What’s the Difference Between Male and Female Entrepreneurs? Facts you Need to Know!


Are you a man or a woman? Do you think that has to do something with success?

Who is more successful in business men or women? What do you think?

I believe you know that the difference between male and female entrepreneurs is very small. But, you probably don’t know who is a better entrepreneur, who attracts clients more easily, who makes more money, whose business lives longer?

Even if the modern society would say that there’s no difference, the statistics say there actually is a difference!

Regardless of the statistics, each man is unique.

Everyone has the ability and the right to try their luck in the business they feel passionate about.

There are no male-female classifications!

There’s a market, where the best one wins, the one who offered the most.


What about the statistics?

The women’s position is improving year after year. It is a result of a modern society, which promotes and strives for the gender equality.

whats-the-difference-between-male-and-female-entrepreneurs-live-your-dreams-tips-women-better-men-entrepreneur-more-successfulAbout a 100 year ago, the market was dominated by man, but things are very much different nowadays.

Women are now having a bigger role in business.

Female entrepreneurs could overtake their colleagues when it comes to business success.

I did a detailed analysis of many different studies. I have unifyed all the results in a few important conclusions, that will be presented in continuation.

So, what’s the difference between male and female entrepreneurs?

#1 Women get in business, for the balance of their business and private life

Male entrepreneurs have one top priority, money.

To most female entrepreneurs, the money is not the most important factor when starting a business.

Studies have shown that women start business becuse thay want to have a good balance between their private and business life.

Having their own company, gives them the freedom to plan their time in a better way. Although it might seem the opposite at first, having their own business, allows them to have more free time. That time can be devoted to family.

Men on the other hand, see business exclusively through the sphere of money. The business becomes their top priority, to which they devote most f their time.

#2 Female entrepreneurs usually get into creative and family oriented businesses

Studies show that female entrepreneurs strive for the fulfillment of their creative ideas.

So, they often tend to focus their business, on the creation of new and interesting ideas, which are elaborated in terms of design as well.

What comes naturally, is the fact that women are prone to orienting their businesses towards the sphere of the help to the parents.

Moms and kids are often the center of attention. Since that industry is very big and powerful, it opens some significant doors towards the market to female entrepreneurs.

Men on the other hand are oriented towards construction, technology and traffic. We’re talking about industries where emotional and creative side don’t count for much.

#3 Male entrepreneurs often turn to investors

Since men see money as the purpose of their business, it is clear that they want to create a big company.

The wish for a big growth often makes them turn to investors.

Men are more prone to making deals with investors. In other words, investors are more likely to invest into a business led by a man.

This thesis is backedup by another problem women often encounter. The thing is, there is still a part of our society which discriminates them, and doesn’t want to help them.

The fact is, many investors don’t want to invest their money into companies led by women. They still haven’t become a part of the modern society, which makes no difference between genders.

#4 Women are better when it comes to creating a good community

Thre are two key reasons:

  • women approach business with much more emotions

Although many will say that emotions shouldn’t run business, the fact is that they can really help when it comes to creating a positive working environment.

To create an environment full of confidence and will to progress – that’s a dream of many buinessmen.

Luckily for them, female entrepreneurs, can do it much better and much quicker than men.

A good listening and a better comprehension of private problems, is almost always the trigger for a truly great connection within the company .

#5 Female entrepreneurs are much more patient than their male colleagues

Patience is without a doubt one of the key virtues of every entrepreneur. Big improvements don’t happen overnight, you should work hard and develop step by step.

Since women have that motherly instinct, they are more ready to build their business patiently and carefully.

They know that the positive energy, and the effort they are investing, will result in something good sooner or later.

Men tend to make hasty and rapid decisions, which often downgrades their business. Patience is a “must have”, and when it comes to patience, female entrepreneurs are the winners.

whats-the-difference-between-male-and-female-entrepreneurs-live-your-dreams-tips-women-better-men-entrepreneur#6 Male entrepreneurs have more experience when opening a business

After their teenage period, most men become devoted to business life only.

On the other hand, women are interested not only in the business sphere of life, but in private and social sphere as well.

Since men are more focused on business, it means that they will gather the necessry experience sooner than women.

It is said that experience comes with age. If we want to compare men and women in that sphere, we can say that men become ”business mature” sooner than women.

#7 Men have much more confidence in their business

The polls that have been conducted, show that over 30% of men said that confidence is one of the key virtues they possess.

On the other hand, the number of women that have put confidence as a key factor, is much lower.

Business world is cruel, and that’s a fact. Thanks to that fact, men feel more confident, which opens them many doors for the growth of their business.

It is assumed that the lack of self confidence stops the progress of the businesses led by women. But, that is not a rule, it is a simple claim, (impugned by many female entrepreneurs).

#8 Women focus on processes, and men on golas

It is interesting to see how opposite sex entrepreneurs, usually have different ways when it comes to finding business success motivation.

Female entrepreneurs find their motivation in the processes which lead them towards their goal. In other words, they think that a path full of adventures will only push them forward.

Male entrepreneurs are focused on the final goals. They don’t worry about processes and path to success. All they want and see is the final goal, and they want to reach it as soon as possible.

Both ways of approaching should ultimately bring reults. The important thng is, to be moivated, and not to quit too soon.

#9 Men are more prone to starting a business

Studies have shown that there are more men than women dreaming about becoming entrepreneurs one day.

The desire for starting a business was shown by 60% of men while the percrntage of women was 40.

That is confirmed in real life too.

Numbers show that 7 out of 10 entrepreneurs are men. So, the number of female entrepreneurs is somewhere arond 30%, while all the rest are men.

It is also true that the mentioned number is gorwing as the time goes by, and women are getting closer every day.

In the near future, we can expect these numbers to be equal – in other words the number of male and female entrepreneurs should become equal.

#10 Female business has a shorter life expectancy than male business

Many studies have been done about the life expectancy of a business. The fact is, many businesses usually fail, before the celebration of their fifth birthday.

The research have shown that there is no sgnificant difference between men and women when it coms to that matter.

A business built on good foundatoins, that aims towards the future, and accepts innovations, has a clear path and a long life expectancy.

On te other hand, a business that is unable to adapt to the trends usually fails.

It is totally irrelevant if the business is led by male or female entrepreneur.


What do my friends, entreprenurs say about “men vs women entrepreneurship”?

I like to her the opinion of my friends regrding my topics. Many of them have had to pass a long way, and they have a bunch of advice.

My question this time was “What do you think is the difference between male and female entrepreneurs?”

I got some great answers, which also managed to make me laugh.

It seems that the entreprenurs I know don’t bother with whether there is a male or female entrepreneur at the head of the company.

In continuation, I’ll mention only the three most interesting comments.

I’m warning you, this will be ironic and funny, so don’t holf it against them.

So, what do my friends entreprenurs think? What’s the difference between male and female entreprenurs?

whats-the-difference-between-male-and-female-entrepreneurs-live-your-dreams-tips-women-better-men-entrepreneur-more-successful-male-or-female-entrepreneurs#Reproductive organs

There were many variations of this answer. I chose the one that seemed the most ingenious to me.

It is quite clear that this s the min difference not only between male and female entreprenurs, but between men and women in general.

What is proven here, is the fact that the difference between men and a women as business leaders is rarely noticed.

What’s important is the competence of the person, so the company could go in the right direction.

#Emotional vs logical responses

I already mentioned that, but it is worth mentioning again.

Female entreprenurs often get into a business led by their emotions. It can be a great thing when talking about building a community and gaining customers trust.

But it can also be a problem, when it comes to making big decisions that can shake the stability of the business.

Men on the other hand, don’t deal with emotions that much. Their logic leads them towards a successful business, step by step.

#The processing of the information

Male and female ways of understanding the same things can be completely different.

Different points of view mean different opportunities as well.

Two different people will probably lead the same business in two different directions. Someone will become successful, and someone won’t.

The difference between winners and losers, lies in the little things.


Another answer that appeared more than once. 😀

Some have also mentioned that there’s no reason between male and female entrepreneurs in this category.

I have to say it once more, some answers were pretty funny.

They showed that we’re a modern society that respects the gender equality.

We can all be businessmen, the difference lies in small detail, which are not so important.

#Willingness to take risks

The making of big decisions is often equated with taking a risk.

If you want to reach the higher level, you need to move from ground zero. In order to do that, you need to be willing to take a certain risk.

The fact is, men are more prone to taking risks, because they are more confident. That can lead them to a faster progress, but it can also damage their progress greatly as well.


Is there really a difference between male and female entrepreneurs?

whats-the-difference-between-male-and-female-entrepreneurs-live-your-dreams-tips-women-better-men-entrepreneur-more-successful-difference-female-or-male-entrepreneursThere isn’t, but there is!

This is a very tricky question, I wasn’t able to give the right answer to, even after all my analysis.

The male-female division, has been among us ever since the existence of the first man. But, as we are going towards the future, that division has started losing its importance.

Ecery individual is unique. We can all do whatever we want!

You can be a scientist, a pilot, florist, a dustman, a sportsman, a singer, a trader, a blogger, or something completely different.

What’s limiting you, is not yuor sex, but your way of thinking.

All your enegry, and your motivation is in your head. You can achieve anything you want, regardless of the shortcomings you think you have.

The statistics might show one thing, but the reality is totally different. The successful, are the people, who want to be it bad enough.

Forget the numbers, and devote to the fulfillment of your dreams!


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Live your dreams! Not because you want to so badly, but because you deserve it!



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