I want to visit my son in Sweden. I had not seen him for three years

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Dreamer: Barbara Horvat

There is no harder thing in life than to not see your child for a long time.

My name is Barbara and I live in Croatia. Ten years ago, my son moved to Sweden, and I stayed in Croatia. Now we are miles away, and the last time I saw my son is three years ago when he came here for couple of days. Since then I have not seen him at all, and I had not seen my grandchildren also, I missed them so much. Three years is very long period of time, but simply neither I nor he have time because of our work to make arrangements to visit each other.

It is very difficult for us to make plans and to find free time, especially today when it is so difficult to find a job and keep it. My son works in the food industry and he cannot leave his restaurant for more than a few days. My wish is to visit my son in Sweden this fall. My husband and I are planning to buy tickets to Sweden and go there for at least a week. It will be difficult to arrange for both of us to be granted for free days of work on the same week, but we will try to do this. Unfortunately, we cannot be away from work for more than a week, but this will be enough.

I remember the day when my son left our home because he could not find a job here in Croatia. He knew that it will be much easier for him to earn money somewhere far away, and he decided to go to Sweden along with his wife and kids. This decision was not easy, but there was no other choice for them. When they left, I cried for so many days, I felt like someone stole them away from me.

I just want to hug my son, my daughter in law and my grandchildren and to have some quality time together. We will spend a lot of money for those tickets, but it will be worth it when I see them in person, to see how much my grandchildren have grown up, and to see my son’s beautiful eyes again. I am counting days and weeks until that happens, and when I see them, my heart will be fulfilled with happiness and joy.






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