you will most likely need some information which you have read a day or two before. So, you will have to think about it, and remember what was happening at the beginning of the book, so you could understand what’s happening in the book now. However, by reading we train our brain, and we encourage it to work better. When the brain works better, our memory is much better, but also the quality of our judgment, reasoning and creative thinking is growing.

Knowledge is the only strident resource that an individual can have. You can have money, houses, factories, workers, and various other transient things, but all of those may one day simply disappear. The knowledge that you have will not disappear and it will always allow you to get up when you fall, and to shine again in the best light.

Extraordinary communication skills

Best books to read if you want to become successful and live your dreams - reading - best -pinte

An avid reader reads hundreds, thousands or even tens of thousands of words every day. All these words and phrases remain written somewhere in our brain, and improve our quality of communication. Of course, a side effect of this is the knowledge that we get with every row we read, and a better mood because it has been proven that reading relaxes. All this combined makes us a better person, which passes in an easier, and a more elegant way through the obstacles that are in front of us.

One of the businessmen I’m in contact with, once said: ‘You can’t be a successful entrepreneur, if you don’t carry out hundreds of calls and conversations by noon’. He clearly paraphrased the situation, but there is no doubt that communication is extremely important on the path to success.

You can have the best idea and the best solution, but if you don’t pass it on, to the interested people, it all falls apart. You have to work on your communication and your performance in front of others, books and reading can help you a lot in all of that.


Best books to read if you want to be successful

Secret of success doesn’t lie only in reading books, but also in the realization of ideas. However, books can definitely assist to a better development of an individual, as well as businesses. Successful people and entrepreneurs, including some we have already mentioned agree with the mentioned too. They have rich book reading experience, and have therefore pointed out a few books that are considered the most important if you want to start to live the life of your dreams.

In continuation, you’ll see the list of the books everyone should read, at least according to the recommendations of successful entrepreneurs.


Think and Grow Rich

Napoleon Hill decided to spend 20 years of his life, on analyzing lives of the most successful people in the world. After long analysis and extensive research, he had collected the best conclusions, and has also described the best concepts that can be used in our daily life. This priceless classic was created back in 1937, and its value and principles can be used even today in the same proportion as in those early years.

The book has been sold in more than 30 million copies, and it is usually bought by the business people, successful entrepreneurs, business students, and all the others who want to become familiar with the mindset of successful people. The principles in the book have been expanding over the years, and have also been also adapted to our time, so this is a perfect choice for anyone looking for a great book about a success in life.

Buy ‘Think And Grow Rich’ here

9 Steps to Financial Freedom: Practical and Spiritual Steps So You Can Stop Worrying

As an experienced financial adviser Suze Orman has presented to the world, the formula for a successful money managing. Many of us have various problems when talking about the ‘manipulation’ with the earned money, and this book should give you a perfect insight into how to become financially free. Within the book Suze invites the reader to finally come into conflict with financial fears and gives the reader a solution, to improve the situation in the future. If you pursue financial freedom, this is the text that you must go through.

Buy ‘The 9 Steps to Financial Freedom’ here


Acres of Diamonds: All Good Things Are Possible, Right Where You Are, and Now

Sometimes success is so close to us, but we’re not aware of it. Russell Conwell gave a very interesting speech on that topic, which was later transformed into a book, I’m presenting here. You must become aware of the fact that everything you want and need in life, is already around you, and it is up to you to simply take it and use it as much as you can. In order to achieve success, gain happiness and wealth you have to simply look around yourself and catch the opportunities offered. A great book for all who believe that success is not destined to them, but to someone somewhere else.

Buy ‘Acres of Diamonds’ here


Maximum Achievement: Strategies and Skills That Will Unlock Your Hidden Powers to Succeed

In my articles, I often like to mention the thesis that you already have everything you need to achieve great success, but you just need to push through, and show to yourself and to the world that you really can do it. Brian Tracy, in his book focuses on how to get the most out of yourself, and how to create success with your own, already existing resources. In doing so, he takes in consideration, all spheres of life. The life of an individual, therefore, the success and the happiness in private life is in the focus, as well as it is the success and happiness in business life. It’s time to achieve your dreams, and this book could just be your first step.

Buy ‘Maximum Achievement’ here


See You at the Top

Zig Ziglar is one of the most popular speakers in the world at the moment, and his messages inspire many to achieve success. In his book, he wants to let the reader know, that, at the top there is room for everyone, because, the competition there is small. Those who reach the top know that they have made a big step, and that their life has obtained a completely new meaning. It is important to set the goals and to strive towards the achievement of these goals. The easiest way to achieve it, is through the adoption of a good quality habits, that keep pushing us closer to our victory day by day. There’s nothing left to say, but I’ll see you at the top.

Buy ‘See You at the Top’ here


The One Minute Manager

I’ve already talked before about the importance of time, and how every minute priceless. In his book, Kenneth Blanchard wants to show how to reconcile the coexistence of a manager and his team in order to achieve the best results. In so doing, it is important that the entire relationship is of a good quality, the job done as good as possible, and the time spent on all of this, as less as possible. The book warns future managers in which steps they should not go wrong, and how to cope with new trends imposed by the market.

Buy ‘The New One Minute Manager’ here


Rich Dad Poor Dad

Successful and less successful people have different views of the world. These views are passed on to the younger generations, in other words, parents teach their children, what they have learned from their parents. The entire loop takes us in a direction where many children, later in life, don’t dare to take responsibility and to engage in entrepreneurship. In his book, Robert T. Kiyosaki describes perfectly the difference between Rich Dad and Poor Dad and thus provides the reader with a new view of a business development and start-up, as well as a new view of life in its entirety. This is a book that will change your way of thinking, and make you start with the realization of your dreams.

Buy ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’ here


The Power of Positive Thinking

When you decide to get on the path of the realization of your dreams, the most important segment that you have to do is, teach your brain to think differently. Positive thoughts are the main cause of the achievement of positive results in life, and therefore it is high time to move away from the negative way of thinking, and to start living your dreams. A great story by Norman Vincent Peale, that will erase the negative thoughts from your perception of the world once and for all.

Buy ‘The Power of Positive Thinking’ here



Developing the Leader Within You

In order to be the best, you simply need to become a good leader. John C. Maxwell in this book challenges the myth that leaders are born, and represents a way in which anyone of us can become a leader. There are many key factors that distinguish a quality leader from the average one, but Maxwell in his extensive ‘exposure’ presents all the qualities that characterize a true leader. It is time for you to move away from mediocrity, so you could become a leader, because you deserve to be one.

Buy ‘Developing the Leader Within You’ here



Success or failure is not a trait that is inherited. In order to build a better version of yourself, and become successful, you need to work harder, better, more. May the above books be an introduction to your new life, you’ve always dreamed of.

Reading is a great habit, which we have lost when we were forced to read something we were not interested in. Now, no one is forcing you to read something you’re not interested in, so it is the right time to get the book in your hands again. Reading relaxes, gives new knowledge and expands your views.

Don’t keep wasting your minutes in vain, but take a book and start absorbing the sentences that come from it. No one can offer so much of a good quality knowledge at such a low price. Books are an invaluable resource of knowledge. Use it. Start living the life your dreams already.



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