Golden tips for overnight success – how to achieve success over night?


Much has been said and written about overnight success, but in this article I will give a very realistic and constructive stand, and tips on what the overnight success really is.

Today the covers of many magazines and websites are full of businessmen who enjoy the fruits of their success. All the attention that is focused on these people, and the image of a perfect life that can be cognized, has a very positive affect on other people.

People around us and we ourselves get an additional impulse towards becoming successful so that we could enjoy in the lush and the beautiful life. But the ultimate question is how to achieve it.

We would all like to be rich and successful in business life, but due to a lack of our experience, and the desire to achieve success as soon as possible, we often fail, at the very beginning of the journey.

Therefore, the question arises, on what kind of foundations are all these success stories generally based, in other words, the stories of overnight success?


Is the story of the overnight success really such a great myth?

Some overnight success stories aren’t a myth, because these kind of things really do happen around the world.

It is important at the same time to vary the starting position of the people to which such an instant success happens. For example, today you pay in the lottery ticket and in the morning you find out that you got the right combination and your bank account has grown for several millions overnight. Also, if you live in a family that has bulky bank accounts, when one of them dies, the portion of these assets gets transferred to your account overnight.

You can’t claim that the last two examples can’t be put in the category of overnight success. Of course, in both cases there’s a major change in bank accounts, but is that enough to classify them as the overnight success stories. Well, it is and it isn’t, it all depends on the point of view.

For me, success is the result of a whole which doesn’t need to be associated with money. For example, success can be marrying the one you love, a birth of a child, a trip to a great destination, but I already wrote about it once, so enough about that.

On the other hand, many of you, will necessarily associate success with with the amount of money on their bank account. The reason for this is the problem, which can often be found in practice today, and is related to the understanding and to setting up of money as the primary generator in life. When you think about it, the money shouldn’t be in the first place neither to me nor to you (although today it is so) because the health and the fulfillment with positive feelings are much more important than any money. True, money can be the generator of it all, but the ultimate goal of enjoyment in life is not money, but the feelings and the moments that remain etched in the memory.

Now, if we want to make a quality conclusion of all the said, it is clear that winning the lottery or inheriting wealth is not an overnight success. The key to all this is that you haven’t achieved any personal success, but you got a bunch of money you can now use for various activities, including the construction of the (real) success.

The success needs to be seen as a whole, which consists of a variety of emotions, smart moves and statistics, but in the end there’s a sense of satisfaction because of what has been done . He who builds something from scratch will always be suffused with a sense of satisfaction, happiness, fear, insecurity, pride, and so on. On the other hand, the one who wins the lottery or inherits wealth, will be deprived of observation of personal and professional growth, but also of the feelings that develop in the process . Our success will grow over time, and their wealth will melt!


How to achieve overnight success?

Very interesting question, which has only one answer: Step by step.

Now that I have rejected the theories that winning the lottery and inheriting wealth form part of overnight success, I can commit to explaining what overnight success essentially is.

how achieve success over night-liveyourdreamsTips

Yes, there is overnight success, but it can’t be built in one night.

People love listening to and reading successful stories, therefore, the offer of such stories is very diverse. However, with its diversity, this offer is very carefully selected. Only the best, the best-selling and the most beautiful stories go on the front page, while those less beautiful remain aloof.

From the realistic point of view, it is difficult to expect that kind of mega success to come overnight, but it happens. For example, the non-established singers become popular as their song gets a place on the charts, bloggers become famous as their story becomes part of the frontpage of a certain portal, people become heroes because at one point they decide to risk their life for others, and so on. All of these are the stories where overnight success occurs, and where money is not necessarily the measure.

Lets analyse the examples above a little better: ­
– ­ in order for the singer to appear on the charts overnight, it was necessary to invest a lot of effort in producing quality song that deserves its place among the best
– ­ in order to shine on the covers of a well-known portal, the blogger had to launch a high quality story that jumped out from the crowd
– in order to become a hero, a man had to risk his life, thereat, not doubting the abilities he built during his whole life

So, the fact is that they have shone overnight, but there’s still a multitude of work and investment hiding behind them.

The only real recipe for overnight success is to work on your success for days, months, and often even years. On the other hand, all those who want to give up after realising that they haven’t succeeded after only a few weeks – don’t.
If you work hard and you invest your time, there will come a time when your work will shine, your effort will experience the deserved attention, and your success will turn into a sense of satisfaction.


Why do people even google ‘overnight success’ ?

When I started writing this article, that was the first question that came to my mind. So who on earth would look up this phrase, when it is more or less clear to everyone that overnight success doesn’t truly exist. However, this and similar related phrases are quite looked up on Google and other search engines.

The rason is again really simple – people like the lives of successful people!

I suppose that this phrase is googled mostly after reading some articles about successful people. This is when it comes to our minds, that even we ‘ordinary’ people can experience success.

But our mindset is not ready for that, so we start looking for information, but in the wrong way. No hard feelings, but we are too stupid to figure out at first how success works. We want a shortcut, we want to be successful right away! Well, my dear, that’s not how it goes!

In my collection of favorite authors, there is John Assaraf, who gives a very detailed description of the way the human brain works. He also presented very precisely, how we can train our brain, so it starts thinking the way successful people do. I often mention his theory of how the brain needs to undergo 30 days of constant training to learn new habits.

In the process it is necessary to think about our ultimate goal on a daily basis, in other words about the success we want to achieve. Of course, at the same time it is necessary to work on actions that will bring us closer to that goal.

No matter what, successful people think differently from those who aren’t willing to take a chance of success. Successful businessmen are aware that they need a long-term plans, and need to work on projects for at least several months. In most cases, this would mean, leaving all the other stuff aside and committing only this single project.

Now you’ll say: It’s easy for them, when they have a stash of money, so they can do what they want for a year. They also have money for investment, so the overall development is faster…

Stop! You need to ask yourself, what was their beginning like? How much did they have to work at the beginning, and how much did they have do sacrifise, in order to get where they are today? They definitely haven’t started at the top, where they are now, but they crowled through mud and cliffs in order to get to the top.

overnight-success-liveyourdreamsTips - besuccessful - tips successUnfortunately, many of us are not willing to bear this burden of sacrifice, and prefer to be patched in a factory, where they work from 8 to 17. They will not be willing to sacrifice half a year (or whatever it takes), but they will be ready to sacrifice their whole life working for someone who will often wring out their soul and life from a weary body.

I’d like to make a reference to one short film that I watched a few years ago. An interesting story, a true event which follows the life of a man who is working on a development of a game for the game console. For a year more / less (I don’t exactly remember), the man is at home knocking on the keyboard, while his wife is alone and broke, barely making ends meet. All that agony lasts until the moment when the game becomes publicly available for download. One click and the game is launched. The next morning, this man, from a man with zero dollars and a life in disarray becomes a millionaire with his free hands and a beautiful family. I don’t exactly remember what was the title of the movie, but it is certainly a very touching and inspiring story, which is actually a sort of proof of reaching the ‘overnight success’.

Overnight successis actually just a goal, and everything before that is an exciting journey. You know, it is said that the goal of a journey is not the final destination, but the adventures that happen along the way.


How far are you from overnight success?

If we count today, you’re one day closer!

Actually, maybe today is the day, when your overnight success will happen!

If you really want to achieve success in an area that you are interested in, then you have to be ready to make a move. Get your ass of the chair, and begin to separate minutes, hours and days for what you are truly interested in, and for what you want to make a step forward in. If you’re not ready, believe me, you have to blame your brain which is not prepared for it, or you alone are not aware of your desires and dreams. If your overnight your success doesn’t happen this instant, then it is hard to believe that it will ever happen at all.


I gave you a very detailed and very useful insight into the situation around overnight success. The next step is up to you – make a move and begin to build what you want to build. Build it step by step and the success will come over time, trust me! And that’s it, the moment you take a first step that leads you to your dream come true, is actually the moment when the overnight success begins.

Do not put off the moment. Start now! People tend to fall very easily into the illusion that tomorrow they will start to do something, and in the end it never happens. That’s why now is the right time for you to start building your success, and making your dreams come true.


Oh, and since I really do believe that there are people whose success appeared overnight, I’m going to look for them. This article may stop here, but there will come a sequence in which I will present the stories of the people who have managed to soar to the top of the music charts overnight, who have earned millions by launching a video game, or have become heroes of the nation. For now, such success stories can be read in the section: My dream come true.


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