4 best jobs for the future which are very interesting and simple

Have you ever wondered what the future holds, and which jobs could be the best jobs for the future ?

It is somewhat difficult to prognosticate far in advance because the technology is rapidly changing nowadays. The certain thing is that the jobs of the future will be related mainly to technology.

Technology will take over a large part of the ‘physical’ jobs that people now perform, but many new people who will take over the management of such automated facilities will be needed.

I think I started complicating things a little bit, and I don’t like that. Let’s make this fairly simple!

On the list of the best jobs for the future there is certainly room for a bunch of other activities, but not all of them are so interesting and simple as the four that I will list.

If you’re looking for a perfect, simple and interesting job for your future, this is the right choice:


Drone driver

Just like the 3D printers, the drones have walked in our lives through the big doors. Although at first it seemed like the drones are not something that could swamp the market, we couldn’t have been more wrong.

Every week I have the opportunity to read on the technology portals, how drones find their role in more and more areas every day. One of the most interesting areas is certainly a package delivery, where a true drama will be unfolding in the years to come.

4 best jobs for the future which are very interesting and simple - live your dreams tips dream life

The whole situation about the drones is still relatively fresh, and many countries are not prepared for the expansion of these aircrafts yet. As we have already seen in the previous period, the drones can solve a variety of problems, but they can also often create them.

Regardless of the further development of the situation, the drones will certainly have their place in the future. Therefore, as a relatively fresh and promising market, they are the perfect opportunity for a job search in this branch.

First drone drivers, have already started their training several years ago. Due to the increased interest, there are now schools in which the candidates are trained and in which they obtain their official documents for the drone driving.

If you want to be a drone driver in the future, the school enrollment and the taking of the driving test for drone driving, will certainly be a good reference for the next job.

I think that this job deserves to be on the list of the best jobs for the future, without any doubt. Apart from the fact that we can expect an influx of drones in the following years, this work provides pleasure, fun and it is not too complicated.


A wearable technology designer

The modernization of society and the advancement of technology, have made us addicted to technology. If you go back 20 years ago, I can only mention the huge bricks of mobile phones that were our only means of portable technology. Today, the half of what we carry around every day is a technological device.

It is interesting to look at the graphs of an increased information and data records, that have started to pile up in the recent years. The curve goes up drastically since the smartphones first appeared, along with various other portable technological wonders.

There is more and more data every day, and a key reason for this is the fact that today we follow our every step. All wearable devices that we have, create a large amount of data on a daily basis. All this in order to have a better control of our life or any other process.

4 best jobs for the future which are very interesting and simple - live your dreams tips dream life tips

A large number of startups nowadays, works exactly in the area of a wearable technology. Today, except the smartphones and the bracelet, we can find smart shirts, smart umbrellas, smart jackets, smart handbags, and so on on the market.


The man will be more and more accustomed on the fact that what he wears, keeps track of his daily life. The future will also bring a great search of the people who will design clothes, shoes and various other accessories that will be synchronized with technology.

It will no longer be enough to just design a T-shirt and sew it, but it will be necessary to incorporate a mechanism that monitors our heart rateĀ or the weather outside into the t-shirts. It sounds a bit unreal, but that is exactly what the future holds.

What possibilities do you have at your disposition, to learn more about the designing of a wearable technology?

I think that the best way to start is by analyzing and studying from some current examples of such high-quality wearable assets. Also, it would not be a bad idea to join a startup working on a wearable technology. Learning from practice, is the best way to absorb knowledge and to come up with new ideas.


Health insurer based on the analysis of the wearable technology data

This occupation is somewhat related to the last paragraph, because its purpose is realized precisely through the activity of the wearable technology.

The name of this job sounds a bit awkward, but I will now explain what it is actually about.

The person who arranges health insurance, will in the future ask you to provide him/her the information about your health condition. But, as until now, you could have mostly gotten that data only from the medical records, now the situation is vastly different.

4 best jobs for the future which are very interesting and simple - live your dreams tips dream life tips health tips

Thanks to the technology, the human health can nowadays be traced at his every step. This is a great innovation for health insurers, because they will be able to offer personalized packages depending on how much an individual is active in life.

A person who runs a lot, and practices sport actively, is less likely to end up in the hospital with severe health problems. Therefore, the analysis of the collected data with the use of a wearable technology, will allow to the insurer to determine exactly how much that person should pay for the insurance.

As today there is a vast number of applications that analyze the data themselves to then determine the best solutions on the basis of lessons learned, much of the work could be automated. So, you would just need to accumulate the information from the person who needs to be insured, so you could make a detailed analysis through a variety of programs, on the basis of these data.

After the analysis has been done, depending on the quality of life of the insured person, it is necessary to determine in which category he/she belongs and how much should he/she pay for the health insurance.

As for the specific school for this profession, I’m not sure if there is one. The data analysts are highly in demand nowadays, and in the future, there will be an even greater need of them. As for the data analysis orientation, such courses are offered by various colleges and technical schools, so I see this as an opportunity for you to stand out among other candidates.


WordPress supporter (a help provider for the WordPress)

Although I don’t like to go in such details in order to accentuate specific companies or programs, this time I did it. A great incentive for such a thing was the popularity which the WordPress has been experiencing in the last few years, so I think it deserves its place on the best jobs for the future list.

What kind of the list of the future would this be if we couldn’t call it the list of creative jobs. Creativity gets more and more important every day, and in fact the entire system is nowadays based on the creativity. Those who are most creative and most innovative take the win on the market.

When talking about creativity, it would be an injustice not to mention the blogging scene, online publishing, which is growing day by day, and the online media in general, as the main platform on which the advertisers are increasingly moving their activities and money.

Nowadays, more and more people decide to start their own business and work from home. In order to fully accomplish their company, they must be present on the Internet. In this case, they most frequently go for the social media or for the CMS systems.

The leader among the CMS systems is certainly WordPress. If you are not familiar with WordPress, here is a short presentation.

The WordPress is a platform which we install on the hosting and which allows us to manage the content on the web sites. So when you want to add a new feature to your website, it is very likely that you will be using WordPress.

4 best jobs for the future which are very interesting and simple - live your dream life

As more and more people reach for WordPress, the more and more help they need. Banal or not, but people get trapped in various silly situations, and the solving of the problem is very often a ‘piece of cake’. Another thing that characterizes this work is the creativity that you can use, but also the patience that you’ll need to have with the poorly informed clients.

I’ve put this job on the list of the best jobs for the future because I believe that the future belongs to WordPress. In the last several years, this platform has transformed the CMS system, into a platform that allows the sale of products. It’s easy to create a web shop in just a few clicks, and the data show that the sector is significantly growing. So WordPress is not just a thing of the past and the present, but it also performs a quality work when it comes to the ensuring of a brighter future.

If you want to learn more about WordPress, you have the whole Internet at your disposition. What I recommend is definitely the purchase of a hosting and a work on a real project, as this is the fastest way learning. The costs of the mentioned are extremely small.


The above listed best jobs for the future are only a part of the spectrum of jobs that will be required in future. People are increasingly striving to the creativity and the desire to innovate, and that is exactly what is going to be the main guiding principle in the business of the future.

Also one important fact promoted by Gary Vaynerchuk is the focus on the user. Nowadays, it is important to be friends with your client, so that he/she would remain faithful to you. So, try to build as better relationship as possible with all your customers, because, they are the ones who are helping you to keep your business going.

These 4 best jobs for the future are adapted to the current market situation, so they can be performed from home, if you make such an agreement. Also, each of the listed jobs can become your niche, on which you can build your own successful business.


Write your best jobs for the future in the comments.

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