How to react on people who are sabotaging your success?

If you want to be an entrepreneur, and a successful man, than you have to know that there will be people who will try to sabotage your success. This is not my opinion, it’s simply a fact.

The road to success is extremely difficult. It is in fact, paved with slabs which sometimes push you towards failure, and sometimes rise you to a great success. You become stronger and stronger step by step, and that means you are lining up new successes and leaving the defeats behind.

As an entrepreneur you have to be prepared for a variety of challenges and new (unwanted) situations. You have to know something about money, about business in general, about the paperwork, marketing, customers, and certainly a lot about the business you’re dealing with.

But even when you overcome all these tasks, another problem gets in your way – the people who surround you.

People around you are accustomed to a routine: they get up early, go to work, stay there 8+ hours, come back home, prepare dinner and go to sleep. And, so they’re running around in circles day after day.

They believe that this is the right way, so they are convinced that their entourage should also live like that. They just don’t want to admit that they could be wrong, so it is easier for them to criticize a different behavior. They are not willing to take the blame, because they are afraid of the change that could happen to their ‘comfortable’ situation. Therefore they glorify their behavior and degrade others who have chosen a different path in life.

How to react on people who are sabotaging your success - live your dreams tips-your wins

I’m sure these people will be sabotaging your success. Sometimes consciously, sometimes unconsciously. They simply can’t bear the fact that someone is different. The existence of such individuals makes them doubt that maybe they way they are taking in life is not the best, and they certainly don’t want that.

The more success you achieve, the more enemies you have. That is a known thesis, which all experienced entrepreneurs have experienced to some extent. The people envy you when you do something they did not do. They consider it their defeat, and no one likes losing in life. That’s why they are trying, and will try to put a stop to your successes. They don’t want to watch your victories and their defeats.


Absurd or not, precisely those closest to you, will be the ones most ready to sabotage your success.

Your parents and closest friends, will resent you and try to talk you out of the goal you mapped out at the very beginning. A large part of the people here is ready to give up because they truly respect the opinion of the people who are closest to them. But have you ever wondered what the life of your friends and relatives looks like? Do you want to live like them or you want to be different?

If you want to be different, it is clear that their opinion is not professional. However, they will still feel the need to give you their opinion and to push away from the life that is not formed according to their principles.

As your adventure will progress, you will encounter more and more people who will be sabotaging your success. When talking about sabotage, I’m especially referring to the people who are going to tell you that you won’t succeed, that it’s impossible to make your dreams come true, that you will never be able to live a decent life, etc.

It is extremely important for you to stay strong in those moments, and to continue treading step by step towards the realization of your dreams. Being strong, not giving up and getting up over and over – are the key virtues of all those who have achieved success in life.

You can get rid of people who are sabotaging your success in several different ways. In continuation, I have extracted a few most important methods to prevent those people from sabotaging your success.


Leave the people who are preventing you from the achievement of your dream life

Many will say, escape is the easiest solution. But is it really the easiest thing to do?

If we suffer from a lack of support from our family, then we have a big problem. The family makes a difference in our lives and it would be incredibly cool to have the support of the family during our efforts to achieve success.

If this support does not exist, and if they are sabotaging your success , would it not be logical to abandon them?

It may seem logical at first glance, but a big question mark over your head still remains. You have to be aware that, he family, as cruel as it may be, in most cases, hides a soft heart inside. Maybe they will try to talk you out of your plan and prevent your actions, yet sooner or later, they will be willing to help. Such a rule applies in general, but you should always bear in mind that there are exceptions.

As far as your friends, the situation is much clearer. The friends who will keep sabotaging your success are actually not your real friends. The essence of friendship lies in helping one another and therefore your friends are the ones who should stand by your side. If this does not work, I think it is quite clear that you need to abandon them.

How to react on people who are sabotaging your success - live your dreams tips-idea business

The abandonment of a friend doesn’t have to be permanent and to a full extent. You can, for example cut a friend out of your life for a couple of months, making it clear that you have a problem with him sabotaging your ideas. As a true friend, he tought to understand it, and give you the room to succeed. On the other hand, you can come to an agreement, that you can still be friends, but in no case should you talk about business.

Everyone else is irrelevant in this whole story. You shouldn’t care about the opinion of some neighbors, quasi-experts, locals, and so on. If these people were not important in your life until now, you should leave it that way. Don’t bother with all kinds of expert opinions from people who have not achieved much in life. They just want to sabotage your success, because they will consider your success as their defeat. Leave these people aside, and do not let their opinions tailor your future.


Ignore the ones who are sabotaging you

A somewhat milder form of abandonment is ignoring. Milder if we consider that you lose the people you’re surrounded by beyond retrieve. But definitely not milder if we consider that you have to deal with criticism.

When ignoring, a huge burden falls on your back. On the one hand you have to listen to what others are saying, on the other hand you have to forget it as quickly. Ignoring is extremely difficult, but it can also cause a variety of disagreements.

People love and respect when someone listens to and values their opinions. When ignoring the opinion two key problems appear:

  • you get the information you don’t want to get
  • the interlocutor gets the feeling that you’re not listening and that you don’t care about his opinion

So, as much as you persist in ignoring the other person, it is clear that his/her ideas still go through your head. That’s not good, because you’re starting to doubt your intentions.

The interlocutor you’re ignoring is pretty convinced that you are rude because you’re not listening to what they’re saying. This may lead to quarrels and disagreements, which ultimately may result in termination of friendship or any other relationship.

It is extremely important to let people know that their peroration will not affect your decision to achieve your dreams. So, bring all of your cards to the table, and show them why you don’t listen to their opinion. In this way, you transfer all the guilt to them, because now they are the ones who are trying to destroy your friendship if they start talking about something you don’t want to.

To ignore someone in a way that you warn him/her that his/her opinion does not affect your perseverance, is a good tactic. Firstly, you’ll get rid of all the predators that will try to plunge you some of their ideas. Secondly, you’ll turn out polite because you have presented your opinion on the subject before ignoring.

However, some people will receive the information that you consider their opinion irrelevant, in a negative way. It is essential that you pack the statement in a way that it does not offend anyone, but also to ensure yourself from further sabotage.


Prepare the entourage for your ideas

How do you explain to your parents explain that you will spend the next two years of your life sitting in a room and working on a game that will make millions? Hmm, now that’s a question that deserves those million dollars.

If you’ve ever tried such a thing, I am sure that you’ve encountered a variety of ugly comments:

  • You are out of your mind, get a real job…
  • What millions are you talking about? Who has ever earned millions on computer games?
  • I won’t let you just laze at home. Get a job..
  • While you are under my roof, you will work, and provide for the bills…

Truth be told, it is difficult to change your entourage. The people who surround you think within some framework. Every idea that comes out of these is completely unknown to them, and therefore it is considered impossible.

How to react on people who are sabotaging your success - live your dreams tips - ideas people

This is one of the key reasons why so few people engage in the adventure of creating their own business. They are all convinced that they don’t have the capacity to do so. Is it the capacity, or are they just afraid of something that goes beyond their frame of thinking?

I am convinced that they are afraid of the change. They don’t want to get out of the comfort zone because they are afraid that they will harm themselves by doing that. I love it the way it is, so why should I risk it?

Hey guys, are you aware of the fact that we only have one life? You have approximately 70 years at your disposition. Do you want to spend them comfortably, just enough you could survive, or do you want to go to the limit and really enjoy your life?

There’s only one way to prepare the entourage for your ideas – spread information about them.

You’re the one who needs to be aggressive in this approach. You have to show the guts and force your idea even before you accomplish it. Try to substantiate all the information with some real facts. People love it when they have some evidence that something is really true.

If you prove to your parents that many people around the world earn millions on games, your parents will trust you more. Until then, you’re just a dreamer who does not stand on a solid ground.

In this approach, are not you the one receiving information from others, but it is your task to spread the information. This is very good for confidence boost. Scientists have proven that the big plans do become reality when are constantly telling our brain that this is something we can and we want to do.

The more the entourage gets prepared for your new ideas, the easier will it be for you to implement them into reality. There will be less and less people sabotaging your success, because these words will keep ringing in their heads: “Yeah, he told me he would do it. Well, he’s really doing it.”


Transform your dreams into reality

In the previous chapter I said that people are much more inclined to believe in something, when they are convinced that it really exists and works. It would be great if this was so in your case too.

The last in a series of tactics – how to prevent the influence of people who are sabotaging your success is to show your ideas through reality.

Every dreamer has a multitude of problems at the beginning. He starts from scratch and there is nothing to show (not even to himself), which would give an additional impetus for further development. It is necessary to get by many obstacles to develop something and to achieve some goal. But when you get to this level, then you can say that you are now ready for the next step.

Something tangible, in other words, something that really has a certain value, will be a sufficient proof to the people, so they start to believe you.

When you come with some concrete evidence, of how you are successful in what you do, in front of their saboteurs, you can expect two scenarios:

  • they will start sabotaging you even more, because they are aware that you are achieving success in your plan
  • they will start to believe you, and they will support

If the first scenario happens, then it is high time to do what I described in the point one or two. It is time to leave such people behind, or to simply ignore them. Such people will never be your support, no matter how much effort you invest, and how successfully you fight with all the obstacles.

How to react on people who are sabotaging your success - live your dreams tips-pint

Regarding the others, that will be your ticket to salvation. The support of such people will only grow over time, and that will make you go further and further. Once you manage to convince someone that what you are doing is really true, then you can expect a great support.

True, the journey from concept to implementation is a long one. But it doesn’t matter at all what happens after you achieve the first goal. You must not falter because after the first goal comes the larger one, the one you truly aspire to. Don’t forget that the only thing that limits in you the whole story is your brain and your wrong way of thinking. When you manage to change your opinion and the opinion of others, there will be less and less of those who will be sabotaging your success.


When you think about it, we can come to an interesting conclusion: We are actually the ones who are sabotaging ourselves the most.

If we set a goal in our head to achieve something, we must be prepared to demolish all the barriers. It will be painful and hard, but the ultimate goal is worth the effort. If you are mentally well prepared for the realization of your dreams, every next step of turning dreams into reality will be very easy.

We must become aware of the fact that everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but not everyone’s opinion is right. We all have our own ideas and wishes, and we shouldn’t judge anyone. If someone bothers us on our way, we simply avoid him/her and we have solved the matter.

Of the many who will be sabotaging your success, the only threat is your way of thinking. If you manage to change it the way you want, you’ve solved a huge part of the work. Every next objective will only be a routine that will help you reach the top.


Was anyone ever sabotaging your success? How did it look like? Write it in the comments.

My goal is not to sabotage your success. On the contrary, I want to help you in achieving your dreams. If you want more great ideas, join to my favorite users on the newsletter.


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