How to become a fisherman? I want to catch fish all day and enjoy

become a fisherman
become a fisherman


Dreamer: Joe Smith

My name is Joe, and I can’t wait to retire in two years. But, is retirement the end of interesting life? I hope not.

I had so many hobbies in life, but my true passion is fishing. I spent my life away from the sea, and I never had true opportunity to catch fish like a professional. I visited my friend’s cabin offshore several years ago, but it was during the summer and I didn’t had a chance to actually catch any fish.
I don’t know much about best places to catch fish, but I will do that in the next couple of years. I am planning to learn everything about this interesting sport, my wife already bought me fishing stick for my birthday, and I read as often as I can about this. Fishing is not something you do rarely. If you want to fish, you will fish as often as you can. It is not an easy task, because I must collect many information about where fish live, where fish go during summer and winter, and how to catch fish properly.

I don’t want to do this as a hobby, I want to be professional fisherman and to sell fish to other people. I know I must register a company and to get all kind of permits and licences for this, but I will not give up. My wife is very supportive about this subject, because our children live far away, and we see them only once or twice a year. If we find a house near sea or ocean, we will be closer to them and we can visit them more often.

Being a commercial fisherman is my dream. I found out that I need to complete several approved courses and I must get some degree for career advancement, but I will do it. Technology that fishermen use can be basic and advanced, and I will learn to operate this technology with a help from a professional. First, I will get a licence to participate in fishing, and I must do this before I completely change my way of life.

Alaska would probably be best choice, because our children live near Alaska. I know I must become fishing deckhand first, but I will follow this dream and do everything to make this dream alive.






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