Do you want to build a successful business? Tell the truth to your customers, forget about lies!

Honesty is the first chapter in the book of wisdom.‘ –  Thomas Jefferson

If I ask you how many times in the previous week you lied, the answer surely would not be – none. People like to hide their reality because they think that they hide their own weaknesses, and each new lie increases the gap between what people really are and how they depict themselves to others. It is not a good and it is a recipe not only for bad life, but also bad business relations.

It is undisputed, and it is moral to say that truth is something most valuable in the world, as it may at first hurt another person, but ultimately you will resolve your internal suffering and stubmling in rim of lies.


Business world is no different from private life. Indeed, in the business world lies are even more common than we might do in private. Simply, we live in a society where consumerism is trying to sell anything and everything, and lie became quite common way of communication in the business world. But, it is up to us to stop it and set a new foundation for our business.
If you think that your expression of truth block your road to success, then you got it all wrong! The truth is being appreciated and because of the truth you will become even more successful.

Imagine a situation where you are a salesman of used cars. Old wreck with a lot of mileage is likely not look the best, so you try to brighten it up somehow. It is very likely that it has oil leakage, metal is rusted, there is torn fabric on the seat, damaged paint is on the bumper, and so on. What you will do is to try to disguise its bad side of the car and show the car in a much better light. When you do that, you will point out that its brakes work great, transmission is new, carpets inside automobile are replaced, new oil is loaded, and so on. In general, you would most likely mask bad sides and mark good ones – but, in short: You lie to your customer!

You sold the car and in a week, same customer will show up with the same vehicle and car transmission in his hands. You will politely greet him realizing that your customer and you are in trouble. After fierce yelling that you sold him bad car and car of low quality, most likely you will have to correct any defect, you will lose part of wages due to poor sales, and you may need to give back money to the customer from the purchase. You will lose money and time, but the most important thing: you will lose your customer! Very likely not just one, but others which will hear information from that unhappy customer about bad purchase.

Let’s go back to the beginning of the story now. Your customer came and you are trying to sell him a car. But instead of lying tactics, this time you will tell the truth and present shortcomings of the car. You will tell the client how to change the oil, put new brakes and set the transmission because it has some problems. You will note that car was relatively good, but it is extremely necessary that buyer correct its flaws that you enumerated to him. Customer will feel safe and believe you will because you announced his further investment and problems that he may have when purchasing this car. Very likely, he will ask you whether you have any other car which doesn’t need change of the brakes and to adjust the transmission, so you will offer him one a bit expensive perhaps, but in much better condition. When you list all good or bad things about this car, buyer will believe you and he will most likely decide to purchase. He will expand information about sincere and friendly car salesman and you will soon have a bunch of clients who will come to you to buy a car because they can trust you.


The point of the story is: Honesty pays!


Don’t be afraid that you will lose a customer just because you told him bad sides of a car or something else you sell. Moreover, customer who comes to buy used car is aware that, for a little amount of money, he will get bad car. Therefore, do not paint his eyes as if you enumerate all great and wonderful things, customer will not believe you at all and he will very likely flee from you with head without sense.
On the other hand, if you are friendly and give advice to the customer what is wrong and in what he should invest, there is possibility he will feel safe in your environment and he will look for a product that he needs. At the end, that could result in a slightly larger amount of purchase, and this is better for you as a reseller.


But final result will be not only successful sale of this one car. When the customer tells his friends that you sold him a great car, and that you told him about flaws it has, the whole community will create a very good opinion of you. In fact, soon you could become a major car dealer and everyone will want to look just for you. Why? Users will be assured that you are not selling fog, but you will point out the shortcomings of that particular car has, which is specially important because they will know what to fix and driving will be safe.


Sincerity is perhaps the major rock of stumbling for many in the business world, but be aware that you need to strictly practice it. At first, it may be difficult and you will lose a few customers because you will say cars have flaws, but when you sell your first few cars and when other customers realise that you are a proven and honest car salesman, doors will be wide open for the market. Not only you will have the average number of buyers, but you can and you will become the market leader.


You know what they say: Good voice spreads, but a bad voice spreads even faster.


Keep this saying above in mind and be that which will be spreaded by only positive rumors.


How many times have you run so far into dishonest sellers? Did you spread among your friends voice on good and bad customers? What do you think about this story? Do you practice the truth or do you prefer to lie to your customers?


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