Have you given yourself a purpose?


“I believe that every human being has a purpose and that each and every person can express and live their purpose to their utmost potential”  –  Maya Harel


But why is it that so few people ever reached their utmost potential? Why are there so many ‘unpurposeful’ people who don’t enjoy their life, wishing for something more or even worse, they give up on the possibility to become something more?


From my experience with working with people, I found that most people haven’t given a purpose to themselves and haven’t decided on what they want to create in their life. This is one of the main reasons why people feel stuck, unfulfilled or dissatisfied with their life.


A common belief most of us have inherited is that a purpose is something you are either born with or not  – that a purpose is something grandiose that only fortunate people can have or fulfil – but where has this belief came from?


If we have a look, most of us grow up in an environment where our future is pre-planned for us. From a very young age, children are expected to follow a specific path, based on the opinions and beliefs of adults and the socio-economic conditions of our birth. Most children never question or investigate who they are and what they want to create in their life. Instead, they follow what they think they are supposed to do or expected to do, paying the terrible price of not  living and expressing their individual and unique purpose.


We are living in a world where survival is the main concern for the majority of us. Fear in relation to this issue is the primary reason most people believe they cannot fulfil their purpose. They believe that living a purposeful life will not and cannot bring food to the table. In assuming this belief is the absolute truth, the majority of people in this world just accept that their purpose is unrealistic and that the life they want to create for themselves and others is a goal that can never be achieved.


Let me ask you a powerful question: If you had the resources, money, time, skills, confidence, self-trust and motivation to achieve your purpose, what would you do?


Many times when I ask people this question they go blank, they have no idea what they would do, nevermind what their purpose is. But consider the following:


Your Purpose in Life is to GIVE Yourself a Purpose and then Live Your Purpose.


This is an empowering realization because it means that YOU have the power to decide what is most important for YOU. You can choose to take action and make what seems to be impossible, possible.


To discover, identify, and direct your purpose is not an easy thing. Believe me when I tell you it took me seven years to decide on my purpose: what I want to create in this life, what I want out of life.


I spent years researching, investigating, introspecting, studying, going back and forth until I made the choice to give the purpose to myself and design an action plan to reach my goals.


So please, there is no need to feel overwhelmed! It doesn’t have to take you 7 years, at least no on my watch! My purpose is to help you to discover, identify and direct your purpose and become the creator of all aspects of your life. I have compressed my years of experience, trials and errors and designed the tools to guide you through the stages to become the creator of your life.


Not knowing the purpose you want to give yourself is actually the best place to be because you are at the very point where you can make real choices. If I were you right now, I would be so excited – you just realized that you are able to make choices and changes, starting today!


“I believe that everyone has a purpose and that each one of us can fulfill our purpose to our fullest potential if we are given the right guidance.”  –  Maya Harel


I’m here to support you with this because this is my purpose, so don’t hesitate, contact me by E-mail or schedule your complimentary coaching session and visit my website for additional guidance and support.


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