6 creative weekend business ideas which can bring you a lot of money


Weekend business ideas are the perfect solution for those who want to earn some extra money, but don’t have time for an extra work during weekdays. You can achieve a lot in two days of the weekend, so the amount on your account could also increase significantly.

Since I am creative by commitment, it is clear that I always try to strive to offer some creative ideas to my readers.

This time will be no different. The weekend business ideas that I’ll present below will be ultra-creative and with still relatively undeveloped market. So, this is a great opportunity to get involved in the market before anyone else and who knows, maybe one day some of the ideas become your main business.

I think this weekend business ideas have a lot of potential and that the market may soon develop rapidly. Don’t miss the continuation of the text, because here come some free ideas that might change your life:


Cars clothing designer

Having had the opportunity to see how driving cars decorated with gold and other precious metals was popular in the rich Arab countries, now it is time for dressing cars in fabric.

The trend is slowly starting to draw a growing circle of fans, and a very positive thing is that famous stars are often the ones who decide to make such moves.Cars clothing designer - live your dreams tips weekend business ideas lot of money

With the stars comes the money. And with money comes the chance for your business success.

As for the idea, the thing is very simple. The owner of the car comes and orders from you the clothing of his car in black fabric (or other). After that, you get the fabric and start with the job that needs to do be done very precisely. It is necessary to cloth every inch of the car in the desired fabric, in a way to make the entire solution fully functional and pleasant to the eye.

In a variety of weekend business ideas, this one seems as doomed to success. I am sure that the popularity of this trend will spread from the celebrities to other mortals, and this opens up a completely new and large market.

For the implementation of the idea itself, some investment in the education will be needed in education, because it is not an easy job. Also, it may be necessary to assert some license, given that the cars must be completely safe on the roads. All in all, the idea is very interesting and requires creativity on your behalf, so I hope you’ll at least think about it.


The designer of sweets for 3D chocolate printer

Printing by using a 3D printers is no future, because things are already developing rapidly. If you already haven’t, it’s time for you to embrace the technology of 3D printing in any form.

The designer of sweets for 3D chocolate printer - weekend business ideas - live your dreams tips

My recommendation is, get a printer that prints chocolate, or with which you can print different types of sweets.

The people who will be willing to do 3D models, will be increasingly in demand in the future. You don’t need a lot of knowledge to enter this market, but you do need a lot of effort and creativity.

Tutorials for creating 3D models can be found all over the Internet, so the gathering of knowledge should not be a big problem. Eventually, you’ll eventually have to spend some money on the purchase of a 3D printer and the appropriate program in which you can make 3D objects.

Confectionery will get quite a new dimension in the future, which will be worked off perfectly by 3D printing. Thanks to the simplicity of the preparation, the desserts will become a lot more special and more adjusted to the users orders alone.

I believe this is one of the golden hens for the near future. Therefore, it certainly deserves a place on my list of creative weekend business ideas.


The designer of the children’s playing furniture

Parents are ready to spend a huge amount of money on their children, because they consider them to be the greatest wealth in their life. This is a great opportunity for all business professionals and they know it very well. And now you have to become aware of it too.

Children love playing, but parents love it when as few as possible are scattered around the room. A specially designed furniture, intended for children’s play, seems like a perfect solution in this situation.

Imagine sitting on the couch which with a little imagination can turn into a deck chair, and the giraffe, an elephant or something completely different. Yes, the idea of ​​the creative furniture for children’s play is that it the appearance of the current state can change.

This idea will require the acquisition of a lot of knowledge, as well as the acquisition of work permits as though it is something intended for children’s use. As an idea it seems very creative and with a lot of potential in my opinion, but as I said, a lot of effort should be invested in it. I’m no expert, but instead of purchasing your own equipment it may be better if you make a deal with some already existing factory, to transform your ideas into reality.


Restaurant and cafe decorator for special occasions

Restaurant and cafe decorator for special occasions live your dreams tips

Everyone likes to feel comfortable in a restaurant or a coffee shop they visit. The feeling is greatly contributed thanks to the decoration that is set and that gives life to this space.

Many restaurants and cafes change the decorations during the year depending on the events that follow. In Christmas time, for example, many Christmas decorations are put, in order to evoke the feeling of a family atmosphere, while on Valentine’s Day for example, it is all about love. Believe it or not, these decorations are turning millions.

Use a part of this market, and your talent for an eye pleasing interior decoration, and start
working on the decoration of different restaurants and cafes. If you present yourself as a true creative person, business offers will come on their own, so give your maximum (at least initially).


The decorator of aquariums and terrariums

More and more people are moving to the cities, as a consequence, they often decide to choose a pet which lives in the aquarium or terrarium. This is your business opportunity.

The interior designing of an aquarium or terrarium, is important from several aspects. The first goal is to make your pet feel comfortable in its environment, and the second goal is to achieve that you enjoy in the aspect of the entire composition.

The people who are called the aquarium or terrarium designers, make sure that it all looks good. Their task is to choose plants and stones which will make the best environment for your pet, and then they put it all together nicely and with meaning.

Of all the listed weekend business ideas this seems to have the least potential. The reason is that it is pretty difficult to make a break through on the market, because the market is already developed. Another reason is, that only the best and the most famous designers are able to be successful in this business. But this shouldn’t be the reason which will stop you from taking a chance on this business opportunity.


Spider nets designer and setter

I recently came across this idea, and it completely thrilled me. The workers were putting up some net about two meters from the floor, in the playroom near which I occasionally pass by . I wondered what they are doing and which will be the purpose of this net since you can’t set any furniture or anything else on it.

6 creative weekend business ideas which can bring you a lot of money - live your dreamsAfter a few days, I passed by the playroom again, and I was somewhat astonished. Several kids were lying on the net, holding a book, and most likely reading something. There was an inscription below:
‘Come in with a book. Walk out smarter. No jumping and thrusting aside allowed on the net.’

In my mind, this idea is instantly worth thousands of dollars, and I am sure that this is indeed so. These ‘spider nets’ can be set up in various places, and it would be especially interesting to see them in various reading rooms and libraries.

Imagine yourself lying a few meters above the floor in the net and engaging in a fantasy world with the help of the book. A wonderful feeling, which gives the effect that this idea could be very popular in the upcoming times.

I have no idea on the cost of this net and the carriers that are needed. The workers engaged in setting the knauf or some other minor construction works, will definitely be able to put up such a thing in different places. The price of the realization is questionable, but the potential of the idea is certainly not questionable, because the idea is perfect.


I wrote you some truly excellent and creative weekend business ideas above. Taking in consideration that the ideas are relatively new on the market, I think you have a lot of room for breaking out on the mentioned market.

If you’re willing to risk the weekends and spend them on the work, then at least do it so that you can be satisfied with what you’re doing. Creativity can be a pretty good driver of fun and excitement, so the above weekend business ideas can serve as a perfect basis for creating some sort of your own business.


I’m sure that you also have some excellent weekend business ideas. Please share your ideas with us in the comments.

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