How I dreamed about becoming a ballerina

dreamed about becoming a ballerina
dreamed about becoming a ballerina


Dreamer: Susanne L.

My mummy told me that, when I was inside her womb, I started to dance whenever I heard any kind of music, whenever she sang to me to get me relaxed, and even when I was a little baby, I smiled to everyone who sang me and I smiled when I heard music on television or a radio. I stomped heavily with my feet so early, my grandpa used to joke that I will become a dancer or a ballerina when I grew up.

But, this was not a joke for me when I turned five years old. I was dancing in my own living room when I was two years old, and every family member came to watch my performance show. My mother lead very healthy life and she did aerobics at least twice a week. I watched her and I started to repeat her moves. I did a twist and twirl, and she noticed that I have a talent for dancing.

By the time I was eight years old, she put me in a dance class three times a week. She thought that this is just something it will pass my mind, but it didn’t. I didn’t give up on my dream, no matter how hard choreography was. I did my best to learn every single step and position and I didn’t give up until I learned it. I went to school, I had so many friends, but I have never thinking about quitting my dancing class.

In my teenage years, I did not have much of a social life. I met my trainer and did everything to improve my body, feet, and legs strength. My trainer helped me to be flexible and gracious at the same time, and I was on a special diet to keep my body healthy and fit. My father was so proud of me – for my tenth birthday, he bought me professional ballerina costume which I still keep in my closet as a motivation to keep doing this. This costume included skirt, leotard, tights and ballet shoes.

Besides my dancing classes, I watched every single show and competition on television. I watched so many experienced ballerinas, and I tried to copy their moves and choreography. I am not a perfect dancer yet, but I have nineteen years today, and I am on a good path to become one. With a help from my parents and friends, I am living my dream and I learn so many new things every day.






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