9 useful free time activities of successful people

When talking about free time activities, it is important to keep two things in mind – you have to have a certain amount of free time and you have to know how to use that free time well.

Successful people often have problems when it comes to finding free time. However, this problem can easily be solved, and here you can find great advice on how to create more free time.

However, most of them manage to squeeze a few hours off into their busy schedule. The question that arises is how do successful people use their leisure time?

We are all individuals, and every one of us has his/her own way of spending the day. This applies to leisure time in particular, because different people strive to different interesting activities. However, in the multitude of all, several main free time activities practiced by almost all successful people can still be singled out.

9 useful free time activities of successful people-time success

If I would now ask you ‘What do you do in your free time?’, I’m sure I would not get an immediate response. Why? Because you don’t keep track of your leisure time activities. In other words, very often you’re not even aware of what you do and how you spend your free hours. Don’t worry, it’s nothing strange.

In our free time we mostly cut loose from our everyday worries. Therefore, we stop being aware of how much time we’ve spent, and on which exact activity. However, there are ways in which you can use your free time in a better and a more quality way.

No, I won’t talk about how you need to commit to your work now. As I already said at the beginning, each of us should have his/her own leisure time that must fulfill him/her with a certain amount of satisfaction and joy after being spent.

In order to achieve it, you need to begin keeping track of your free time activities and find out if those really make you happy or not. If not, then this article is meant just for you. If your answer is yes, and your free time activities make you happy, then I still recommend the continuation of the article which will give you some great ideas for free time.

So, here are a few proven and useful free time activities practiced by successful people:

They spend time with their family and friends

The time you spend with your acquaintances, is priceless. Many successful people are largely devoted to business, and they neglect their family life by doing that. This is a big mistake that needs to be corrected urgently, because after all friends are extremely important to us.

Have you ever imagined how life without family or friends would look like? If so, you’ve probably come to the conclusion that this would be a real horror and despair.

That’s why successful people are willing to invest a lot of free time in the maintenance of family and friendship. They can do this in various ways, but the most important thing is that they get together and talk. In such a way, they achieve a strong bond with their loved ones, while receiving a support for their following business challenges at the same time.

It has been proven that an embrace for instance, arouses a mass of positive feelings in the human body. So why not devoting a part of your free time activities exactly to hugging, laughing, joy and satisfaction that you can accomplish with your loved ones?

They become more active in some other areas

Interestingly or not, but business people are having a hard time moving away from the daily business routine. And when they succeed, somewhere in the corner of their brain a thought of ‘is everything ok with my business?’ wakes up every once in awhile.

Can businessmen move away from their business routine completely?

It is very difficult, but there is one good way to ignore the signals sent by the brain. It is simply necessary to switch to some other activity.

One of the most preferred free time activities is also volunteering. I already wrote about how successful people are willing to help those who are just starting their career, with their advice. But not all is based on helping in the business. Successful people will very often want to come to the aid, regardless of the activity in question.

9 useful free time activities of successful people-time businessman

Volunteering is here as one of the ways in which they can simultaneously feel the contact with many people, but also fulfill their mission of helping others. One would say, two birds with one stone. Indeed, as the third side effect here, the moving away from the daily business routine occurs. So by volunteering, most business people will be able to forget the worries that bother them at work, which is actually the goal free time activities.

They dedicate their time to hobbies

It would be interesting to see the percentage of the businessman, who actually feel comfortable in the business they operate. If you look a little more in detail, you can see that a large part of them has had a lot of successful/unsuccessful projects. So, what they are currently doing may not be the thing they’ve been feeling passionate about since childhood.

In that case, free time could serve as a perfect getaway to the activities they love.

Almost all business people have some hobbies, which they have partly left aside in the days when they were completely devoted to business. Now, when they are successful, the urge to start practicing that hobby wakes up again. So why wouldn’t they practice them during leisure time?

My recommendation is that no matter where this life leads (or has lead you), you have to do what you love. If you like to draw or photograph, you have to find the time to do it. Although you will spend time, it will be a time well spent.

A proverb came to my mind: Time you enjoy wasting, is not wasted time.

They look back

It’s hard to strive for success, if you don’t have clearly defined goals and quality metrics of the mentioned. To measure the extent of your progress, you have to know how to recognize where you are.

Many entrepreneurs, have listed exactly the browsing through success which are behind them as one of their free time activities.

They are ready to spare their leisure time, so they could take a look at what they have done right or wrong in the last week, month or year. Basically, they want to see where the life leads them, and how quickly and efficiently they advance in what they do.

They don’t measure their successes only in business life, but they look at their life as a whole. It is important to observe your own life as a whole because only then can you know if you’re really happy with what you do in your life.

They tread the path for the future

Contrary to the previous point when we were observing the successes in the past, now the visions of the success in the future are being created.

I have already extensively written about the importance of the planning of the day because I believe that this is one of the essential prerequisites for obtaining success in anything in life. The importance of planning has been proven by various entrepreneurs, who use their free time to mark the path they will walk on in the following period.

time you are enjoy westing isnt weasted-quote-time

The planning process consists of several possible scenarios. Originally, the main objectives should be separated into smaller ones, and then the smaller ones should be separated into the daily activities.

There are some other ways which can be followed, but it has been proven that the daily goals are the fastest path towards the achievement of the long-term ones.

If you want to be successful in all areas of your life, one of the important activities that you need to learn is quality planning. Once again, I will note once again, how business people very often associate this activity to the list of free time activities.


They are more actively devoted to the sport

Success is achieved by those persistent, those who didn’t accept to give up when it seemed that it should be done and those who are still striving to the higher goals. All these features, are common to businessmen and professional athletes.

The lifestyle of businessmen and athletes has a lot in common. It is especially interesting the fact that many entrepreneurs try out playing some sport during their lifetime, and successful athletes often start a certain kind of business at the end of their career.

What I wanted to say, is that both are aware of the link between business and sport. It is vital to stand on our two feet in the financial sense, but it is also very important to maintain your physical condition.

Almost all businessmen spend a great part of their free time activities on sports fields.

9 useful free time activities of successful people-time businessman sportmen

We somehow, associate golf with business people in most cases, but that is actually only a very narrow picture. There are a lot of runners, mountaineers, snowboarders (on water or snow), karate exercisers, and even sports sailors among businessmen.

The sport you’re practicing is almost irrelevant, the important thing is that you do something. Sports activity needs to be one of your free time activities. Do not think that your financial situation is more important than your physical condition. Finance can always be repaired, but the human body can’t.

They go on long trips

Mere mortals would say, that’s easy: you have money, you buy a ticket, get on a plane and go to a distant country for a few weeks of vacation. But do these mere mortals know how the life of a businessman actually looks like? Well, it’s not quite that simple.

Business people tend to travel a lot due to various meetings and negotiations. But all these trips are tedious because the need to focus on the job. So, there should be some solution of traveling with your family, regardless of the work being performed. Such a relaxing trip don’t happen to businessmen very often, but they still happen.

In the last few decades, traveling and holidays have been imposed as a general rule of the whole society. There is hardly a person who doesn’t travel somewhere for a few days every year, to rest the body and the brain.

Business people are cluttered with obligations, and they find it very difficult to find time for the holidays. However, the vast majority of them finds such a time and goes somewhere far away.

After all, we are all only human beings in need of rest and energy. Regardless of the part of society you belong to, I think it is very important to create a free time that you can spend in some distant exotic place.

They find time to meditate

Speaking of energy gaining and calming, it wouldn’t’t be bad to mention another leisure time activity. That’s meditation.

Meditation is mainly practiced on a daily basis, in other words, you should be able to find time for this process every day.

This is a short ‘break’ that doesn’t necessarily have to last more than five minutes. The important thing when it comes to meditating, is to find peace and calm your body. Much has been written about meditation in recent years, so there’s is more than enough information available.

I’d narrow it down to just four main points:

  • find some quiet place
  • sit or lay down and close the eyes
  • think about beautiful moments and the joys of life
  • stop the process when the feeling of peacefulness and contentment has been achieved

They read a lot of books

I came across a saying: ‘ Unsuccessful people watch television, while the successful ones read books’ many times in my life. I must admit that I totally agree with this statement.

By this, I don’t want to diminish the importance and the quality of the TV program, but some things are very obvious. Those who read books, they sound, behave and are generally considered to be the smarter people in the society. In books lies the wisdom, the man has been creating for centuries.

9 useful free time activities of successful people-pint

Currently the situation is still such that, it is more likely those successful people will write a book,than make a documentary about their exploits. As a result, the books are hiding a lot more wisdom than television programs. So, the books can provide you a lot more knowledge than TV.

Successful entrepreneurs read a lot. Reading calms the down, while opening new horizons and giving them new skills at the same time. So, a lot of advantages connected with pleasures.

In order to become more successful, it wouldn’t be bad to also include reading in your free time activities.
I’ve listed many things, and I think that it’s quite a quality list. When I say quality, I hope you’ll start doing some of the activities from the list.

What I always like to emphasize Is, that we must become aware of our transience, in other words, of the value of every minute that life brings us. Each lost minute, is spent irretrievably.

We can and must ‘lose’ a large part of our time, but then it is important that we lose it in the right way.

Don’t hesitate to explore new activities. Once you try something, only then you have the right to judge it.

Free time activities are an integral part of everyone’s life. It is important to recognize, which are the activities that satisfy you and make you happy. Maybe one of the activities from the list, is exactly the one that will make you happy, it’s worth a try.

Whatever you do in life, do it at a full capacity and to your own satisfaction. Only this is the right path to success, for which we all yearn so much.

I’m sure you have something to say about free time. The comments are waiting for you to write something down, and to share your opinion with other readers.

On the road to success, I’m crossing many obstacles, and I’m sure you’ll need to cross them too. I want to share all of the so far acquired knowledge with you. Just write your email here and free tips will be sent to your e-mail address.


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