What constitutes a modern successful entrepreneur? Broken myths of a modern entrepreneur

You probably think that one successful entrepreneur has a great life, full of joy and happiness. But is this really true or, is it just so with the exceptions?

When talking about business, we always think of money. Can money really be a measure of happiness and satisfaction in life?

I am convinced, that some businessmen actually live a ‘miserable’ life, and that fact is also proven by different research. They are surrounded by people and things that don’t make them happy, and don’t inspire them the joy of life. That’s why they often focus even deeper on the business, and leave those ‘important things’ aside.

Today we live in a new age, when the notion of business has acquired a new meaning. New entrepreneurs don’t want to focus on just making money, but they want to live a life where with a minimum of the time invested, they can do what they’re interested in.

In few words, new entrepreneurs want to travel, and do interesting and educational things, they want to share their knowledge and happiness with others, and so on. Ultimately, they want to absorb their private life into the business sphere.

The older businessmen were doing the exact opposite thing, they were including business into their private life. This has ruined their personal life, because the work almost always prevailed.

We do not want that. We want to live life to the fullest, and make the money along the way, that will allow us to live such a life.

Nowadays, the perception, of how the life of a successful entrepreneur should look like is a bit skewed. Therefore, in this article, I’ll break several important myths of a modern entrepreneur.


In order to become a successful entrepreneur, I need to be inclined to the risk

While almost every person who has ever read any article about business will give an affirmative answer to this question, the situation is completely different. No, it is not necessary to be inclined to the risk, in order to set up a successful business.

What constitutes a modern successful entrepreneur - live your dreams tips - risk

There are more and more teenage entrepreneurs who have built their businesses in parallel with attending school or college. Also, the concept of a web entrepreneur is becoming increasingly popular, because, due to the fact that everyone is on the internet, the business is also moving there.

Why it is not necessary to be inclined to the risk in order to become a successful entrepreneur?

The reason is quite simple, the changes on the market. The service sector records a more significant growth, while the attitude no longer plays an important role.

The old businessmen had a huge problem. They were dependent on the location and the workers in a certain area, where they formed their businesses. Today, the matter is entirely different. Nobody prevents you from starting the production of your own line of mobile devices, from writing and publishing a book, from mentoring and teaching people various skills around the world, all from the comfort of your home.

So, the market offers an instant solution for all those who want to turn to business. Creativity and marketing are becoming the key factors, while the production process plays a less significant role day by day. The difference between those who create and those who serve as a platform for the realization, is becoming more and more noticeable.

The market of the services also largely dictates the pace of moving of the world market. The popularization of the services has launched a trend that will most likely continue, so the services will continue to be more important than the products.

Once, it might have been easier and more profitable to do some jobs at home. In that case you should have just bought a device and do what you had to do. Today, you are very likely going to hire a craftsman who will offer his services, and you won’t have to buy certain devices, or work for that matter.


The story is simple, services are in, products are out

There is also another important segment that definitely affects the risk reduction when talking about new entrepreneurs. The initial investments are minimal, or are funded by others.

If you’ve got a good idea and a good plan, it is quite simple to become an entrepreneur. A large part of today’s market offers you a ready-made solutions, and you don’t necessarily need to create your own business systems. You can come to an agreement with others that that will make the product for you, and the only thing you’ll need to do is, turn your ideas into reality and sell them on the market.

As far as the services, many of them are based on a knowledge of the individual or the company. Knowledge has a priceless value, but on the other hand it is free to share. So, if you want to share the knowledge you do not need a (big) initial investment.

What constitutes a modern successful entrepreneur - live your dreams tips - products

Another way to start a business, has been popularized in recent years. Services for social financing like Indiegogo or Kickstarter have been recording a significant increase in popularity. Turning into a real focal point of quality ideas and products.

The appearance of such services has reduced the risk to a minimum.

  • you can easily get an overview of how many people is interested in your product or service and whether it makes sense to continue developing it
  • you’re receiving a significant financial support that should serve you as a very good stimulant at the moment when you’re planning to turn your ideas into reality


I need to quit my job in order to commit to my business

Most ‘experts’ claim that this is the actual key? I will say no, it is not necessary to quit your job, in order to start your own business.

Modern entrepreneur has a completely new view of the business. He believes that the goal of a successful business is to work smarter than others. Not stronger, not more, or arduous, but smarter than others.

As I already said, the desire of a modern entrepreneur is to include his life into the job, in a way that he lives the life he wants, while the job only job makes room for such possibilities. If we take this fact, it is clear that he wants to create a business on which he will spend the least time possible.

Therefore, the key objective of this whole story is not to separate as much time as possible for the business, but to spend as little time on the business as possible. So, if we take some elementary logic into consideration, it is not necessary to leave our job, because we want to start a business that will consume a minimum of our time.

The answer lies in automatization. I will certainly write about the process of automatization in some of my future articles, but now, I will only briefly introduce the idea of automatization.

The aim is to create a system that moves and operates alone. So, I come up with an idea, find platforms which enables smooth management, and eventually switch to automatism. Step by step, I perfect the system to the point of becoming an irrelevant part of the whole story. Consequently, I can cut myself out from the process, which brings me money by itself.

This is not applicable only in the industry, but in almost all areas of the market. Whether we’re talking about the process of purchasing, manufacturing, selling or anything else, automation can play its prominent role.

When you successfully implement the automatization into the system, the time you will spend on business will be minimal. Therefore, I must once again say that is not necessary to quit your job, in order to start a business.


I have to have an inexhaustible source of money so I could become a successful entrepreneur

Frankly, I tend to appreciate the people who started from scratch and made a business from the ground up using their own hard work a lot more.

A long time ago, the money dictated the market situation. You were nobody without the money and the capital, and you simply weren’t able to start a successful business.

Today the situation is more favorable to those who do not have a wealthy family and who do not have large capital resources. Internet has played the key role in all of this.

What constitutes a modern successful entrepreneur - live your dreams tips - money

Internet has offered the market without borders, which was heartily embraced by many very quickly. Modern entrepreneur is faced with limitless possibilities as far as the question of the clients goes. Thanks to the Internet, the restrictions to local buyers are deleted and the world’s entire population has become a potential client.

Creativity, good idea and perseverance are the three items that characterize the modern entrepreneur. The thing that the modern business, and the one from the past have in common, is exactly persistence. Nobody achieves success overnight, but it is important to push forward and not give up.

Each fall is just a new lesson to continue, each rising is just an incentive for the new rising. This is business, it consists of defeats and victories. Initially there will be more defeat, and later there will be more wins. If you want to get to the victories, it is important to push forward and not give up.

Money is an important but not a crucial factor. Nowadays, it is easy to get money for a good idea. If you have no such ideas are you sure you still want to start this business?

Above, I’ve mentioned the platforms for group financing, which can serve as a significant source of the money needed. But again, it all comes down to the quality of the ideas. Good ideas are financed, while the bad ones don’t get money.

The key to a successful entrepreneur are good ideas, not the money. The money can be spent, but a source of ideas is always full of new possibilities.


I have to neglect my private life in order to be a successful entrepreneur

For the love of God, don’t do that. The vision of a modern entrepreneur does not come down to a mere money accumulation, but, the enjoying in life provided by the business.

If you have ever thought about the thesis from the title of this section, then you’re one of those who don’t see the real reason of the business existence.

What is the purpose of business? Do you want to stay alone after the 20 years of hard work, with the money you collected throughout your life? Or do you want to spend that money in a more reasonable way, and enjoy in every new day that life brings?

You never know what tomorrow brings. You may not be here, you may have a health problem, things in your life may start crumbling.

Why worry about the years to come? Does it make sense to worry about death if you know you’re going to live today (and every other day) the best you can? Is there a purpose in collecting money for the days to come, when you’re throwing your best years away?

I could write this section by using interrogative sentences only, but let’s instead explain the vision of a modern entrepreneur.

The goal of every modern entrepreneur is the achievement of freedom. Freedom here has a general meaning, not only financial.

The goal of a modern entrepreneur is to live each day as he wants. In pursuit of freedom, he does not want to be chained by a location, lifestyle or money. He just wants to do what he wants to do, and what he considers to be good.

The mindset of a modern successful entrepreneur is programmed so that he appreciates this day and wants to spend it in the best possible way. What’s particularly important is not to restrict yourself with products, but live for the moments.

What I always like to emphasize, is the fact that, at the end of our lives we tend to remember the moments we spent with our loved ones, and not the products that we used to achieve those moments. Therefore, it is important to buy moments not products.

The living of a dream life is possible if you put your priorities in a good order. The aforementioned automatization can allow you to eventually forget about the business as such. When this happens, you will be able to say that you have become a modern successful entrepreneur, who lives life for the enjoyment, not for the work.


I have to attend reputable colleges to become successful

We live in a society in which the priorities are set in a completely wrong way. People are so stuck in the life routine, they just don’t see the good that is happening around them.

The world today perceives a life of an individual as a routine in which you spend the first 20 years or so on education, then some 40 years on going to work and then you enjoy in the last few years of your life.

What constitutes a modern successful entrepreneur - live your dreams tips - advice - boss pinter

Damn, why are things arranged in such a way? Wouldn’t it make more sense to spend 40 of your best years on what makes you truly happy? The key question here is, what’s the point of this kind of life?

It all comes down to the fact that spend some 60 years of our life spend on trying to ensure around 10 years of happiness and relaxation. However, we should take into consideration,the fact that these 10 years, we spend in a time when our body is tired and no longer has enough energy for all those adventures we had planned.

It’s time to change that, and modern businessmen are exactly one of those people who are promoting a new lifestyle. The goal is to live your whole life as these 10 carefree years. Every day of your life should be filled with joy and happiness and you should live it the way you want.

Now you’ll say,well, there must be some money involved, in order to live such a life. Yes, that is completely true. But why not create a successful business that will drive itself, while you do what makes you happy and live your life to the fullest.


Now, an awful fact, no college will create your own, personal business

A college degree, is just a very good tickets for 40 years of 8 hour work day. Thanks to this ticket you may get to your own business one day, but that will last a long time, while the best year of your life will fly before your eyes.

If you want a life of a modern entrepreneur, you must make a move already, and start working. Raise your butt from the comfort of your armchair, and get on the road to a better life. Start today, start now. If you don’t start today, you’ve already lost one day of your life, and who knows what tomorrow brings.

Trust me, no college will create something for you. What’s important is you, and the effort you invest in what you do. It will be difficult, you’ll fail very often, but damn, that’s why there is so few of successful people. If the path to success was easy, then everyone would be successful. Therefore, stand out from the crowd and start creating something that people will recognize and know to reward in cash, or in any other way.


How about all of the above myths? Have you ever believed they were true, or were you skeptical nevertheless?

The notion of a successful entrepreneur today, is quite different from the notion of a businessman once. That is, it all depends on the category of businessmen you belong to. The ramification of different types of businessmen is getting bigger and bigger nowadays, and it is interesting to see the different views of life.

Some of the businessmen just want to accumulate money (a good question is why do they want that), others want to spend money on enjoying life, others again wish to leave a significant mark in history, and so on. They all have some kind of goal they pursue and want to achieve.

In my opinion modern entrepreneur must break all the above myths. Nowadays, the way of life has simply changed in a great amount, and some rules that were valid once, just no longer apply.

To make a long story short, I want to know your opinion about the business and the businessmen today? Do they really break the above mentioned thesis, and does that make them even more successful?

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