Build a large and successful business venture by targeting the emotions of your users. Show your feelings, not your characteristics!


Thinking about opening your own business venture?

This is one of the very positive things you can do in every way, and we wish you success in the future. The period ahead of you will require from you to do something new and unique from scratch, and before that, it will be necessary to make a lot of small steps to achieve something good. Do not forget a fact that it all starts with one small first step, and after that, everything will take place to a standard form.

But the real question is: how to become better than your competitors?

Certainly, you have a bunch of answers that would go something like this – this is very difficult! Well, it can be difficult and this is a path with thorns.

You should offer something more than your opponenets and better than other, and so on.

Answer to this question really lies in the fact that we are all emotional human beings and people that most of their decisions are made based on feelings. Therefore, when you build a company from a scratch, you must aim at emotional side of their new customers or users.

Examples can be found in everyday life. For example, when you go shopping a new coat that you need for a winter which is coming, you pass several shops and absolutely unconsciously you will peek the one at those stores where you saw saleswomen who is very friendly and who talks to you, or where you got recommended by your friends. Unconsciously or consciously, you seek a store where you feel comfortable, but let’s move on further. When it is time to choose your new coat, decision is based on our feelings. If you love red color, and you feel sexy in red, it is almost certain that your choice will be red coat. If you take three coats of red and try them out, final selection will be made on the basis that you feel comfortable in this coat. Everything is again based on feelings. The whole story is fully complemented with saleswoman and her friendly talk. If we a see smile on a face and feel the warmth, we have fallen under the influence of saleswomen, which is now closer to us and we are only one step closer to buying. In the end, of course, we buy a coat full of positive emotions, a clerk in the store is important person of buying process.

How can this story be concluded?

The whole buying process was completely based on our feelings, from the selection of stores, to choosing the color and model of a coat and finally to compliment friendly saleswoman. Each new emotional process pushes us one step closer to the final selection, and fact remains that we buy based on our emotions.

When you decide to build the business, you’ll reach new customers through emotions!

Think about what your customers expect from your business venture.

If you are planning to build a business based on weddings, your clients will definitely be young married couples. Therefore, instant analysis can let you know what people expect from you: they want to be at the wedding and to feel happiness and joy, wanting to display atmosphere full of love, they want to remember that day for the rest of their life. To win them over, you’ll need few words of warmth, and to connect them to feelings: love, happiness, joy, belonging, family security, and so on. It will not be an easy task because the competition knows same thing, but perhaps competitors do not know the right way to express.

What mistakes companies make – they need to display emotions instead of displaying a characteristics that you will awaken in this new user. Goal is not to show all the characteristics and activities that will be offered during the marriage, because this is more or less same offer from your competitors.

You can make a significant step forward to open up feelings that customers are looking for from your service. Regardless of whether it is photography, or selling wedding dresses, books, or something different, your main goal should be to connect users with their feelings.

Examine several large companies and see how their vision is in the text that directly target the feelings of their customers. For this reason and other reasons too, company will become leader in the world, and its services focus exclusively on customer satisfaction.

Small companies on the other hand are not so familiar with this fact and that you need to grab their chance while it lasts. Create your sensitive texts, photos, brochures and business cards, website and get access to client the way to fill the emotional point of view. Do not forget that all your competitors offer a similar service, at a similar price and in a similar range of quality, but the one in which you can beat the competition is the relationship with customers and the required sense of awakening.

Think with your heart and head and create a successful company.


Do you know a company that was built in this way? Or one that is not targeted to the feelings, but became successful? Do you think emotions are not so important for companies? Write your thoughts in the comments.


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