A day in the life of hockey scout

hockey scout
A day in the life of hockey scout

Do you want to become hockey scout?

The life of a hockey scout is very requesting, but if you love to do this, it is very compelling and interesting. Hockey scout spends most of their life out on the road, visiting hockey games and writing reports. They live outdoors, they work for an extended periods of time, they eat and sleep whenever they can. This is not only a job, it is a way of life.
Hockey scout has so many tasks and areas to cover. Scout tracks players in every single zone he can, and he searches for new talents every day of a week. During the hockey season, hockey scout’s week is full of schedule.

You need to remember every player’s name, how did he play the game, player’s pros and cons and and you should do this no matter what.
If you want to find more about the life of hockey scouts, read the story about Tom Thompson. He is famous NFL scout and he gets in touch with so many people. Positive side of this job is that you will have a chance to meet new people and to travel a lot. Once you got used to it, you will be fascinated with so many new things you can discover, and so many knowledge about hockey itself.
Most certain way to become a hockey scout is to be a couch first. Couch has knowledge about hockey and players’ mentality, he has all connections with other couches and he knows players so well and he knows what to search for in a hockey player. No matter if you love to watch hockey games or not, you must watch it in different way than the rest of the crowd. You must observe small things like conversation between players and team work, and each player’s skills and way to play.
This job can be very hard and you will feel tired at first, but if you cannot follow this terms, you can quit any time. But, if you are introduced to right people, you can learn so many new things in short period of time. You must realize this is a type of job which is time consuming, but if you love hockey, this will not be a problem at all. Most annoying thing is to write a report late at night before you go to sleep, but with couple of advices from senior scouts, you will learn how to write it fast and concise.
Hockey scouts are making telephone calls most of the day, they are watching hockey games and they pick players whom they find interesting. This way of life is not easy. But, if you love hockey and love dynamic type of job, you can start to think about becoming hockey scout.
Before season starts, scout needs to make his schedule. This is most important and most difficult job they have. His whole project is based upon a schedule, and this job must be precise and very detailed. Once season starts, scout must make so many phone calls to couches all over the state. He usually meets all of them, speak to them about players, and tries to find out as much as he can about the players.
Things which scout is looking for in a player are various. But, what do hockey scouts truly search for? This question each player needs to know in order to be picked by a hockey scout. But, in general, hockey scout car for player’s ability to skate, size, character and movement on the field. So many players has all these things, but with a lot of work and practice, their performance can be improved. Players need to improve their qualities in order to become professional players.
Hockey scouts are continually searching for players who know how to skate and to be team players too. Players need to understand that somebody is continually viewing their skills.
Predictable game is not what player needs to perform. Practice is a key to achievement. They must do something unique in order to get noticed by a scout. That something can originate from their gaming skills or something that gets the attention of a scout. Players ought to think of their team, – shoot and pass the puck unselfishly, minimize turnovers and be leaders, and to keep focused on the game all the time.
Downside of this job is that you must travel no matter if there is a snow or rain on the road, and if you are not good driver, this could be risky. Learn what is important, don’t pay attention to irrelevant things and keep an eye on what makes good player. The most talented players on the planet will find a way to be selected by hockey scout, and to work on their downsides all the time. On the other hand, these players are few and very hard to find.
Good hockey scout must have ability to spot every little things about the player, and with a consultation with a coach, he must find the way to improve player’s capabilities. On the day where there are no games at all, scout needs to collect all information in one place and to make phone calls with other people about next activity he needs to perform. Most of hockey scouts rise early in the morning, because they need enough time to reach the town where game is held.
If they are not able to drive so far, they must check in at the airport and fly over to other state. After hard week of travelling and visiting all types of hockey events, scout needs to write down a report and to get some sleep, as soon as he is finished. But, tomorrow is a new day and brand new cycle of scouting begins once again.
If you want to become hockey scout, go ahead and try it. Make some connections, learn everything you can about the game and players, and follow your mind and heart.


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