I have always dreamed of becoming firefighter



Dreamer: Momi P.

When I was a little kid, I have always dream about becoming a firefighter. I often had a chance to hear a siren at firefighters’ truck when something dangerous happened. When there was a fire, they were there. When there was a cat on a tree, they were there. When someone got locked up in an attic, firefighters were there to help that person.

I did not know that being a firefighter is very difficult. Procedure of turning into a firefighter is tough, and there is so much competition. Tests for becoming a firefighter are designed in that way that numerous individuals don’t continue or succeed at. I told my parents that I want to see how they work, how they are talking to each other, and how they prepare to fight against fire. So, one day, my father took my to firefighter station. I was so excited I could not breath.

Entering the station was one of the best days of my life. Everyone was there – firefighters, chief of station, supporting stuff, they were all getting along and they all knew what are their jobs. Someone told a joke and everyone laughed, they seems like they are not really colleagues, but best friends. And then, alarm went on and I knew – it is time for action!

My father asked if we can get into the back of a truck and go with them to see what is going on. Chief said yes, but I must not move at all and I was not allowed to touch anything. In just couple of minutes, we were at the location where fire was raging, and they all worked like one person. Fire was set down in just several seconds and my heart was pounding because of all that excitement. I was eight at the time and I promised myself – I want to become a firefighter no matter what!

Today, I have twenty-two years and I am trying my best to get all answers how to become a firefighter. My dream is still here, and I don’t want to give up on it. I finished paramedic school and I am waiting for further instructions what to do next. I will start to volunteer next month to get some experience, and I will take firefighter course at junior college. To become a firefighter is not easy, but it is manageable if you try real hard.





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