7 crazy business ideas that actually bring money

Business stories are sometimes very strange and interesting, and that’s why we love them so much. Today I will present a list of seven crazy business ideas that completely conquered my imagination. It’s amazing the variety of the crazy ideas by which people earn money.

Do you know that you can also start making the big money? All you need is to be different and unique. Today in modern society all sorts of crazy ideas, have a good acceptance, so it is not a surprise that I chose to describe just crazy business ideas.

Before I start with the actual writing of ideas, I must tell you that, behind these ideas are actually hidden the real people who earn money. Yes, although some ideas are completely crazy, and I would never say that they could turn into a serious business, it is really so.

Let’s go together on an adventure, whose goal is to show you the crazy business ideas, to make you understand that you must not be afraid of entrepreneurship. Creativity is very appreciated nowadays, and if you have a good idea, no matter how strange it was, just start putting that idea into practice. You can’t know whether it is a bad idea, if you’ve never tried to make it work.

These people have put their crazy ideas into practice, and they are earning some big money on them. Continue reading, because maybe some of the cool business ideas could be the inspiration for your own business.


By wearing T-shirts, to a profit of $500000 a year

I’m opening the list of crazy business ideas with Jason Sadler, whose story has become viral, and will be retold by many people for a long time. Jason came to the crazy idea of selling the advertising space on his clothes. You’re wondering, what kind of idea is that for God’s sake? Who’s going to want to buy that up?

7 crazy business ideas that actually bring money - live your dreams - live dreams - business success- tshirts

In 2005, Jason was thinking about how he could earn money by simply wearing clothes, and he thought of something, no one before him ever did. If I can already wear logos of famous brands on t-shirts and other clothing, why wouldn’t I offer this place to other companies too?

He presented his idea to various companies, and the business flourished very quickly. To the delight of all, Jason managed to create a very successful business out of nothing. He hired several workers, who also wore shirts, promoting someone’s brand in such a way.

The distinction of the business was the appearance of these people in public. In agreement with the companies they have been promoting, they had to for example, take selfies with different people walking through the city, and post them all publicly, contributing by that to the success of the company.

After obtaining the attention of the media, this crazy idea,was bringing the profit of $500,000 a year. The project Iwearyourshirt has since stopped, because Jason devoted to other ways of earning money.

Jason Sadler is a man full of ideas. If I’m not mistaken, he also managed to sell his name, and make a good money out of it. He is currently working on some new projects, and teaching businessman, and his official website can be found here.


Pushing people into public transport can bring profit

The cities are getting bigger and more and more crowded, so the traffic jams are becoming intolerable. Almost all major cities have a good public transport network, which manages to solve the huge traffic jams at least in part.

We’ll now go to Japan for a little while, where there is also public transport. Believe it or not, my next crazy business idea is linked to pushing people into a public transport.

In Japan, there is a service that takes care of the flowability of public transport. Their name is oshiya and their main task is to cram as many people as possible into the public transport.

We are talking about some kind of guards, who during the huge crowds cram people into the public transport, in order to maximize the space. Although that passengers may not like it, oshiya is here to take you home from the station as soon as possible.

In addition to pushing people into the public transport, the task of the oshiya is to control the number of people who entered the public transport. That is, it is their task to prevent people from entering the public transport if they see that this is cluttered. So, we can say that they are there to maintain the optimum condition of people in public transport.

This is in my opinion one of the most amazing crazy business ideas. Admit that until now you didn’t know that such a thing exists. 😀


Printing of the sound waves of the favorite songs on canvas or paper

When I first heard about this idea, I thought they were kidding me. But after a short time of googling, I realized that there really is a company engaged in the printing of sound waves.

It works like this. For example, let’s say that the charts are currently dominated by a British song. The Brits have gone nuts for that song, and want the original souvenir. If they visit the website of the mixpixie company or ArtsyVoicePrint, they can buy themselves a print of sound waves of the mentioned song. So, the sound waves of the favorite songs will be printed on canvas or paper, and, the customers will be able to buy them as such.

7 crazy business ideas that actually bring money - live your dreams - live dreams - business success- successful business

Interestingly, there are a few more personalized ways in which this can be lead to a remarkable level. There are also radio waves with samples of certain photos, flags or something else. Also, you are able to buy a T-shirts with the print of the sound waves of your favorite sounds.

A copy of the poster with a sound waves print will cost about $ 15. I’m not sure about the degree of success of the business, but I was very impressed by the idea. It would never occur to me to pack the sound waves and show them as art. Well, that’s why I’m not an artist.


Sells stones as pets and makes millions of dollars

Sometimes I wonder where on earth is this world actually going? Have people completely gone nuts, or they were never normal to begin with?

But, when I perceive that this story came to life 40 years ago, it seems that we are not The generation that has completely gone nuts.

The author of ‘the perfect pet’ is Gary Dahl, who has earned millions of dollars on an idea that is so strange and crazy, that actually makes the perfect example of a successful business.

A long time ago, in 1975, Gary was enjoying in the coffee shop and listening to a conversation between his friends who kept complaining about pets. Prompted by this, he came up with the idea that the perfect pet would actually be a stone. You just put it somewhere in the corner, he doesn’t bark, drink, eat or make a mess around the apartment, and, what’s most important he stays with you always, because he never dies. He decided, I’ll try to turn a stone into a pet and see if people will be interested in buying such a thing.

After that, the rest is history. According to some reports, Gary managed to earn $ 15 million by selling his perfect pet. The story had stagnated for a long time, and a few years ago, it reappeared in public, and people have yet again gone crazy when it comes to buying a stone as a pet.

Is there a point in talking about it any further. Gary showed how the crazy business ideas can turn into an incredibly successful business stories.


Old hair can also be a business

Hell, when I go to the hairdresser for a haircut, I have to pay for the service. But, do you know that you can go to the hairdresser and make money on your hair?

The fashion industry is increasingly moving forward and it somehow seems that more and more people are successfully consuming it. In fact, we all want to be beautiful and cute!

A few decades ago people could only dream about the cosmetic surgery, golden face masks, hair coloring on a weekly basis, and so on. Nowadays, a big part of that is possible, and it is used to a great extent.

In recent years, the trend of hair extensions is highly noticeable in the hairdressing industry. One day you have short hair, you go to the hairdresser and you suddenly have long hair. No wig, no artificial products, no complicated procedures.

The solution lies in hair extensions, and thanks to the constantly growing demand, the hair gains more and more importance as a product. In many hair salons, it is possible to ask if you could sell the hair. If long hair bothers you, and you want to get rid of, it wouldn’t it be great if you could make money out of it? An individual may not make a lot of money, but the one who buys and resells hair could make quite a lot of money.


7 crazy business ideas that actually bring money - live your dreams - live dreams - business success- successful business expert

Professional people who cry at funerals

At the funerals of famous people, especially distinguished state officials, often run stories about the people who are paid especially for funerals. Is it really true that a large part of the people on such funerals gets paid, so that the funeral would look more splendid and more visited? It is difficult to give an answer to this, but the following idea, is a crazy business idea that exists around the world.

Regardless of the above mentioned thesis, the experts for crying at funerals really exist. There are businesses worldwide, where people are trained to go to the funerals and cry there. The trend is particularly popular in Africa, and it is based on the tradition which instructs that an honorable man should have an honorable farewell.

Therefore, the main task of professionals who go and cry at funerals is to encourage other people to mourn. The family of the deceased doesn’t hesitate to pay these people, so they would simply stand by the grave and cry. In this way, they would encourage others to weep, and this would show the importance of the person sent-off from this world.

If you do not believe in the veracity of this story, be sure to check this link. It is a British company that offers services of bringing additional people (extras) to the funerals.


Eating in front of the camera brings them money

YouTube has many stars who earn a lot of money. This is a fact known to many people around the world, as it is being promoted as an easy way of making money. But this is anything but an easy way to make profit.

Among the various video bloggers or vlogers who do all sorts of stunts and then publish them on the Internet, those who simply eat in front of the camera have also emerged recently. What’s interesting, although at first glance it may not seem interesting, there’s a growing number of popular bloggers whose job is exactly to eat in front of the cameras.

7 crazy business ideas that actually bring money - live your dreams - live dreams - business success-pint

One of the most famous among them is ‘diva’. She is a South Korean blogger who prepares and eats food in front of the camera. Believe it or not, she earns around 10,000 dollars a month thanks to that. People are constantly in search of a better nutrition and various diets, and therefore, there’s no lack of interest when it comes to such content.

Let me just mention that the importance of video format on the internet is growing day by day. After text and photos, now is time for bloggers to devote to video works. There is room for everyone, and the only limiting factor which can prevent you from achieving significant success is creativity.



These were the unique 7 crazy business ideas that have particularly intrigued me. I’m not sure how things are with you, but I believe that you were also surprised to here the different things on which people base their businesses.

The important thing in business is to be diligent and to have a detailed plan which is followed. Don’t forget that people have built a true business empires on fresheners for toilets, batteries for remotes, scented candles, pins, and everything else which seems so irrelevant that you would never think of it as a successful business. But someone had to design and produce all that.

Be creative, persistent and plan your business ventures. Don’t let anything restrain you in the achievement of the goal, regardless of how crazy your idea seems. I would tell you, the crazier the idea the less the competition, and greater market opportunities.


I’ve prepared you some fabulous advice on how to succeed in your business. Be sure not to miss the free information. All you need to do is leave your e-mail here.


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