How to get more clients? Great tutorial in just 5 easy steps

Every business needs customers, because that’s the only way to make profit and survive on the market. Therefore, the question of ‘how to get more clients’ is becoming one of the key issues when opening a new one or maintaining an existing businesses.

Nowadays, it is very easy to acquire new customers, thanks to the many ways of promoting and connecting with the customers. On the other hand, it is very easy to lose these customers, because they are now more inclined to scour among the different brands than usual.

The question of ‘how to get more clients’ actually has a deliberately left out phrase ‘new clients’ at its core, because our goal is to maintain and encourage old customers. Loyal customers are more valuable than the new ones, because they are more attached to a particular brand from the start. For this reason, I would say that the focus is placed on maintaining and encouraging the action of old clients and on complementing the base with the new ones.

In any case, any company or businessman should regularly be asking the question of how to get more clients? This is the essential question that keeps the company alive and gives it a better future. In continuation, follows a detailed tutorial that will show how to attract customers while expanding business directly.


You have to have a clear path defined, and the goal to which you aspire

Many companies, and especially the fresh individuals in business make mistakes at the first step already. The plan and planning is the only good way to a successful business. I wrote about the importance of business plans already, so you can read it here.

How to get more clients Great tutorial in just 5 easy steps - live your dreams tips-plan and planning

If you haven’t clearly defined how you’ll build and expand your business, then it is very probable that it will all collapse. Many successful entrepreneurs, often mention the phrase, how the deadline (date of completion) is the best way to motivate yourself and succeed. Therefore, it is necessary to quantify the ultimate goal, in other words, the point to which you want to come.

Again, the young entrepreneurs will very likely make a mistake at this point. Moreover, the older ones make mistakes at this point too, and the key reason is engaging in an area that is difficult to prognosticate. While many are experienced in their fields, when we plan something on the long run, we tend to set too small or too big goals to ourselves.

Recent studies have shown that women are less present and less successful in business than men because they set too small objectives to themselves. Men tend to aim much higher, and they therefore achieve much better results. So, it is better to aim higher and not succeed completely, than to aim too low and spend more time than it would perhaps be necessary.

I’ll now go back to the thesis from the title of this chapter: You have to have a clear path defined, and the goal to which you aspire. What does it really mean?

The ultimate goal must be well analyzed. You have to reassess yourself, what do you even aspire to and will this bring you any move forward in business or in life in general.

A good goal has the following characteristics:

  • has a specific meaning for the individual or the company
  • has a specific time pf closure defined
  • has specifically defined characteristics that mark him (who? what? when? how much?)
  • has a defined road-map to reach the goal

The business plan is nothing but a well-developed math. You don’t have to be a very good mathematician to add up and multiply the figures that lead you to success.

Here’s some math:
100 dollars – price per piece of the product that you offer
100 clients – on a monthly basis, who will buy this product
10000 dollars – your planned profit on a monthly basis

If you have a product and its price, and if you have a planned monthly profit, all you need is a certain number of clients. So, in this case, 100 clients would be enough to earn as much as you planned. This is a clear plan, and that is it!

When creating such a plan, you have to keep some valuable facts in mind. Tim Ferriss is one of my favorite businessmen, and in his business, he leans on the 80/20 rule. That rule was investigated by many businessmen, and it has proved to be successful. The 80/20 rule can be applied in so many aspects of life, and it turns out to be correct almost always.

In one of his articles, Kevin McKeown mentioned this rule, and connected it to the new, as well as the old clients.

How to get more clients Great tutorial in just 5 easy steps - live your dreams tips-80 percent of puraches

The thesis goes:

  • 80 percent of future purchases will be performed by 20 percent of existing clients

There are a few more confirmed thesis that could help you:

  • it is as half as easy to sell something to the old loyal customer, rather than a new one
  • The old (loyal) costumers generally spend 33% more than the new clients
  • Existing customers will convert the sent offer to a purchase in approximately 65 percent of cases, while the new ones will purchase based on an offer in only 10 percent of the cases
  • the increase of retention and activation of the existing customers of 10 percent, will result in an increase in the value of the company of 30 percent

The above mentioned facts are a clear indication that it is very important to retain the old customers while attracting the new ones. The older customers have already gained some trust towards you, so it is easier for them to decide to buy something.

When defining the goal you aspire to, you should always think twice. Not everything is always as nice as it looks at a first glance. Until now, you might have thought that you have to be focused on attracting new customers, but the above statistics clearly showed that you have to have the retention of the old loyal customers in the forefront.


You need to know who’s your target audience

In the process of resolution of the questions “how to get more clients”, it is important to know what your ideal customer or client actually looks like. This is one of the key procedures, if you do not want to lose a lot of money, and if you want to acquire a lot of new clients in a short period of time.

We live in an age when informatics is all around us, and the conduction of the detailed analysis of customers is much easier than ten or more years ago. You need to take advantage of this, because your competition is using the same mentioned tactics.

The customers buy based on emotions and the one that knows how to induce positive emotions in customers will win on the market. On the other hand, you have to think a bit futuristic and move away from the thesis that one consistent theory is better than others.

Not necessarily will the marketing on social networks be equally effective for the promotion of the travel to Brazil and headache pills. Those who travel to Brazil are looking for interesting information, so they spend days surfing the internet in order to be well prepared and informed. Those who have a headache are most likely not in the mood for tapping on the keyboard. It is much more likely they will turn on the radio or the TV and enjoy the music in order to calm the headache. So isn’t the radio the perfect channel for the promotion of the headache pills?

How to get more clients Great tutorial in just 5 easy steps - live your dreams tips-market wins

It is important to move away from the set standards and the practice that we all use. The most successful entrepreneurs are so good exactly because they came into business following their own path. They have not followed some templates recommended by others, but they have had their own intended path.

Getting to know the audience as such, will give you a new perspective of the whole situation. You’ll understand what your customers like and what they do. In this way you will be able to be more considerate of their activities and to transform it into loyalty.

Everything is important, especially emotions. So you have to find out the age, sex, occupation, hobbies, sports activity, family situation, financial state and everything else that specifically defines your client. When in a certain moment, you manage to figure out how your ideal client acts and looks like, then you will know exactly where to aim and how to connect with him.

Let your ideal client be the person to which you’ll give a name and a surname. You’ll add him/her age, appearance, habits, and everything else that characterizes the man in detail. Since it is quite difficult that there will be just one ideal client, make 2-3 such clients with all the ideal characteristics. Each of them shall be described in detail, because in that way, it will be easier for you to know what you need to do.


Impress and show your worth

The information has nowadays become the main product, all the world strives to. That fact is also shown by the concrete numbers, where the number of information has grown enormously in the last ten years. So, we live in an era when the search and the need of information is very important.

Each customer wants to find out as much information as possible about the product he wants to buy, before he actually buys it. He wants to know what’s its composition, what specifically does he get with it, how it affects his life, is it in accordance with certain prescribed standards, etc. Ultimately, he wants to meet your product or service, as much as you want to make a profile of your ideal customer.

How to get more clients Great tutorial in just 5 easy steps - live your dreams tips-part of community

In order to exchange information and ideas more easily, the buyers gather in various groups. Whether it is physical or virtual groups, it is clear that the groups exists. It’s up to you now to make a crucial move and join these groups. Select those groups which include people who are interested in your product. Don’t be hard, but listen to what your clients debate about. This will among other things help you with development of your product, because you’ll know what customers want and what annoys them the most.


When you pick up enough information and you start realizing what they aspire to, it is time for you to stand out. But, don’t start with sending the promotional offers or something like that immediately. Become a part of the community, one of them!

Become a part of the discussions and share your ideas. Listen to the pace of the community, and adjust yourself and your products based on the heard. The important thing is that you begin to share your knowledge and show the expertise in the area in which you will offer something. Show the community that you are a noteworthy member and the community will know how to pay it back.

People love free stuff, so don’t be a scrooge. Distribute your knowledge for free, and later find a way to monetise your knowledge through products or services. Offer your knowledge (for free), and acquire new customers and retain the existing ones in return.


Competition is not competition if you know how to cooperate with it

There are too many entrepreneurs nowadays, who see their competition as a threat. Competition is not a threat, but an opportunity to become even more successful and better.

There is a theory that favors the fact that, no matter how many customers you have, you can always have another one. Clients are an inexhaustible source, because no matter what, you can always get a new client. Is there then a justified reason for the fear of the competition? If you are doing a quality job, then there is no fear.

Entrepreneurs are generally people who are willing to share their knowledge and experience with others. Whether this is done through books, internet or a certain third media. Among other things, the vast majority of them realizes that competition should and can be an incentive for better results.

How to get more clients Great tutorial in just 5 easy steps - live your dreams tips-allways new clients

We can find a lot of positive examples, where the successful cooperation between competitors resulted in an increase of profit on both sides. My opinion is that, in no case should you run away from the competition, much less try to do her any harm.

There are two reasons for that:

  • If you do the job well, you certainly won’t be short with clients
  • If you do the job well, you don’t have the time to worry about the competition

You need to keep track of what is going on ‘in your backyard’, and leave the competition aside. Nevertheless, if you come to a conclusion that there’s a room for improvement and expansion of services if you team up with your competitors, then do it. The expansion of the service or a product upgrade is a great way to attract new and retain old customers. All the big companies do such things (Apple upgrades iPhone, Deutsche Telekom upgrades phone packages, TicTac releases new candy flavors, etc.).

The cooperation between two important players (competitors) could make it clear to the customer that he/she now gets twice as valuable service or product than before. In fact, in the case of successful cooperation that will be so. Now twice as many people are working on a joint project, which means a lot more ideas, the blend of different processes and technology, and all the positive things that go with it.


Connect with the client

Gary Vaynerchuk is a proponent of the theory in which it is very important to achieve a close and as personal relationship as possible with the client. Through his years of successful business, he realized that it is today more than ever, important to establish a good personal relationship with the client.

I would agree with him completely, because I think you’re going to trust a lot more the person you have talked to, than the one you saw on TV, for example. We humans are such creatures and we love achieving a personal contact and a conversation.

Connecting with the customer means that you should try to access him/her directly. At the same time, in no case should you offer your services or products immediately. First make a contact, show your skills and then try to sell something.

Connecting with customers could turn a new customer into a loyal one, and that is exactly the goal of the whole story about the acquisition of customers. A firm connection with the customers is one of the best answers to the question of ‘how to get more clients’. The reason is that, our old loyal customer is worth more than a new one and connecting with the customer means acquiring the new and retaining the old loyal customer.


How to get more clients Great tutorial in just 5 easy steps - live your dreams tips-instpin

This was the tutorial of the 5 steps, or answer to the question of how to get more clients. If you repeat these steps regularly, I am sure that you won’t be short with the new clients as well as the old ones. The important thing is to abide by everything written and implement each phase thoroughly.

It may seem to you that the step of ‘making a profile of an ideal client’ shouldn’t be done more than once, but it is not so. Your product is changing, the view of the world is changing, and the interests of certain groups of people are changing too. As a population, we have a very changeable nature and what is true today, doesn’t necessarily have to be true in a few days or weeks. Therefore, you should try to verify every once in awhile, whether your ideal buyer has changed, and whether you have to adapt to it.


At the very end, I’ll give you two more bonus advice:

Exceed the client’s expectations

If you show the client that you are willing to give more than you should, it will be a great thing for your long-term relationship. In fact this is the best way to achieve loyalty and interest of the client. Offer him more and he will certainly be able to appreciate it additionally.

Measure and test your success regularly

The formula for tracking the success of a business lies in a regular efficacy testing. When you have clearly set the target and the path that leads you to success, it is only necessary to test and measure whether you have done everything you planned. If you solve point by point as in the plan, in the end you’ll get to where you deserve.


Once again, don’t forget that every client matters. The loyal one is more important than the others, and those 20 percent which achieve 80 percent of the purchase are the most important. So, all are important in their own way and all of them should receive a certain amount of attention. Your job is to decode who is where and what is the value of each of them.


What is your answer to the question of how to get more clients? Write it in the comments.

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