25 Cool Business Ideas You can Start Today



You’re dreaming about starting a successful business, but you don’t know which idea is the right one? It seems like your ideas are never good enough? You don’t have business experience but you have a tremendous will to become an entrepreneur?

Today, I enumerated 25 cool business ideas that will turn you into a successful entrepreneur.

These ideas are interesting, profitable and they bring money to people all around the world.


You don’t need to be experienced and have a lot of money to start a business. You just need to avoid a few mistakes made by first-time entrepreneurs and be persistent.

It is not easy to achieve success, but it is not as hard as many think it is either. With good ideas in continuation, I want to encourage you to start living your dreams.


Instagram consulting

Social networks are extremely popular. One of the most popular and one of the most profitable at the moment is Instagram.

Many people know very little about Instagram. Among those people are many companies, which are having a hard time when it comes to following trends. The request for experts on social networks is very big.

If you’re spending many hours on Instagram, and you know all of its characteristics, this is the business for you. You can start Instagram consulting for 0$. All you need to do is, show your conversance of this social network.


25-cool-business-ideas-20-best-new-business-ideas-for-2017-live-your-dreams-tips-pin-ideas-new-businessBox subscription services

The trend of sending “packed surprises” started a few years ago. Although it seemed as a crazy idea at first, very soon the trend turned out to be a successful business and a primary source of income for many people around the world.

In few words, the user likes the product you’re promoting, and he wants to have it. After he joins your program, and pays a certain amount of money, you commit to sending the box to his address.

The box is usually sent once a month, and it contains the products you chose for your user. For example, you send him 5 different perfumes every month, and we are talking about the perfumes you consider trendy and of a good quality.

For starters, you’ll need a website, or a good profile on some of the social networks. You need to work out the payout and the send out system. It is important to have all the elements under control (from the procurement through packaging and sending) in order to have a profit at the end of the month.


Health club for millennials

There are two important facts: more and more young people are obese, and therefore having health problems, many young people are aware of their health problems, and want to do something about it.

Even if it might sound strange, the studies show that the millennials drink a lot less alcohol than the previous generations. Also, their wish for professionally supervised sports activities is getting bigger.

People want fitness centers and health clubs. For a good health club you don’t need a lot of equipment, but a lot of great ideas. Don’t forget that you’ll attract the users by being unique and different from others. Come up with something original, save a lot of money along the way, and attract many users.


Children’s applications

Kids are nowadays spending their time on computers, tablets, smartphones. That is the new generation of people who will grow up with technologies, and accept them as a crucial part of their lives.

Parents want the time their children spend on technological devices, to be as productive as possible. The number of the applications for children will be growing significantly in the following years. You don’t want to miss a great area for income.

In order to turn an idea into an application, you’ll need to be familiar with programming, or you’ll need the help of an expert. You can choose to either spend time or money. The income should come, when the application gets to the children.


Software training

Although many will say that the times when people needed to be educated about the use of computer are long gone, I’ll disagree with that.

We’re striving for the society that will be dependent on computers (although it already is today). That will require a better knowledge of computers and special tools for certain jobs.

If you have the knowledge and the experience of working in a specialised application or programme, you can teach others how to use it. This is one of the cool business ideas which isn’t worn out at all.


25-cool-business-ideas-20-best-new-business-ideas-for-2017-live-your-dreams-tips-pin-ideas-new-business-great-ideaFood truck

The fact is clear – people need to eat every day.

Many of us don’t have the will or the money to be eating at reastaurants every day. So they are reaching for a faster and somewhat reasonable solution – a food truck.

The data shows that in the next year, the food truck indusrty could go over $2.7 billion. That’s not something to neglect.

Food truck might be expensive, but it’s up to you to find a way to start this business with minimal costs. In order to make it happen, you need to have a proper equipment, and even better meal recipes.


Freelance writer

The need for a good quality content on the Internet is increasing day by day. The way of absorbing the content has changed significantly. People want summarized, important and valuable information.

In an era when banner ads are becoming a part of the past, and ads are actually trying to become a part of the posts on portals, the need for creative freelance writers is increasing.

If you’re good with words, and you want to make money from the comfort of your home, this is the business idea for you. Can you imagine yourself in the morning, in your pyjamas, typing on the computer, and making money for your trip?

Here you can see what a life of a freelance writer looks like.


Mobile consulting

The biggest trend in the last decade has certainly started with the first presented smartphone. There are a lot of cool business ideas related to smartphones, and I’ll present you a very simple one.

It is a fact that many companies, but individuals as well, have to adapt their everyday life to smartphones. Many people still don’t know how to use smartphones.

Mobile consulting business, teaches the users how to use smartphones, and educates them about the optimization of the process itself. Apropos, it is trying to establish a safe and a good quality business system in the companies that need it.


Translation services

Thanks to the Internet, the world has become a global village. All borders have been erased, and the only barrier, when it comes to communicating with people from around the world is still language.

Since english is dominant, the demands for translation services for that particular language prevail. Everyone wants to be present at the global level, and English is a “must have” in that case. Despite different translation tools, translators/interpreters will still be in demand. At least until translation tools outperform humans.


Mobile salons

The average expectancy of life is increasing. So, there are more and more services that are focused on elderly people. One of the great cool business ideas is a mobile salon.

The elderly user can order your service by phone or via web. You come straight to his adress, and do everything a salon can do. From a haircut, to manicure, pedicure and different facial treatments.

You don’t need to pay the rent for a fixed position, when you can put your equipment in the car and work straight from the customer’s place. Isn’t that great?


Smartphone repair

As the number of smartphones is increasing, the need for their repairment is increasing as well.

What suffers the most are the displays, while other smartphone “injuries” are rare. If you know how to fix a phone, this is the business for you.

To be honest, a lot of useful tips can nowadays be found on the Internet. It seems like some repairments can be done a lot easier than you think.


Application testing

Users are used to good quality and safe applications. Companies don’t want to make the mistake of sending incomplete or unsafe applications on the market.

The demand for people who will test applications is increasing, not just because there are more applications on the market, but because the applications are becoming more and more exacting.

In order to be able to test applications, you need to know a bit about programming. It is also important to be familiar with the structure and the functioning of the certain types of applications. That’s the easiest way to discover mistakes, that can be turned into a successful business.


Pet sitting

Cats and dogs aren’t the only pets anymore. People nowadays have different tastes, and therefore have many different pets.

Many different animals require everyday care, and the owners often don’t have that much time.

Sometimes, it is much easier top pay someone to take care of the animals. That’s where you can jump in, and make sure the pets are healthy, happy, and have all they need. Pet sitting can become a very good source of income.


Event planning

People have finally realized that there’s no point in trying to control every posible detail. That’s why we have experts that can do a much better job.

Regardless of the event, the planning experts can always jump in. Wedding, birthday, anniversary, birth, funeral, party or something else – the event planners can take care of the whole organization process.

There’s a big money involved in the event planning industry, it would be a pitty not to take a part of that Money for yourself.


25-cool-business-ideas-20-best-new-business-ideas-for-2017-live-your-dreams-tips-pin-ideas-new-business-great-idea-start-todayFinancial planning

People feel insecure in today’s world, and want to invest in their secure future. Since we’re constantly being threatened by different crisis and financial abysses, more and more people are ready to employ a person who will help them to organize their finances.

If you’re good with Money, and you know how to invest and where, this is the business idea for you.

Your role here is to advise, and ensure a stable future for your client. If you can make that happen, and obtain the users trust along the way as well, start this business.


Sports coach

The sports industry and everything worth about it, is currently at its peak. Professional sportsmen earn millions of dollars per year. They are not the only ones who like the fact, the people around them like it too.

There are more and more ordinary people who eant to try their luck in profesional sport. There are also more and more parents who are encouraging their kids to start a sports activity, becuse they hope that can ensure a good future for all of them.

Coaches with knowledge and experience will be very popular in the years to come. It’s because many will be ready to give huge amounts of money, just to come closer to the world of professional sport, believing there is a good and easy life waiting for them.


Interior decorator

There are just a few cool buisness ideas that can be compared with this profession.

Interior decorator is always faced with a new situation, new challenge. On the other hand his work can truly ennoble somebody’s home, but it can’t totally ruin it.

Therefore, this business is a great combination of creativity, innovation, responsibility and excitement.



The future generation is obsessed with bloggers. Bloggers are mainly people we can relate to, that are just like us. That’s why bloggers are becoming very popular.

If you like to write, do research, film videos, take photos – then you’re the man for the business. It is not easy to become popular, but once you do, you can make a good Money out of it.

I’d recommend you to read my post on how to start a successful blog, and which are the secrets hidden by the bloggers.

Bloggers usually make good amounts of money, sometimes even a few millions a year. You can check the incomes of some bloggers here.


Graphic designer

Today when the market is fed up with products, packaging is what actually sells a product. If tere are two similar products, the customers will buy the one with the prettier packaging .

Graphic designers are nowadays key people in all the industries, because everyone knows the little details can increase the selling.

The possibilities of this business are really big. From web designing, to clothes, and aforementioned packaging. A good graphic designer can make a big money.


Online retailer

Did you know that you can sell your own goods on Amazonu or eBay-u? And not just there, but in other web shops as well.

Those web shops have many visitors on a daily basis, and that gives you the opportunity to present your product to a big number of people. Many interested people and a good product can mean only one thing – great profit.

I have a few friends on Facebooku who are selling things on Amazon, and are actually making a really good money there. Don’t think there’s no profit here!


Online advertising specialist

In the last few decardes, thanks to Internet and smartphones, we’ve got many new jobs that we haven’t had before.

One of those jobs is an Online advertising specialist. Newspaper, radio and television are slowly losing their ads budgets, while Internet is gaining more and more money for advertising campaigns.

Since there are more and more advertisers online, it is necessary to make a difference, so you could get your spot and stand out. There’s where the online advertising specialists jump in. They take care of the complete process, form coming up with te ad to publishing it, and optimizing it.


Travel Consultant

Thanks to the cheaper transport services, people are traveling more. Many of them are pretty inexperienced, so they often seek help from a travel conslutant.

Travel consultant organizes the whole trip, books all the necessary services, and makes sure his clients have no troubles during their trip.

Traveling industry makes big money and travel consultants can obtain great commissions. This cool business can be done only by those who enjoy traveling.

Read some tips given by different travel bloggers I interviewed.


Dating Consultant

It might sound a bit odd, but people are having a hard time when it comes to finding an emotional partner. Many of them tend to join social networks for single people, or hire professionals that can get them together with the right people.

Dating Consultant has a users base in which he looks for perfect emotional partners. After finding them, he tries to get them together, and it often happens that those “fixed up” partners get married.

In order to run this business you need to be a romantic soul. You need to recognize the interests of your users, and find the people who can complete someone’s life. A very interesting and romantic business idea.


Your own Brewery

Who doesn’t like beer? There are hundreds of millions of beer lovers around the world. Many of them want a special experience, an interesting aroma or something that will make their drinking special.

25-cool-business-ideas-20-best-new-business-ideas-for-2017-live-your-dreams-tips-pin-ideasCraft breweries have been expanding in the last few years, and there are more and more beer lovers, who decide to experiment with beer produced by small breweries. The market is rising rapidly, and it seems that this trend is slowly starting to take over the world.

The investments in your own brewery can be a bit high at the beginning (even if we’re not talking about some extremely big numbers), but it all starts to pay off very quickly. The thing that will differ you from the competition is the quality and the innovation, because today not even the beer is what it used to be.


Meditation Instructor

In a frenetic and stressful way of life, people are trying to find their peace. They most often find that peace through some kind of exercises, such as meditation or yoga.

Since it is not a usual way of exercising, and it is very important to learn a good technique, many people decide to hire instructors.

Even though Internet is full of yoga tutorials, it is so much easier, to learn something when you have an instructor who can fix your mistakes by your side, and you learn faster as well. To be a Meditation or a Yoga Instructor is definitely a cool business ideas.

With many different people passing through your everyday life, there will also be many reasons for fun and happiness. This is one of the most interesting businesses you can find.


How to turn an idea into a business?

Now you have the list of 25 great and cool business ideas. That’s all you need to start a successful business.

After that comes the fun part – the starting of the business, and the making of your first income.

I recently wrote an extensive and good article, entitled “How to turn a business idea into a successful business”. There I enumerated all the important facts that can affect the efficiency of the business, and that will help you to overcome the first few months. You can read the article here.

Don’t ever forget that a good idea is a half of the success of the business. But, in order to build a successful business, the idea itself isn’t enough.

You’ll need to invest a lot of effort, learn many new things, and keep pushing forward day by day.

Winners have never quit, while losers have.


Don’t forget that a great view can be seen once you get to the top of the mountain. But, the road to the top is full of obstacles. Obstacles that can very often be fun and instructional.


You can also join my free newsletter, so you could receive such great ideas by e-mail on a weekly basis!


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  1. NicoLA says:

    These are some great tips Marko. I read all the 25 ideas, and I really like some of them. The new year has started, and I hope now is the right time to start a business. Thanks a lot for the ideas. 😀

  2. MichaelNix says:

    I like the ideas focused on younger or more mature groups of people.. I think that’s the secret of success in the future. That’s because those final groups are very well aimed, and we can be sure that there will be customers. Moreover, it’s easier to determine the final customer… Great ideas!

    • Yes, if the business is focused on a precise group of people, it is much easier to aim it in the right direction. It is important to know your ideal customer for a better and faster development of the business.

  3. Lucia090 says:

    There are a lot of children’s applications on the market.
    Do you think there’s more space for new applications on the market?
    I think that the applications market is a bit too crowded.

    • I can tell you one thing. There’s always enough place for one more player on the market. Each next competitor who becomes a part of the market has a more difficult position, but that doesn’t mean the success can’t be reached.
      You can always create something new, more interesting and of a better quality. Don’t hesitate, I wish you the best of luck, just keep going. 😉

  4. Instagram consulting is an awesome business idea. I read that Instagram overtook Twitter in followers. I’m definitely more of a visual person and have never really been into using Twitter.

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