Three successful strategies to start a business. Do you need mentoring and business plan?

When you consider to start a business, preparing the ground has huge importance. Preparing the ground generally means you should mark the process of developing a business plan for a certain period of time, which should be a guiding idea in your further plans. But, we stumble often into many situations where business plan is not prepared for some reason, because people believe that everything will be sort out over some time. When the job starts, many people realize that they did a mistake and they should make a plan which the company will follow.

But, what if a business plan is not our main concern? Can we otherwise solve the problem if start is poor in any type of the business? Certainly. The solution for this is mentoring! Today, we have a bunch of mentors who are willing to share their advice on how to succeed, and it is very important to comply with the rules they give us and to follow those rules. With time, everything will be settled, and if it’s not settled, we can personally make arrangements with mentor and pay him or her to make productive business plan.

The story goes like this. Imagine that you are standing in a complex labyrinth, blindfolded and with hands tied down. Yes, approximately, when you want to start a business – everything is completely unknown to you. The goal is to find a way out of the maze as quickly as possible to enjoy the freedom. In the business marketplace, getting out of the maze represents the rise of the company until the moment when you starts to earn constant amount of money, and when it finally succeed. So, we are still in the maze and we are looking for a way out. At this point we can select three tactics:
1. We completely go from wall to wall out without a specific plan (in business: no business plan and no mentors)
2. Keep the known rules to follow which can help us to find a way out of the maze, but we will need more time (in business: read the instructions of a mentor from various available sources)
3. Listen to advice of people outside the labyrinth that leads us outside (in business: owning a business plan and a personalized mentoring)

What solution seems the best to you? We will assume that the right answer is option number 3.

Let us analyse answer number 3. In order to listen to advice from outside, it is very necessary to have an outside source. We could call this cheating, but don’t forget that this person will get paid for his services. A man from outside has already been in a lot of similar situations, and he solved so many mysteries and a lot of maze escapes. He knows that we should focus only on certain issues and his experience can help us get out of the trouble. This answer is definitely the best solution available, but once again it should be noted that this solution is most expensive.

Third option in the business world would look identical. Pay mentor to make good plan by which we completely develop our business. Doing so, we can focus on the important things which are singled out in the business plan. If plan is good, we can notice success soon afterwards. Also, it would not hurt from time to time to mentor check to see if things are going in the wrong direction. A lot of issues must be included and taken care of, but some other time.

Advantages of the business plan and mentoring:
– We will know on what to pay attention
– We invest less money by focusing on the right things
– The results are visible in short period of time
– We have expert support and a person who knows how to solve problems
– We dodge conundrums that exist in the business world.

– A quality mentor costs a lot,
– Some mentors tend to be very expensive in the future,
– Mentor can change your business idea completely,
– Making good business plan will most likely take some time,
– Not all mentors are same – choose wisely!

Solution number 2 will get you out of the maze, but the only question is when and how much you have to spend your time to get a solution. It is well known that right side rule can pull you out of the maze, but to achieve this, you will most likely have to go through a large part of the maze. It is generally known that if you follow advice from many well-known businessmen, you will most likely achieve some success after some time. There are a bunch of materials on the web and many words of wisdom can be found among the materials. It is hard to believe that if you read all of these materials, you will fail to reach your goal. Simply, when we know about problems, we would also know the way how to get away from them. However, each business is essentially unique, and nothing is guaranteed. But, if we read as much as we can about this business, we can succeed. But, whole process takes too long.

It is hard to expect that you will be able to read all the articles from just one businessman, let alone a few of them. Perhaps it is better to choose one tactic which you will follow, listen to lectures and read books and possibly try to meet him in person to ask him what is not entirely clear to you.

Benefits of this solution are:
– You will realize what is the situation on the market
– You will get a certain image how things really work
– You will get tips that can help you in building your own business venture
– in some aspects, you enter the life of entrepreneur
– financial costs of these materials are relatively small

The disadvantages of this strategy:
– Advice is not focused on your project only and you will have to adapt to this advice,
– You will lose lots of time
– If you miss some nformation, whole area of expertise will be lost,
– It is difficult to distinguish what information are important,
– Misleading information could take you in completely wrong direction.

In the end, solution number 1 remained – to start a business blindfolded and to expect the unexpected. In today’s world, unfortunately, this solution will lead you to failure, because time is crucial. At first, this seems like a great idea, but when you start this method, it becomes clear that you are on the wrong path and you will not go further.

Entering the business market without a specific business and financial plan is definitely shooting in the dark. Rare are those people who manage to build their career by using this method, and they did not intended to succeed at all. They were simply follow their heart, and all things have come into right place as time went on. Only handfull of people make success from their ideas and achieve significant results.

Benefits of entering the business venture with no plans:
– Great desire and motivation
– Quickly learning about current situation and possibly leave business on time
– Learning from your own mistakes!

– Loss of time and money
– Huge risk of financial problems,
– Project takes more time, without specific results,
great idea could be lost!

Business venture takes many good and not so good moments. The basic rule which should be followed is that you always need someone by your side. We don’t think that your family and relatives should be included, but also business partners and people who understand how business works. Do you own a business mentor? If you have the opportunities, make sure that you choose right mentor. Mentoring can take you in the wrong direction, if the mentor is not experienced. In any case, don’t go with your head through the wall! First make a hole in the wall, and then go 😉


You don’t agree with details in the article above? Leave a comment! We hope that at least one persone will share his or her successful and less successful story regarding mentoring and business plans.



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