10 new and interesting business ideas that really work

Are you looking for a business idea that doesn’t have a developed market yet, which works in practice, and which is also very interesting? If so, then my list of interesting business ideas will be of great benefit to you.

My main guiding principle in the search of new business ideas, is creativity and simplicity. The ideas that I found for you today are, very interesting, but at the same time require resourcefulness and ingenuity from you.

If you want to talk about money, then the matter is very simple. A large part of these interesting business ideas doesn’t require a large investment, but only the courage to start your own job.

The market is nowadays very open to all aspects of human labor. Today, one can sell everything, because everything is being purchased. Creative people have a huge advantage over the others nowadays, because creativity is actually becoming one of the key virtues for success in business.

To make a long story short, here is a list of 10 interesting business ideas that can be transformed into a successful business:


The study of the family tree

Not far away from me lives a person who is engaged in this most of all interesting and very profitable work. According to him, he is the only person in my country dealing with this, so he is obliged to refuse clients almost every day.

10 new and interesting business ideas that really work - live your dreams tips - study family tree

The study of the family tree, is a business idea in which the final customer orders an investigation of his origin from you. So, he wants to know about all of the ancestors that he had in history, of course it refers to those you can find records about.

When you know the name of the client and his primary family, it’s is time you start with the great and interesting research.

This job is not easy, but it is very interesting, and brings a good profit. It is not easy because you have to look for historical books and records of births, in order to combine all ancestors that existed into a tree. Quite often you’ll have to look for information from different sources in order to succeed to investigate as deep as possible who is related to whom, and to know how the entire family tree actually looks like.

In a conversation with the person who’s engaged in that in my area, I learned that the orders of the clients are very different. Some clients want the research to be carried out in depth, in order to find out who were the first people of whom the family tree started. Others seek to explore the breadth, to find out what is the current status, and who were all their ancestors (and even further relatives) in the last 100 years for example.

The common characteristic of all the clients is a good financial situation. So these are mainly the clients who have a lot of money and who are willing to pay well for such services. Therefore, if you are eager of researching and scrolling through the books, this is certainly a very interesting and profitable business idea.


The making of personalized novels

The idea itself has been around for some time, but it was mainly focused on children’s literature. Let me rephrase it, the short stories and the picture books were personalized.

Now it’s time to move on, so the idea of the personalized novels has come up. The real question is, who would not want to have a leading role in a famous novel?

The idea seems very interesting, especially because nowadays, reading has been somewhat neglected. Personalized novels could contribute to the rebirth of readership, as people would like to have leading roles in the novels they are reading.

The research have shown that when reading books, we tend to almost always immerse ourselves in one of the roles. So the book for us, is as interesting as we can connect with the main characters. In the case of a personalized novel, this connection would be even much firmer.

You will need the permission from the author, for changing the names of the main characters in the novel. So a big part of this job will be done over the phone, because it will be necessary to arrange the cooperation with the authors. On the other hand, the sale of such novels could be done over a web shop, as the internet trade is nowadays growing significantly.


10 new and interesting business ideas that really work - live your dreams tips - mobile gas stationMobile gas station on request

The list of interesting business ideas continues with one slightly banal, but, as proven in practice, successful idea. The idea of mobile gas stations originated from Texas and the project is running even above expectations.

The business that currently exists is based on the fact that the user indicates the need for the fuel through a mobile application. Thanks to the application, the supplier of the fuel knows the exact location of the customer, and the amount of the fuel needed, at any given moment. The rest of the work is done on the field. You come with your cistern (which doesn’t have to be of a high capacity) to the place where the customer has parked his car, and you pour the fuel in. After all, you charge the service to the customer, and you’re ready for a new mission.

The idea works very well in practice, because the people don’t want to waste their time by driving through the crowded streets, in order to get to a gas station to pour the fuel. It is much more simple for a company for example to call you, to come and pour in the fuel in all the company’s cars on their parking lot, so they don’t have to worry about going to the gas station.


The sale of three socks instead of a pair

When I first found out about this idea, I had a good laugh. But after seeing the results achieved by this idea, I was a bit confused and stunned.

In fact, the whole theory of the three socks package, now makes perfect sense. Surely you know the myth that the washing machine has a tendency to swallow a sock during the washing. Well, exactly this myth is a basis of the whole theory of the sale of three socks.

10 new and interesting business ideas that really work - live your dreams tips - three socks instead of a pair

Frankly, stockings are expendable material, so it is not a problem if one of them disappears now and then. But what if the one lost is your favorite sock, the one that was your lucky sock so far? Well, that’s a problem, that should be prevented.

That’s where the sale of the three socks comes in. The purchase of three socks allows you to still have a pair which you can wear, if you lose one. Frankly, it often happens to me that my socks get lost somewhere, so I have a large number mismatched socks. Wouldn’t it be great if we could put a stop to this problem?


Renting chickens

Why on earth would anyone want to rent a chickens for himself?

If you live in the city but you want to be sure of the quality of what you’re eating, or you just have a fetish for breeding chickens, then renting is the perfect solution.

Believe it or not, the popularity of this interesting idea is increasing, especially in areas where the distance between the place of residence and some farms isn’t so big.

There are special farms intended for this purpose, where the space is divided into several zones, so that each chicken lessee could keep his chickens to himself. This is an interesting idea, because in fact you can grow your chickens the way you want. So, you can feed them food that gives a higher quality eggs, or you can breed specific varieties for a higher quality meat.

Basically, in order to realize this idea, it is necessary to have a farm (no matter the size). It is also necessary to split the farm into several areas and to arrange each area according to the wishes of the charterer. After all, it will often happen, that you’ll have to take care of other people’s chickens, due to a general fuss in the city. But is this a problem? No, because you’ll be very well paid by the charterer for each action on the chicken farm.


Shareable office space

With interesting business ideas we have stepped into the second half of the ideas. Now comes an idea that is not so new and that is very well spread in the last few years, but there’s still a space for success in this area.

In order to rent a space to the workers, it is necessary to possess some kind of office space. So, if you don’t have the space then you will have huge investments. If you own a space, and you don’t know how to use it, then, one of the most promising ideas is renting a space to different workers.

10 new and interesting business ideas that really work - live your dreams tips - rent a aspace to workers

At first, we as workers complained about the working conditions in the indoors spaces of the company. Then the idea of working from home took off, and it seemed great to many people. But now that more and more people are working from home, the desire of socializing in the office spaces has grown again.

I believe that you know a lot about the idea of working together (co-working), so it makes no sense going into the resolution of the concerns about creating a quality co-working space. However, I would still add that you have to be creative and unique. The easiest way to attract people is, by offering them something new, interesting and unique.

One of the ideas is to decorate the space thematically. For example, why not arrange the space in the theme of the sea and the beach in the continental part of the country? Why not arrange the co-working space on the coast in the theme of the mountains, so that people could feel as if they were somewhere in the highlands?

You think that no one would fall for such ideas? You’re so wrong. Try it and you’ll see the results.


Personalized greeting cards written in your own handwriting

The owners of companies find it difficult to hand-write dozens of thank you letters and greeting cards in the various occasions. There’s a perfect solution for such cases, which I present you as an idea number seven on the list of the interesting business ideas.

During his/hers first access to the application, the owner of the company needs to send a text within which he/she will handwrite each letter of the alphabet. After that, the software (or a man) brings out the individual letters out of the story, and makes a personalized handwriting of the owner of the company. Now that the application has a handwriting of the client, the possibilities of sending thank you letters, greeting cards and invitations are endless.

For example, if you want to send the same text to about hundred address, and you want it to be written by hand, you will now be able to do in just a few mouse clicks. Submit the text that needs to be hand- printed to the application, the application translates the keyboard text into a handwritten and prints out hundreds of greeting cards. After that, the business owner can send the greeting cards to the addresses himself/herself, or the application can do it for him/her. All in all, he/she has avoided the hours and hours of work and writing.

Personalized greeting cards, have become a matter of prestige nowadays. In the past, it was normal to send a hand-written greeting card to your friend’s address. Today, we handle it all through e-mails and messages. However, if you are willing to hand-write a greeting card and to deliver it to someone’s real mailbox, this will leave a much greater impression on the person concerned.

The greeting cards business is becoming more and more important nowadays. In contrast to the past times when we wrote our own greeting cards by hand, today many are willing to pay others to do the writing for them. Use it.


Artificial dog yard in the apartment

Different weather conditions prevail around the world. So, there are parts of the world, where it is raining for most of the year, somewhere is constantly terribly hot, while in a certain part of the world, the snow does not melt throughout the whole year. These are the conditions that certainly are not favorable for the pets. But what if you want to have a pet regardless, is there a solution for it?

10 new and interesting business ideas that really work - live your dreams tips - dog space apartment

Many pet lovers keep their favorite little creatures in the apartment. It is a question if this is actually good and healthy for the pets, but it is the only good solution in the most cases. It’s hard to go out for a walk if it’s raining all week, or if strong winds don’t stop. If the majority of the pets has to stay in the apartment for a certain amount of time, then the perfect solution is to arrange the apartment, so that the pet feels more free.

The artificial dog yard in the apartment, is the idea that is very highly regarded on the market. Many will opt to buy a lawn for the apartment, in order to provide a better living conditions to their dog.

The question that I don’t have a concrete answer to, is how much investment is needed in this business. For the production of an artificial grass and a variety of other surfaces, some quality machines are quite possibly needed, so the investments could be huge. But there is always a possibility for you to negotiate with a company that deals with something similar, so that they do a part of the assortment for you.


Personalized tea designed according to the customer’s wish

Tea, as well as coffee, can freely be classified in the category of the favorite beverages around the world. Although the price of the tea is miserable, and the business does not seem to profitable to us, the data shows just the opposite. As the enormous quantities of tea are drank worldwide on a daily basis, it is clear that this must provide a very good profit.

The market in general, strives to the personalization and to the quality relationship with the customer nowadays. In order to achieve it in the full extent, it is necessary to offer to the customer, the choice among many options, and sometimes even let him to design his own products.

The idea of the personalization of the tea may not be the latest thing on the market, but it seems to me that it offers an increasing potential. The customers are increasingly inclined to the personalization, because they are getting used to it thanks to the market, therefore more and more people could yearn for ‘things to their taste’ in the future.

The personalized tea business, works on the principle that, in the application, the user chooses different flavors which he/she wants to fuse inside the bag. Once the flavors have been selected, the combining of the different flavors according to the customer’s wish begins in the production line. After the whole process, the tea is delivered to the buyer’s address.

The customer can therefore enjoy in his own personalized tea, and the salesperson can happily rub his hands because he met the wishes of the customer and thereby he earned.


Cube pumpkins

The last idea is a compound of a sort of folly, but even more convenience. I assume that you have handled with pumpkins and watermelons many times in life. Their size and shape makes them very impractical for handling.

But, it came to someone’s mind that these melons and pumpkins could adopt a different form. The development of the idea started, and we got the result, cube pumpkins and watermelons.

10 new and interesting business ideas that really work - live your dreams tips - pinterest

During their growth, watermelons and pumpkins are placed into a special box that limits their round growth. Therefore, a cage that is attached to them, forms them so they become cubical, while actually only the end angles are slightly rounded.

This idea is gladly accepted on the territory of China and Japan, where the cube watermelons are more and more becoming a matter of habit. What cube watermelons typically offer is easier handling and transport. It is much easier to transport a cube watermelon because it is easier to arrange it so it doesn’t take up much space. In addition to transporters, the merchants also like the idea, as they can finally arrange the watermelons in a more suitable place, without the fear of the collapse of the pile.


A very inspiring and fun list of interesting business ideas has come to its end. I assume you’re happy with the ideas that I’ve presented to you in the above list and I hope you’re smart enough and brave enough to transform one of the interesting business ideas into your business.

Go slowly, and grow day by day. Business is created step by step and there is no place for hurry. Everything that is done in a hurry has bad foundation and it easily collapses. Rather, start with small steps, but don’t give up. I am sure that the ideas above have a lot of potential and that you will know how to use it.


If you are a person who is planning to open a weekend business, here are the super weekend business ideas.

Make sure to leave your interesting business ideas in the comments, because it’s fun to share the knowledge.


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