How did Successful Bloggers Become Successful? [Tips and Financial Reports]



It is hard to become successful, regardless of the area you’re trying to achieve success in. The life of a blogger might seem wonderful, and it actually is, but you need to reach a level which allows you to live the life of your dreams.

You want to become a successful blogger, but you don’t know how to start? Or, you might be investing a lot of time into your blog, but the results aren’t visible? You’re running out of patience, so you’re wondering how not to give up on your blog?

I’ve given up, and came back numerous times, but even though it’s been ten years, I’m still present on the blogging scene. This time, I’m more powerful, more ready, and more willing to achieve success. Millions of people around the world are writing blogs, but only a small number of them is actually successful.

I’ve talked to many bloggers in my life, and today, I’ll share with you the secrets of those who have managed, to become successful. They have all had their own path to success, but they have all persevered, and followed some principles, which should serve as your guiding line as well.

In order to become successful, you need to summon knowledge from those who are already successful. Being successful has a different meaning for each of us, but in the end, it means being better than someone else.

For successful bloggers, being successful, means having more visitors, sharing more useful knowledge, making more money, sharing more ideas with the fans, etc.

What is your goal? You want to become a part of successful bloggers elite or not? If you do, I’d recommend you to read this article till its very end. Ideas and information you’ll get, could change your life completely, for the better of course.


How much money do successful bloggers earn?

how-did-successful-bloggers-become-successful-tips-and-financial-reports-live-your-dreams-tips-best-tips-money-factors-earning-blogFamous bloggers will mostly tell you that it isn’t about the money. Most of them started a blog so they could follow their passion, and share their ideas and knowledge with others. Step by step, a hobby turned into business, and some of them have managed to earn a small fortune thanks to blogging.

There’s a lot of bloggers – female, male, fashion bloggers, travel bloggers, design bloggers, food bloggers, etc. All of them don’t make the same amount of money in fact they don’t even have the same chances for success.

#Factors affecting the income

The income of a blogger depends on a few important factors:

  • the niche in which he/she operates
  • the size of the community around him/her
  • the quality of that community
  • the money invested in the blog
  • the way of monetization, and the number of different ways of acquiring money
  • the knowledge they possess
  • how good and interesting their content is


Niche, is an area chosen by the blogger, the area he/ she dedicates the articles to. It’s not the same if you’re writing articles about chewing gums or traveling. Traveling, along with law and attorney, is one of the best paid niches. On the other hand, chewing gums probably have a small chance of monetization (it’s not like they don’t have any).


The building of an audience is one of the most important factors that will affect your income.However, some bloggers make big money with a small audience, but that’s because their audience is strictly selected. In most cases, it is a very well defined niche, where users are ready to make big financial investments. However, a bigger number of users, means a bigger income. The creation of a big, and good quality community, is a primary goal of all the successful bloggers.


Blog investment is the main component of the every day life of successful bloggers. At the beginning, it might be hard to set aside a few dollars, for the blog investment, but every dollar will pay off in the future. If it seems crazy, by surfing the Internet, you can come across many bloggers, who usually invest tens of thousands of dollars in their business, every month. It is actually a simple math, no risks. Because, their profit is a lot bigger, than the money they invested. So, the income is inevitable.


The creation of the content represents the biggest satisfaction to the bloggers, because it is a process, during which, they are able to express their feelings and thoughts. The success on blogging scene is achieved only by those who manage to put valuable information into an interesting story. People like quality information, with as little circumlocution as possible, and that’s exactly the direction you should be heading in. Knowledge presented in a more interesting way, will allow you to have a bigger profit from your blog.


Monetization is a very diverse area, when it comes to blogging. Some bloggers have contracts with sponsors, some just promote products, others jus put the promotion code on their blog, and they can already hear the money coming. The better reputation, and the more users you have, the easier it becomes to monetize a blog.


#Real bloggers and real profits

how-my-top-7-bloggers-managed-to-earn-more-than-500-000-last-month-live-your-dreams-tips-bestA part of big blogs can’t be considered blogs anymore. The blogging business, has turned into an extremely successful business, so we are today talking about portals, making millions, and posting dozens of new articles on a daily basis.

Such blogs are: The Huffington Post, Mashable, Techcrunch, Perez Hilton, Life Hacker, etc. All of them are making some big money, and they have all started as small bloggers. But, as they have turned into portals very soon, they won’t be taken in consideration in this article.

I will concentrate on awesome blogs and successful bloggers, I’m following on a daily basis, and whose blogs are still ‘just blogs’. As far as I’m concerned, blog is a kind of website that publishes articles, just several times a week, and has a personalized approach to the customers.


#1 Smart Passive Income

Income in the past month: $167,314

Pat Flynn started his Smart Passive Income blog in 2008. The year the global crisis started. He decided to do it, so he would have a side business that will bring him some additional profit. There were many websites dealing with the online business topic, at that time as well, but Pat Flynn has chosen that precise niche.

He was building his blog step by step, writing his articles about online business development diligently, and came to the number that will turn our heads around.

In the last 12 months, Pat Flynn has earned more than 1 600 000 dollars thanks to his blog.

I want to say that I’m a huge fan of his blog. Today, it is not just a blog it is much more than that. In my humble opinion, Pat Flynn is one of the best experts when it comes to online business, and his great blog, is a true bait, for all those who want to try their luck in that area.


#2 Pro Blogger

Income in the past month: unknown

This is a blog I’m checking on a daily basis, because it deals directly or indirectly with what I’m doing as well. This blog can probably be put in the top blogs talking about blogging.

Darren Rowse is the one behind the ProBlogger. He came to the blogging scene in 2002. He has since built two world-famous brands: the first one is ProBlogger, and the second one is Digital Photography School.

Darren Rowse is a great example to all of those who want to start blogging, because all of his tips are based on real situations. I’d recommend you all to watch the introductory video that can be found here, and it tells you all about how Darren Rowse started his blogging adventure.

Unfortunately, there are no monthly reports regarding his income, but the last data I was able to find (from a few years ago) state that his blog was at that time earning 40 000 dollars.

That sum is probably much higher nowadays, because ProBlogger is famous for being one of the meeting points of all bloggers (a community of more than 300 000 bloggers), while Digital Photography School is a meeting point for all those who are into photography.

Although there are no reports regarding the income, Darren has told his readers where his money is coming form.


#3 Just a Girl and her Blog

Income in the past month: $34,721

Abby has joined the ‘successful bloggers society’, thanks to her blog that has an unusual name: Just a Girl and her Blog. She started the blog in January 2013. The blog kept growing since then, and we are now talking about over 30 000$ of monthly income.

As for the topics, Abby has chosen a few areas (decorations, arrangements and blogging) she’s passionate about. It is a true example of a blog started due to a passion for something, and it has turned into much more than a hobby.

Abby can thank a big part of the visits to her blog, to Pinterest, where she has more than 70 000 followers. I’d definitely recommend taking a look at her personal page, so you would get the chance to know her better.


#4 Making Sense of cents

Income in the past month: $102,911

I fell in love with this blog a year or two ago, when I first came across it. I love the part that talks abut a monthly income report, because these data is very well presented and very well structured.

I have to say, I’m really surprised by the income of the blog, that just went over the roof in the past two months. The first big step forward, happened at the beginning of this year, when the blog’s monthly income went from 30 000 to over 60 000$.

But, the last two months have been truly fascinating: July brought 112 595$ of income, while the last month brought 90 188$.
Michelle started the blog so she could pay off her student debt that accumulated over the years. If I’m not wrong, the blog was started in 2011., and Michelle hasn’t stopped making us happy with her great posts, and even better monthly income reports ever since.

The blog talks about how you should be saving and spending money, as well as about online business as a great source of income. I would definitely recommend all my readers to stop by Michelle’s blog, because it is just inspiring.

#5 Pinch of yum

Monthly income: over 50 000$
We all like to eat well. This blog is a great source of ideas, if you want to make dishes that will thrill your mouth as well as your wallet. It is a food blog, and I absolutely love the photos posted (because they are great, and you even have food on them). Lindsay and Bjork have developed an interesting and profitable business from the simple idea of a food blog.
Although Lindsay is a teacher, she was always passionate about cooking. That passion encouraged her to start a blog that will become a great source of cooking tips and recipes.
Although the blog hasn’t been around for a long period of time, it has managed to reach the monthly income of 50 000$ so far.

I have to say that this blog has the most brilliant and most interesting monthly income reports, as well as visitors’ statistics. If you stop by the reports pages, you’ll find all the details you want to know, that can at the same time be a great foundation for you to start your idea on.

#6 Melyssa Griffin

Monthly income: 102 132$
Melyssa Griffin started her blog pushed by her desire to help others, because she truly likes helping people.

She hasn’t had many doubts when talking about the blog’s name, so she named it after herself, and made a great brand out of her name. Her blog focuses on how to increase the number of visits on your pages, how to shine among the competition, and monetize your passion.
Apart from being sweet (I hope she doesn’t get mad) her income look very appealing as well. Her monthly income has regularly crossed 50 000$ so far and in the last few months she reached a number of $100 0000 a month. She once again confirms the thesis, that by helping others you grow as well.

#7 Busy Budgeter

Monthly income: 20 000$
The numbers I’ve mentioned so far can really blow your mind, so it’s time I show you that there are bloggers, who have smaller but still impressive incomes.

In fact, I doubt any of you would be upset about earning as much as Rosemary does with their Busy Budgeter blog.

The blog covers all kinds of topics, but a happy family life, and a good money managing are the center two.

The income of this blog is around 20 000 $ according to the available data. As for the monthly income reports, all my praise goes to the author, because everything is very well explained.
All the sources of income and expense are explained, and the tools that are being used in order to get such results, are named as well. The truly inspiring part is the plans for the months to come, where there’s always place for improvements that guarantee bigger success and bigger income as well.

That’s not all…

I already mentioned at the beginning, this is only my personal choice and we’re talking about the blogs I’m following on a daily basis. I like the themes of these blogs, and their ways of thinking and sharing ideas. That’s why I follow them regularly.
There are thousands of other successful bloggers like these around the world. I just haven’t mentioned them because I’m limited by time and space.

I sure hope you’ll mention a blog you follow, and find interesting in your comment.

A few blogs i adore are not on my list unfortunately. That’s because I’m not familiar with their income.

I read and follow certain blogs just because I get attracted by their information and topics. The income of some blogs I visit regularly is surely big, but I don’t have the exact information to share it with you.


How to become a part of successful bloggers?

Now goes the less inspiring part, but you definitely must read it.

You have found out how you can make money through a blog, now it’s time for you to find out which are the habits practiced by successful bloggers.

how-did-successful-bloggers-become-successful-tips-and-financial-reports-live-your-dreams-tips-best-tips-moneyIn order to be successful, you need to think, develop, and act as a successful man.

As you have seen above, successful bloggers were happy to share their statistics with other people.

The data about money sources, expenses, investments visitors’ statistics, and ways of monetization – it is all public and available to everyone.

You must be wondering why bloggers did that. Public display before their users makes them transparent and worth of trust, so that’s how they gain the users trust, and build their success as well. By helping others, they are actually helping themselves.

In continuation, I will enumerate the advice shared by successful bloggers. These are the advice that got them to where they are today:


#1 Meet your users

You have nothing else but your users.

Your users are those that make you more or less successful. It is time for you to get to know them.

If you’re using social networks, ask them who they are, where they come from, what they do, what inspires them, why are they your users?

The knowing of your own users will make your success better, faster and more efficient.


#2 Gather ideas from your users

You’re writing your blog to satisfy your passion and desire to inform others. Is there a better way for reaching through to your users, than asking about their problems and ideas?

The solving of their problems, and the acceptance of their ideas, will let them know you care about them.


#3 Be creative

Bloggers around the world create millions of sentences and articles every day.

Just a small part of them becomes viral. In order to become a successful blogger, you need to be a 100% creative when creating the content for your blog.

You can always do something better and more creative. Creativity pays off.


#4 Be honest

The visitors of your blog will immediately know if you are being dishonest.

Being honest means accepting your victories and failures as well. All the people around the world have their god and bad times, so by being honest, you are proving your worth to your users.

Admit your mistakes, because by doing that, you’re giving your users a lesson they will appreciate.


#5 Write simple and short

People don’t like infinite babbling. Remember what you feel like when there’s someone in your group who is telling a boring story. You don’t want that!

You want to be simple, fast and get to the heart of the problems.

One boring sentence is enough to make the user go away from your blog. Stay focused on the problem.


#6 Come up with a great title

The title is what sells the story.

You can have the best story in the history of journalism, but if the title is not good enough, it is all for nothing.

People click on the title, and read the rest after that. Devote a good amount of your time to the title. Make it creative, attractive and make sure it brings the point of the story as well.

A boring title, means a boring story, and that’s it!


#7 Create a content worth sharing

The content you are creating must be attractive, provocative, and creative, so that your user can’t go without sharing it with his friends.

It won’t be easy to create such content but it will pay off in many ways.

Think about it, by creating a great content, you’ll do half of the marketing business as well, because the content will be shared around, thanks to the fact that it is so good.

#8 Invite the users to act

People are lazy. If you want them to do something, you have to tell them to do it.

If you want them to comment your content, or share it with others you have to mention it to the several times.

Don’t be afraid to invite them to act, because you have nothing to lose anyway.

Words like ‘click‘ ‘comment‘ ‘share‘ will definitely bring some additional activity of the users on your blog.


#9 Give something for free

Who doesn’t like presents?

We all ‘blossom’ when someone gives us a present. Make something valuable, and useful, and give it to your faithful followers for free.

That will firm the bond between you and your readers even more, and it will attract new users as well.

Give something for free, and it will pay off, through the loyalty of your readers.


#10 Build the mailing list

E-mail isn’t dead, and it is hard to believe it will soon be.

Simple people, artists, businessmen, politicians, and many others – all use e-mail.

E-mail is a great tool for promotion, if you know how to use it right.

Invest some of your time in the creation of a good mailing list. You won’t regret it!


#11 Learn and inquire always

There is no, and there will never be a man on this earth who knows everything (even in the strictly specialized area).

You can always, and I mean always learn something new.

The feature of successful people is, they are always learning new things. You’re never smart enough you can always learn something more.


#12 Learn form your mistakes

There is no person who hasn’t made a mistake in his/her life.

Even if he/she slept all day, so he/she wouldn’t make a mistake, the mistake was made anyway, because he/she wasted this day.

Make a mistake, learn, go on, make a mistake, learn, and go on again – and just keep going!

Mistakes are only our guideline that helps us to work harder and better in the future. Learn from your own mistakes, but from the mistakes of others as well.


#13 Follow trends

Adjust to the changes, otherwise you’re gone.

how-did-successful-bloggers-become-successful-tips-and-financial-reports-live-your-dreams-tips-best-tips-money-tips-and-financial-examToday’s market is cruel, and only the ones who are ready to fulfil the current desires of the customers can survive.

Don’t stick to your principles adjust to the new times instead. Follow trends and keep growing!


#14 Be willing to make sacrifices

Don’t fool yourself, in order to become a successful blogger you need to be willing to make sacrifices.

Your ideal users, may be awake at night, your post should be published just before lunch, the money you saved for your trip, would be a good investment in your Facebook marketing campaign, etc.

Success never comes by itself, you need to work, progress and work even more.


#15 Perseverance

You will make mistakes, fall, repair and waste your time on bad attempts.

In all this, your final goal needs to be clear – become a part of the bloggers’ elite.

Winners never quit, they persevere, and that’s why they win.

I will now remember Les Brown who said: We’ll play as long as we don’t win!



The story of successful bloggers isn’t without coverage.

Today, I showed you real results, substantiated by real photos, which prove that it can be done.

Admit that you were a bit shocked by the incomes of successful bloggers. You should know that these are not the best paid bloggers in the world there are those who are earning a lot more.

Successful bloggers have become successful in different ways, but they have all had one thing in common – they had a vision of where they want to get with their blog.

If you want to live your dreams, nothing can stop you. It is simple: Live your dreams!

Successful blog is based on many good principles. Don’t choose just some of the principles, stick to all of them.

Don’t say it’s hard, because it actually, all comes one after another. If you work hard, the results will come sooner, and they will be a lot better.

Successful bloggers have proven themselves through their great blogs.

Now it’s your turn! Make me happy, and allow me to write about your success in the blogging world in a year!


Please share this article via Facebook, Pinterest or some other social network. You can also leave a comment below, so I could see your satisfaction with the article, and your suggestions as well.


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